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Beatrice Islets Island


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There are hundreds of islets scattered throughout the Maldives, and they are all unique in their own ways. These small islands offer travellers a chance to discover a different side of the country, with its vast waters and crystal-clear beaches. Some islets are quieter, while others are welcoming and lively. But whatever your reason for visiting them, make sure to check out these five Beatrice islets!

Beatrice Islets Island


Beatrice islets were first settled by the British in the late 1800s. At its peak, the island had a population of around 150 people. However, with increased tourism and development over time, Beatrice islets have largely been abandoned.

Today, it remains one of the most untouched parts of Maldives Islands. There has been some history surrounding the islets. In the past, Beatrice was notorious for marijuana production. In 2006, local authorities seized a large number of cannabis plants off the islets and destroyed them with firecrackers!



Beatrice islets are scattered 12 miles off of North Male’ atoll. Because they’re so isolated and relatively small, there’s no public transportation to them. Instead boats provide passengers with a means of travel between the other larger islands within Maldives Islands such as Hanimaadhoo or Fuvahmulah .

Of note: only certain two-seater fishing boats take this trip (the speed can vary). This makes it a bit more expensive than reaching the other islets by public transport.



Beatrice islets are located in the northeast of the country, which means they enjoy a cooler climate than the rest of Maldives. The temperature ranges from 23°C in winter to 35°C in summer. rainfall is moderate, with around 150 mm falling annually. Get there

Beatrice islets are only accessible via a chartered yacht or speedboat. They can be reached quickly by private plane and take just around 30 minutes. However, many people visit the island to dive or snorkel off the numerous beautiful coral reefs that surround it, making a quick journey unnecessary!



Beatrice islets are home to a small community of British expats. They maintain their own customs and traditions, which differ slightly from the rest of the Maldives. For example, they eat fish fresh from the sea instead of cooked in coconut milk. Additionally, there is a lively nightlife on offer for visitors – make sure to check out one of the many bars and pubs! Palm trees and the blue sea

Regardless of whether you’re on a glass bottom boat or snorkeling, there are many points to admire on the beautiful islets. The palm tree-lined central strip offers wonderful views over crystal clear water while they curve with cliff edges beneath them (they get really stunning during sunset!).



Beatrice islets are uninhabited and not part of any Maldives district. Consequently, they have their own elected representative in the National Parliament. Additionally, Beatrice islets are often used as a testing ground for new initiatives by the government – for example, it was here that the country’s first mobile phone network was launched!

Fortunately, these developments have caused little impact on the secluded beauty of the islets. In fact, few people live there at all and dedicated hikers can easily bypass them to reach Fonadhoo island across an uninhabited reef.

Government services

Government Services

Since Beatrice islets are an uninhabited island, there is no government presence. As such, residents must obtain all services they require from the mainland – including healthcare and emergency services. For this reason, visits by tourists are highly beneficial to the local economy! Best time to visit

The best time to visit Beatrice islets can vary depending on your preferred activities. The same rule applies – they attract the most visitors in summer, during their peak season. This means long queues of tourists at attractions highlighting traditional Maldivian culture (such as trekking and diving) are less likely than ever before!



Despite their seclusion, Beatrice islets are now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Maldives. This is largely due to their stunningly clear waters and lush environment, which provides a perfect backdrop for swimming, kayaking and snorkelling. In fact, many tour operators offer specialised trips specifically targeting this destination!



Since Beatrice islets are situated close to the mainland, transport is not an issue. However, as there are no facilities on the island, visitors must be prepared for long waits at attractions and restaurants. Water safety

As there are no permanent residents, water safety is of the utmost importance. Like most other beaches in Maldives , caution should be exercised at all times and local authorities occasionally warn tourists to avoid swimming or kayaking this area.



Since there is no permanent population, the cuisine on Beatrice islets features a wide range of local dishes. This includes seafood, chicken and beef curries as well as traditional rice and Maldivian breads. Visitor inflow

There are no current figures to provide a comparison of how many visitors frequent Beatrice islets . However, it is safe to say that this number has significantly increased over the last few years. This increased visitation includes foreign tourists and yacht parties made up of Maldivians who visit on holiday.



In addition to the many colourful reef fishes that can be seen at any time of the day, visitors may also spot spinner dolphins, manta rays and humpback whales during their stay.


Beatrice Islets, also known as the Phoenix Islands, are a group of three atolls in the central Pacific Ocean. The atolls are part of the Republic of Kiribati, which is an island country located in Oceania. The atolls are an important nesting site for seabirds, including members of the royal albatross family.


  1. What Are The Beatrice Islets Known For?

The Beatrice islets are well-known for their seabird colonies, which include members of the royal albatross family. This makes them a popular spot for travellers who want to see some of the species most associated with Maldives culture and scenery.

  1. How Wide Are The Beaches On These Islets?

All three of theBeatrice islet have narrow beaches, and they are home to marine life in the form of coconut trees.

  1. What Is There To Do On These Islands?

The Beatrice islets are havens for marine life, and visitors can explore the atolls by swimming or diving. There are also a few small villages on each of the isles, where tourists can find shops and restaurants.

  1. What Kind Of Weather Does It Experience?

The Beatrice islets have a tropical climate with year-round rainfall. Because they are located in the middle of open ocean, there is rarely any wind or weather that would place limits on the kind of travel gear or clothing tourists must bring.

  1. What Kinds Of Things Can You See In These Areas?

The Beatrice islets are a great place to spot seabirds and marine mammals, which include seals and dolphins as well as turtles, sharks, octopi and sea snakes. In some places water temperatures reach up to 84 degrees Fahrenheit during summer months (running from December through April), and the average water temperature during winter months is 76 degrees. Plus, in general temperatures can dip as low as 70!

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