Beauty And the Beast Meaning and Ending 



Beauty And the Beast Meaning and Ending 


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Beauty and the Beast is a Disney animated feature film directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, produced by Don Hahn, with music by Alan Menken.

The plot follows Belle, a beautiful young woman living in the province of Gaston. Her father has recently died, leaving her to live with her horrible stepmother who believes that beauty is determined by wealth. As a result, Belle’s dreams of becoming an author are crushed.

Beauty and the Beast has been a very successful Disney movie. The story of a young woman falling in love with a monster, the story has resonated with millions of people around the world. It is still one of the most iconic movies ever made. So, what does this mean for our understanding of Beauty and the Beast? This article will delve into this popular fairytale to understand how it can be used as an allegory for our own lives.

Beauty And the Beast Meaning and Ending 

Beauty And the Beast Meaning

First, we must understand what Beauty and the Beast means to us. This fairytale has been used in many different ways over time for both children and adults alike. One of the most interesting aspects about this particular story is the way it will be interpreted differently by each person hearing it, regarding values that they hold close to themselves.

There are some pretty heavy religious elements running throughout Belle’s life; specifically, her relationship with Gaston gives on a religious interpretation. Is it a coincidence that this fairytale is so popular in the world: full of superstition and religious symbolism? I would say it definitely has strong parallels with our daily lives here on earth- hell, we do live in the Beauty and The Beast together!

Beauty And the Beast Explanations

Beauty And the Beast Explanations

It is probably difficult to interpret exactly what the story of Beauty and the Beast means. The resolution of this fairytale opens up new possibilities that are impossible to predict. Will it be easy? No! Is there a meaning at all? Probably not… Still, here’s my attempt anyway:

Beauty And the Beast Fable Meaning Summary Readers may disagree with me, but I hope you enjoy this interpretation! The story itself is ambiguous, but the message it sends can be drawn from what we know about the film’s meaning. The Beast possesses substance: he provides for his household and has a strong family connection.

Belle ignores this by focusing on appearances over realities; her behavior demonstrates how she values material possessions more than anything else in life. Even though Beauty herself seems healthy and smart, her actions demonstrate that wealth cannot provide eternal happiness after all – it just offers a false sense of security.

The cure!

Beauty is free to ask for the father she’s never had – and find what more important than wealth in her life. Should you take anything away from this article, I hope it will be that when confronted with society’s strict beauty standards, remember always that we can’t buy love; above all else, though work hard in school! Pursue your dreams without fearing disappointment or criticism because they aren’t material things.

In the end, the Beast represents anyone who is seen as undesirable by society – whether it be because of their appearance, socioeconomic status or something else entirely. Despite being misunderstood and treated poorly, these individuals persevere and find happiness in their own way. So, my advice would be to not give up on yourself! Remember: you are beautiful just the way you are!

Learning from Beauty and The Beast

So, what is the meaning of Beauty and the Beast in general? Well, there are a number of interpretations that this movie has given over time. Here are four common ones:

  1. The main character (Beauty or Belle – can’t decide?) represents nature
  2. It shows how society drives us to be cruel towards each other
  3. It’s about parenthood
  4. It’s about freedom They sound pretty well-rounded as far I’m concerned, but I find that the most interesting one is number 4 (well technically 3 because 2 and 1 are about what happens in the film). 5) Essentially, Beauty represents freedom – or at least she does if you ask me. According to this interpretation of “Beauty and The Beast” what it really symbolizes is how humans must resist growing up into a cruel world where we can only see beauty externalized through monetary value.
  5. As much as we want to think that our society is moral (while also trying to hate each other) things like racism, prejudice and poverty are unfortunately prevalent. That being said, the thing we really have to remember while looking at Beauty and The Beast as an allegory for this sort of “struggle” between allowing ourselves freedom versus investing money into vanity is that beauty doesn’t always come from external factors – it comes from within! Is the object you’re holding expensive?

Beauty And the Beast Movie Ending Explanations

Beauty And the Beast Movie Ending Explanations

There are quite a few different endings that the Disney film “Beauty and The Beast” has given, and they all obviously have their own meanings. However, practically every time someone talks about its people seem to come up with a new interpretation of what each ending is really saying. Personally? I think none could actually be wrong – there’s just so much we can glean from any one scene!

Here are my favorite interpretations for some of the more popular ones! As you can see there are MANY different ways to go down this rabbit hole.

  • Beast says “I like what I see.” It is Jennifer’s fantasy, the way she feels about her prince charming and that he wants to be with her – it makes sense for him to say this constantly because when speaking of someone who was beautiful once but ugly now (think inanimate objects), one would logically say the same thing all.
  • There is a certain speaker who is not actually speaking, but rather singing – this means that everything after “folly” in the song Orange Blossom doesn’t need to be interpreted by logic.
  • The line at which charming turns into Gaston poses an interesting question – does turning about mean anything different than what it says? For example, with Snow White: when she was evil, each time someone changed golden locks for brown ones.
  • Also, even though Gaston’s background is said to be “beyond the sea,” is it therefore any different from Charming being over-seas due to traveling for work? Why does she fall more in love with him when she only sees him once a year vs. every day?
  • Also, what about this line: And how can I possibly give you up / With true delight and simple grace… This could mean
  • that she actually does love him, despite what she’s going through and just can’t say it out loud.
  • Another interpretation could be that because the ball is in danger of being destroyed Beast reassures her, telling her everything will work out for the best. This could mean that he has some type of power over time or space which helps protect objects/people etc.

Final Thought

Beauty And the Beast or, in the original French language ” Belle et la Beet “, was written by Jeanne-Claude Van Loy (Jeanne-Claude Bible) and is a children’s fairy tale about an enchantress who trapped a handsome prince named Gaston in her lair. Many assume it to be some kind of sexual reference however when examining its true meaning as a story from France, there are many other ways that we could interpret.


1.Is There a Different Version of Beauty and the Beast?

Ans: No, that the show you see on stage is the one lyric-for-lyric version of Beauty and The Beast. In 1991 Disney released a completely different version with new songs composed by Stephen Schwartz (Little Shop of Horrors 1986) – it was never made into a musical stage production or sing-a-long video/movie. However, Jeffery Katzenberg has purchased these rights in order to produce his live action remake which will be released in 2017.

2.Can Emma Watson Sing?

Ans: Farah Pando—the screenwriter who wrote Emma Watson’s lines for the film Beauty and the Beast —also has worked at Disney productions like High School Musical. She also co-wrote films including The Thirteenth Tale, based on Diane Satterfield novels about a woman transported to 1980s Manhattan as well as Like Water for Chocolate.

3.Did Belle Ever Get Back to Her Family?

Ans: Only after they give up hope, she travels home by herself and never returns (visit 1:47:13 in the film). Was it a happy ending for them? No; all three die when Emma tries using an enchanted rose from Maurice’s greenhouse that would somehow save him but instead ends up releasing a Yuri spirit as well as Jean who is now trapped inside.

4.How Was Belle Able to Save Maurice?

Ans: Even though she brought him back to life, the curse remained. She could never enter his workshop again because it would bring more trouble. He survived but left in disgrace with no money and a wife who hated him for he became weak once more after drinking too much poison…  This is why we see Meriwether Dace at school watching television as if everything were normal.

5.Why Is Beauty and the Beast Banned?

Ans: A majority of people believe that Beauty and the Beast is a homosexual fairy tale because, as previously stated in this article: it has been censored so many times; the character Gaston ultimately falls in love with someone that they are not allowed to marry i.e., Belle (the daughter of his master) – why? They have never said from pure speculation who he “falls” for but it might be just him being insane More images

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