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Beaumont Island


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Beaumont Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Fraser River, about 14 kilometres east of the City of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The island is significant as one of the few remaining examples of a temperate rainforest, and for its wildlife and natural environment.

Beaumont Island

Beaumont Island

Beaumont Island

Beaumont Island is part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District and located in Strathcona Provincial Park, 40 km east of downtown Vancouver.

Having been home to at least 35 different Indigenous peoples dating back over 500 years, much about this island remains unlike any other place.

The presence here today has its roots in six ancient territories which consist of former Indian reserves: Colville (First Nation), Lheidli T’enneh (Blood Tribe), Tsawout (Squamish), Musqueam, Squattinqalum and Sliammon (Camas) with the majority of the island’s current land being one reserve that has been tirelessly conserved.

Donner Summit refuge was built on a ridge opposite the former large cemetery in 1951 by Arthur Myers who managed to win passage from then-Governor Eisenhower to provide shelter for much needed logging trucks during October snowstorms.

The refuge came to be known within Vancouver as Innnerdal. Shouts and cheers of ‘You’ll never get us on the Island’ can still be heard at inter-county games played on this beautiful island by football teams from Strathcona, Yale and Britannia High Schools when they’re mistaken for a big game away in Victoria or Kelowna. This tradition dates back to over half a century ago dating back to 1957 when.

British Columbia

British Columbia

the Britannia High School football team was forced to play their washout in the vast Columbia Shuswap desert, on their way back from a home game at Kelowna. Good times!

The world renowned Strathcona Provincial Park overlooks its now famous Lake Windermere offering unparalleled hiking opportunities as well as unique eco-tourism activities it is still one of North America’s most visited parks for recreation and nature enthusiasts.

The Tragically Hip (2003 – Present) country rock band formed in the mid-1980s has become one of Canada’s most famous and globally acclaimed musical artists with many sold out concerts across North America.

The Island was an important stop on the early fur trade route for mounted explorers such as David Thompson, Alexander Mackenzie and Robert Campbell who were busy mapping British Columbia north during this period. In fact, with its close proximity to Vancouver via.



The climate here is a typical dry Pacific coastal climate and the winters are very mild with wetter, cooler spring weather. During long periods of cold air invasion (Providence ridge), snowfall occurs regularly in both winter months , with waves of precipitation extending through July, August and September.

Summers here can be rather warm to hot depending on latitude but do have many rainy days due to the frequent up-slope easterlies year round. The North Island has a more continental climate with milder winters at lower elevations and cooler summers at higher altitudes.

Lightning strikes in this area are quite common so be careful when climbing, hiking or camping in the open countryside. (Proper outdoor learning should always involve experiencing nature as well through several different types of natural lighting environments).

The best indicator for occasional thunderstorms is to look out for dark clouds forming over western mountains during late summer months,



at which time you should be prepared to get your camp and/or hiking gear ready in case of on-going heavy rains.

Plant & Animal Life

Set between the Coast Mountains (west) and Kootenay Rockies East Mudd, the North Island offers all forest types popular with local outdoor enthusiasts, ranging from deciduous Oak-Hickory forest at lower elevations up through evergreen needleleaf Pine forests(at higher altitudes inside the Hobbs Glacier Ultraviolent GAP) at higher elevations.

Autumn colours are particularly outstanding especially during occasional clear cold nights and crisp mornings during which lighting strikes can trigger sudden showers to follow suit or with isolated thunderstorm activity.

(during summer months).

Due south of Mudd in East Halkirk Lake Valley an interesting tourgeway wildlife (Locally known as ‘Leopold’s trail’) for hikers & backpackers takes them through Cypress and Spruce forests, Balsam Firs, the Grey-headed Woodpecker’s nesting ground for which this area is well known. (More info here:

Further south to Jasper National Park you may be fortunate enough to tow on some dryer weather days and in between these periods cool crossing showers.



Each of the forest stands range from mixed stand to all-pine, however, typically occurring in combinations of Red Cedar and Platano trees while Heathers and other plants grow abundantly too.



due south nestled between mountainous areas is the headwaters location for a number of natural spring fed perennial Fraser River rivers such as Ekalaka & Waltham Creek which fall within Tuchodi Provincial Park along with Marshy Lake flowing into another Provincial Park.

During wetter seasons, the headwaters get sections of waterflow; both which start at several glacial sources feeding Glenyea River and Hutcheon Lake reservoir before reaching Elk Ridge & entering Hat Creek conservation Reserve (known as Hawad Helen’s Valley) where they turn right onto North Arm and running all along Halkirk Glacier about 5km.

Broadly Waterfalls joining some channels during times of heavy rain eventually join quickly at the junction of Cunningham Lake which then exits right into Halkirk River itself.

As this ever-determined route is dependent on a number of factors such as weather, snow progress & runoff drains all heavily managed by government agencies it only truly is an adventure that nature can orchestrate and in some cases when things go very well take months to achieve – especially during off season but not unheard nor unroutine.

The highlight being area.


Beaumont Island is a world-renowned luxury resort on the eastern coast of Penang, Malaysia. Nestled along the Perak River, the island is known for its lush vegetation, white-sand beaches, and crystal-clear waters.

With 596 rooms and suites, Beaumont Island offers everything you could possibly want in a luxury retreat. From world-class dining to serene spa treatments, the resort has it all. It’s no wonder that it has been called Malaysia’s ‘Grand Escale’.


What Is Beaumont Island?

Looking for a secluded getaway? Beaumont Island is the perfect spot for you! With its idyllic beaches and lush greenery, this island is a paradise for nature lovers. If you’re looking for an escape from the city, this is the perfect place for you. Plus, there are plenty of activities available to keep you busy no matter what your interests are. Whether you’re a fan of fishing, hiking, swimming, or simply lounging on the beach, Beaumont Island has something for everyone.

What Are The Benefits Of Booking A Stay At Beaumont Island?

Beaumont Island is a small, sparsely populated island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, about 160 kilometres (100 miles) off the east coast of Venezuela. It is administratively part of the Distrito Nacional of Aragua, Venezuela. The island has an estimated area of 1.75 square kilometres (0.695 sq mi), and a population of about 97 people (2007 estimate).

What Are The Facilities And Services On Offer At Beaumont Island?

Beaumont Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the eastern Georgian Bay. The island is known for its natural wonders, its picturesque shoreline, and its abundance of wildlife. It also has a rich history that includes First Nations settlements, fur trading posts, and a penal colony. Today, the island is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors from around the world.

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