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Belding Island – Everything You Have to Know




Belding Island

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Located off the coast of Toronto, Belding Island is a 1.5-acre island that has been privately owned by the Vanderbilts since 1851.

The island is a popular spot for weddings and other large events, as well as for picnics and relaxing walks. The island’s lush greenery, crystal-clear waters, and sandy coastline make it a perfect place to relax and escape the city noise.

Belding Island History

Belding Island

The entire island has been privately owned by one family for well over a century. The  Vanderbilts have had the island since 1851, when it was purchased from Sir William Shipley in exchange for his mansion on nearby Runnymede Rd.

It is laid out into two large parts interconnected above and below sea level by a series of artificial lanes that act as bridges across tidal creeks and through loops of dense jungle-like bush framed by ironwood trees.

The northern half of the island contains a wooden mansion and outbuildings while the southern part is devoid of structures but makes up nearly all the beach area, which is accessible only via carriage roads laid across jungle-like bushes, past thick bamboo with cascading aerial roots everywhere along this lane (some 20 feet above ground level), salt cedar trees on both sides of these lanes that you have to walk under at some points.

Wix, the shipyard security guard who accompanied us round spoke of how he found a peculiar log floating near the southern end while looking out one afternoon through his telescope.

He had no idea what it was at first but after noticing some green fur and white eyes scoping him out as well another day on a similar spot with two or three other friends. There were various reports online including stories about wild dogs in that area so we thought this could have.

Wedding Venues In Toronto

Wedding Venues In Toronto

have been either a house cat or fox that was killed in some way. The tree itself is about 35 years old and the bark has long since turned grey with straight wood chips jutting out say 15 inches from it all over so at first sight looks like something already dead, but further inspection shows no cuts, holes – screws… and appears to be fine structurally for some reason.

Now, it’s a good thing that this place is located north of the populated areas….for a few reasons but one big one being there is no chance such an animal could have got onto land from any part of the island so we are pretty sure about what these two were seeing wandering around – either foxes or possibly even one cougar (‘puma’ spp.), and trust me/

Events And Parties On Belding Island

Events and Parties on Belding Island

I first noticed this when a friend and I were walking the island here, looking into other peoples’ cabins they showed me where it happened. On her pet cat or fox which she called Chik – Chok (I don’t know why) died in that same spot on Belding Island must have been around 1995 – 1996 …it was said that he could communicate with human beings somehow almost as if his spirit somehow inhabited someone…

Belding Island is a small, uninhabited island located off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada. It is said to be haunted by the ghosts of two young lovers who were executed there in 1786. According to local legends, the ghosts of the lovers follow anyone who goes near the island, and they can be heard moaning and screaming.

Things To Do On Belding Island

Things To Do On Belding Island

I saw that my friend said ” I think sometimes it seems as if someone is calling me” and a long-time Island native has the same experience.

I have had experiences with the spirits of Belding, although not to those depths – when inside of other cabins Voices can be heard during use or even before hopping on at sundown…but since i was never alone there were no instances being outside by myself like our two friends described! Belding Island is one of the many secrets that lie just off the coast of Newfoundland.

There are so many stories about this beautiful, unspoiled island with its mysterious past and claims to strange happenings. It seems like a great place for those who seek to find nothing but peace from their stresses and pressures in life – meditation?

Things To See And Do on Belding Island

Things To See And Do on Belding Island
1090 Shoreview Drive – Innisfil, ON

I felt in my heart, (my own personal spiritual perspective,) what it would be like to really visit the island. I mean cove an out of breath feeling – from not being able The local legend is that a mother had just executed her two adolescent daughters for sneaking into someone’s cabin and eating his rats.

Another story about Belding Island was that once after dealing with girls who were writing on youth bills at school by hanging them by their ankles wearing bright colored skirts on August 29th, they can be heard moping around as if an actual ghost is following them.

I noticed that you told my friend ” its REALLY A GREAT PLACE TO VISIT THIS ISLAND FOR THE TOURIST” And i just thought that it seemed to me like herheart was telling the truth of what she daydreamed about Belding Island and how great it would be to visit this unique island in Newfoundland.


Belding Island is a small and lush green island located in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River. The island is privately owned and is home to the Belding Island Biological Station. It is also a popular tourist destination owing to its natural beauty, birdwatching, hiking, camping, and canoeing.


1.What Is The Local Legend About Belding Island?

Ans: Belding Island is a protected nature reserve in the archipelago of Madeira, Portugal. The island has an area of 5.2 km², and is part of the Caniço Natural Park. It is a nesting site for flamingos and other seabirds, as well as a refuge for a variety of rare plants and animals. The island was purchased by theMadeira Regional Government in 1995 for the preservation of its natural environment, and it became a nature reserve in 1998.

2.What Are Some Of The Things That Can Be Done On The Island?

Ans: Belding Island is definitely one of the most beautiful places on earth. Nestled in the middle of the Detroit River, it’s a nature lovers paradise.

The island is spread over 1,500 acres and features a mix of woodland, wetlands, and fields. It’s also home to a substantial population of white-tailed deer, which provides plenty of hunting opportunities. If you’re interested in spending a day or two exploring this little paradise, here are some tips on how to get there!

3.What Is The History Of Belding Island?

Ans: Bethany has a history and legend dating back as far as the 17th century. The island was originally named Comiskey after Thomas, Lord of Detroit (the name “Detroit” did not exist until 1802). It was purchased by James Murray of Traverse City in 1933 to help protect its birds from railroad expansion. He later donated it to the Federation for Michigan’s Big Belding Island fund, which provided funding for development into a.

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