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You have the edge, you know when it’s time to move and you have a better grasp of what’s best for the people you care about.

Yet, no matter how well you’ve planned, things rarely go as planned. Be it your finances, career or relationships; things never seem to get better with time. With that said, here is a list of unexpected rationales for being a barber islander: You can be your own boss.

Barber Island



Being a barber islander has its roots in history. Ancient Egyptians were believed to have been barbers, and the art of shaving was likely learned from them. During the classical era of Greece, men would go to professional barbers for their hair cutting and beards grooming needs.

As time progressed, more people began wanting their own Barber Island as opposed to visiting one located outside of town or traveling out of their way. In today’s world , with a growing trend towards self-care and individualism, there’s no better place to be than your own Barber Island. You control the schedule.


Being a barber islander has its perks. One of which is the control you have over your own schedule. With no one telling you what to do, it’s up to you to determine when and how often you would like to work.

Perhaps this isn’t as great as it seems at first; who wants constant pressure from friends and family? However, if handled correctly, having complete autonomy can be an excellent motivator for working hard. Plus , who doesn’t love the feeling of being in control? You can work from home.


Being a barber islander doesn’t just come with the freedom to work when and how you want; it also comes with its own unique culture. Barber Islanders are fiercely independent, and they love spending their free time socializing with one another. This makes working from home an excellent opportunity for those who want to maintain their independence while still having access to the Barbershop community. You can choose your clients.


Being a barber islander also comes with the responsibility of engaging politically. Barber Islands are small, and as such, they are incredibly influential in their community. It’s your job to make sure that the voices of your constituents are heard and that they have what they need to be successful. This means not only attending local town meetings but also voicing your opinion on social media when warranted.

Government Services

Government services

As a barber islander, you also have access to government services. Not only are you able to get free licenses and certification, but you’re also eligible for various government assistance programs. This can include food stamps, unemployment benefits, and more.

It’s important that you know about these programs so that you can take advantage of them when the time is right. The pay is better. Barber Island barbershops typically follow a commission structure in which the shop owner gets to keep 75% of the profits while offering you 25%.

Self Confidence Boosts Success

If you’ve ever had a negative experience with your salons, then I am confident that this culture and lifestyle are right for you. If allowed and encouraged, most clients will begin to appreciate what it’s like working from home or joining up with another barber or two so they could work together.

By the end of their first year, nearly everyone who works at a Barber Island shop has stuck it out through thick and thin because working independently gives them the freedom to be self-reliant without feeling restricted by their job. This independence allows for an interesting community with meaningful interactions between one another that any other office location simply can not provide as efficiently or effectively.



Barber Islands are known for their beautiful beaches, and as a result, they’re a popular tourist destination. As a barber islander, you have the opportunity to become part of this tourism industry. You can offer your services as a hair stylist or masseuse on beachfront estates. In addition, you can also work in private homes or resorts.

There are many reasons why working from home could be an excellent choice for you.


Most barber islands are small and relatively linear in nature. This means that it’s easy to get from one end of the island to the other. In addition, many barber islands have limited public transportation options, so you’ll likely be reliant on your own vehicle for transportation.

You also don’t have to worry about making time for a commute – most jobs can be done from home in short order.


Barber Islands are known for their delicious cuisine. You’ll have access to a wide variety of foods and drink, all of which you can prepare at home. This means that you won’t have to spend time in expensive restaurant chains.

You also have the opportunity to open your own business, serving up your own creations. This not only gives you control over your work environment but also allows you to make a significant amount of money.



Barber Islands are home to a wide variety of wildlife. You’ll have access to stunning beaches and lush jungles, which you can explore on foot or by bike.

You also have the opportunity to work as a naturalist, providing tourists with information about the island’s flora and fauna. This is a fun and lucrative career option that will give you plenty of opportunities for travel.


“Barber Island”, the largest of the three atoll in the Fiji group, is located in the south-west of Fiji. The atoll is now a holiday resort and attracts a lot of tourists every year. Barber islands are very popular places to work and play, year round.

They offer you the chance to live on a secluded island surrounded by water where you don’t have many neighbours or distractions but plenty of freedom in your working environment – it’s possible that nobody knows who you’re working for!

The people of Barber Islands enjoy their own beautiful lifestyle that revolves around caring for animals and plants as well as living off the land.


1.Where Can I Stay On Barber Island?

Ans. There are a few resorts on the island, including The Retreat at Barber Island and Nukuleka Lodge. If you prefer the seclusion, an off-the-grid hideaway is offered by Circle Island Resort.

2.Can I Bring My Pets With Me To Barber Island?

Ans. Unfortunately not. Pets are not allowed on the island, which is run for maximum wildlife protection and conservation. However, this makes it an ideal spot for all types of travel – catamaran cruises bring hundreds of tourists every year from Australia and Asia; scuba diving can be enjoyed along a wide variety of reefs around the atoll; hiking through lush rainforests in search fun

3.How Much Does A Trip To Barber Island Cost?

Ans. The cost of a trip to Barber Island depends on the time of year and your chosen departure point. Costs can range from $700 for a two-day stay in the resort area, up to around $4000 for an exclusive lodge experience.

4.Which Airlines Fly To Barber Island And How Often Do They Come By?

Ans. There are a few airline services that fly to Barber Island. These include Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia. The frequency of these flights can vary, but they’re generally scheduled to arrive every two or three days.

5.What Is Barber Island?

Ans. Barber Island is a tiny Polynesian atoll in the Society Islands chain, roughly halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. The islands are known for their relaxed lifestyle, lush rainforests and varied wildlife – there’s even an active volcano on one of them!

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