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Bentinck Island


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Bentinck Island is a lush and verdant island located in the Strait of Georgia, just off the coast of British Columbia. Nestled in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Bentinck Island offers visitors a unique eco-tourism experience, offering visitors access to abundant wildlife, stunning scenery, and unrivaled views of the Strait of Georgia. The island is also home to the Bentinck Island Research Station, which conducts research on marine mammals, seabirds, and other wildlife.

Bentinck Island


Bentinck Island was first visited by Europeans in 1792, when the HMS Ontario and HMS Chatham sailed into the Strait of Georgia. The island was named after Vice-Admiral George Augustus Frederick, 1st Baron Bentinck, who served as Governor General of British North America from 1849 to 1850. Bentinck Island became a protected area in 1907, and was added to the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve in 1984.

Since the park was established, several improvements have been made to remove invasive species and resources. In 1992, Canada National Parks Service transferred responsibility for sanitation of the island to BC Conservation Services. Since then, recreational activities on Bentinck Island such as biking, hiking and hunting has increased dramatically; however there is still an ongoing initiative for public safety at all times with Warden Niko Nuchroz’s patrol schedule being implemented around campfires.


Bentinck Island Climate

Bentinck Island has a climate that is classified as humid subtropical thanks to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Summers are warm and sunny, with average temperatures ranging from 26 degrees Celsius in July to 33 degrees Celsius in September. Winters are mild, with average temperatures ranging from 16 degrees Celsius in January to 23 degrees Celsius in March.

Precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year, averaging around 540 mm per year. The island is predominantly covered with dense forest, which acts as a buffer of wind and rain. Abundant understory plant life also takes root in the lush forests surrounding Bentinck Island’s beaches, such as coastal redwood trees that can grow to be over 120 years old.

Bentinck Island is located within the Inside Passage Marine Trail Natural Area Reserve where conservation has been an important focus for government and environmental agencies alike in recent years with


Despite its remote location, Bentinck Island is a popular tourist destination for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The island’s numerous beaches are well known for their stunning views, perfect for swimming and sunbathing during summer months. Winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy skiing or snowboarding in the nearby mountains while birdwatchers can find many species of birds inhabiting Bentinck Island forests. History

The inlet that Bentinck Island is named after was first explored by an expedition led by British explorer George Vancouver. The crew of Commodore Peter Puget’s ship HMS Discovery were onboard and joined the Manila Galleons when they ventured into this area on February 26, 1792 while searching for a strait connecting the two oceans. Canada purchased what would become “Bentinck Islands” from Norway in 1869 as part of its.


Unlike other Canadian communities on the island, Bentinck Island is not part of a constitutionally protected Indigenous territory. The community is represented by members of the District Council of Prince Rupert and comprises just over 100 permanent residents who are semi-nomadic fishermen and traders. The first general election held in Bentinck Island was in 1984 and only two members of the area’s council were elected. Since then, Mayor Alden Johnson has been serving as mayor since 1994 when municipal councils were formed across Canada with five councillors representing each locality.

Government Services

The island is administered by the District of Prince Rupert and has a small police detachment that provides local policing services. The nearby larger city of Prince Rupert houses several government institutions including the provincial government, health authority and post office. The island also has a community clinic.

Incorporated in 1996 and centred on Bingo Hall, the local band office serves as the designated area’s court house. The Presbyterian Church of British Columbia oversees the church services held twice monthly elsewhere on nearby Gough Island to which Bentinck Island belongs to along with 8 other communities including several properties that make up much larger archipelago.


Bentinck Island is one of the first areas in Canada to be designated as a marine conservation unit and offers visitors access to Santa Maria Island, as well as hiking, kayaking and fishing opportunities. On the opposite side of Prince Rupert on St. Roch Bay lies another settlement called Sandspit, but unlike its small twin Bentinck Island is a permanently inhabited part of British Columbia’s mainland.


The only means of reaching Bentinck Island is by air and regular flights service the island from Prince Rupert Airport. This airstrip can only be accessed by private boat, though a jet ski landing is starting to be considered as an option. The larger city of Prince Rupert lies on the mainland three miles away from Bentinck Island and nominally administrated from several government offices located there.

School buses operate nearby Gough Island twice weekly along with one-weekly flights operated out of Tofino Airport for students in Sandspit and elsewhere who choose not to take the ferry.


Bentinck Island, also known as Richmond Island, is an uninhabited island in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Administratively it is part of the City of Vancouver. The island is situated in the mouth of the Fraser River and west of the City of Richmond. Bentinck Island has a land area of 199.5 hectares and a coastline length of 21 km. The island’s main economic activity is forestry.


What Is The Only Way To Get To Bentinck Island?

Bentinck Island can only be accessed by air and regular flights service it from Prince Rupert Airport.

How Do I Get To Bentinck Island?

The only means of accessing Bentinck Island is by air and regular flights service the island from Prince Rupert Airport. It can also be reached through a one-hour flight between Tofino, BC (TJR) or Ucluelet, British Columbia (YCK). In addition, visitors are able to reach this destination by sea with trips commencing daily out of Smither s, BC (CDY) or Sandspit and Tofino in support of visitors travelling from elsewhere.

How Is Bentinck Island Administratively Positioned Potentially Impacting Transportation Safety Within The Region?

This small island can only be accessed by air and regular flights provide service to it out of Prince Rupert Airport. As with many regions in remote locations within British Columbia, this has resulted in a heavy reliance on current modes for travel such as seaplanes/ dolphins to provide transportation between the mainland and Bentinck Island.

For many, the importance of this island has long been recognized as this location is well-known for its association with infamous ship wreck “The Empress” which occurred on November 22nd 1896 in what was then known as Muir Inlet.

How Accessible Can One Expect Transport Within Bentinck Island?

Services include a ferry service operated by BC Ferries offering daily trips from T ofino to Bentinck Island as well as a scheduled summer/fall ferry service between Tofino and Sandspit.

Where Can I Stay On In Bentinck Island?

This destination is home to several hotels, campgrounds and hostels located primarily around the community of French Creek totalizing 20 camping sites which are open year-round. For overnight stays during more regular times you will find up tp 23 accommodation options available including nearby charming

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