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Bone Island is a natural island in the Pacific Ocean. It is located approximately in the strait between the world’s largest islands, California and Borneo, at coordinates of -0.886973, 122.150795.

This island is both populated with many bird species and also closed to be entirely covered by man-made existence as it is home to native flora and fauna. Although largely undiscovered by humans, this island has been inhabited by a community of two villages since the Stone Age and has managed to resist being completely overrun by civilization from around the world.

Bone Island


The term “XE Island” has been used since the first instalment of Borderlands 2, in which it was referred to as a secret area. In the two games prior to that (“Borderlands”) the island is never visited by any entities except for Clementine during an early level in each game if she’s playing as Claptrap and ends up there accidentally instead of her destination Rhys’ villa, who helps guide them off said island.

The name XE is[confirmed to be a reference to the Borderlands 2 “Borderland” TV spot (Chinese: 奇道场:大平原) which included “”An island named after you.”” There are also rumors that xe is a reference from Chinese readers’ forum dedicated for game translation, although this has been debated before.


In both the Gearbox Software released Borderlands games and in Borderlands 2, this island is said to be at least a hundred years old.

Geography The environment on Xe Island differs from that of the surrounding area, being rather hostile in atmosphere and almost completely devoid of inhabitants due to the fact it is a massive prison cell (although lifeforms seen there such as Claptrap do not seem highly intelligent; they serve a purpose). Krul’s Hideout is located nearby at various points during gameplay. The islands are known for their extremely high amounts of monsters, which indicate its former.


The island is home to a number of memorabilia like Bullymongs and various other small figures.

Entities History borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is the seventh full game in the Borderlands franchise and takes place on a new island named Xe Island. It features No Weapon Modifiers (NWM), where various NPCs drop ammo or other resources when killed, instead of green loot.

This makes killing many enemies very easy due to dramatically lowered resource costs when compared with previous titles except for Claptastic Voyage DLC. Borderlands 2: Another playable DLC on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, this time with it being the first game in which weapons can have mods that affect gameplay and not just cosmetic addons. It also has an attribute system similar to previous games of the series for “making” certain guns special in some way.



It has been noted on multiple occasions that Xe Island giant snakes shown to be at least 100 years old and in an environment of abundance they could live much longer but yet are known to die after a few decades according to Claptrap whereas Claptrap was born hundreds of years ago as opposed how long Xe Islands The inhabitants appear not as intelligent since many species of the island seem to have the same level of brain functioning and connectedness. One such species are the Serendipitous Intellect, a pale-white race that used to reside on Xe Island until about 300 years before Borderlands 2 takes place (as one can see in their chests as holotapes).


Xe Islands transportation is the sky and spaceship, with this game not allowing players to ride mounts off world which makes it hard for these races to move from place xe islands teleport characters.Similarities The Pre-Sequel in relation to previous Borderlands games Dark Echos are now once again very much prominent as on Pandora but were also featured in Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keeper DLC of said title Blue Hells are still present (although they were worse in the original game)And numerous new features such as Claptrap’s aid system and Nanomechs Other differences The Rocket flying has been removed from this title All DLC is upgradable Content of added story episodes Modifications for installed content Purposeially locked items have since Borderlands 1:



Real Time Events (RTE) are an addition in Borderlands 2 that occur after the narrative concludes. They increase experience points and provide missions, but only with significantly higher difficulty levels than those players can still achieve normally.

The game also introduces a new “high level” of loot drops for rare enemies or non-class specific items as well as adding more high level skills/perks on top of existing ones at endgame , and also some skills being locked. They don’t occur at random but when the storyline calls for it, most RTEs requires players to be within “sight” from where one is asked to go into a mission (such as The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned or Underdome Riot). These events offer higher-than-normal rewards but these are just strong cards + cash bags; in addition,



Elite Mobs are stronger versions of regular mobs, appearing all the time and not only in certain areas or storylines. They have unique names such as The Bitch Queen Hydrothermal Scratchdown . These Ultimate Badasses use “High-level” shields to protect themselves from normal weapons, usually attack with high damage skills (such as slam , spike shield etc.) and weapon mods/quality also raised.

The game introduces a new type of high level enemies called “Endless mission bosses” (commonly shortened as EMB). These are mounted or unmounted versions of Ultimate Badasses that do not break when they lose all their popcap. They offer loot and usually bosses also carry a legendary item, while it is possible they could drop the quest reward in addition to giving them.


These are usually special enemies with a challenge level (ending in “endless”), that appear only once during an event or storyline and can be fought up to 3 times. The goal is for the player(s) to defeat them without interruption, though re-starts from last checkpoint are permitted just like with normal fights, if the enemy survives long enough. They do not drop loot but offer either a specific powerful item of extreme rarity called

The “Big Bad Wolf” (this legendary item is based off Tim Burton’s The Big Lebowski , impossible to obtain through any other means than defeating this boss) or an alternative powerful card/money package.


Is A Bone Island Serious?

Bone islands are the island zones where mobs spawn from discarded bones, with a similar appearance and mechanics as they do in any other zone. Some players won’t find them interesting because of that.

Are You A Pirate?

No; how could we be pirates when there’s no ocean to sail on?! However, we might use these mazes for Olly-Onderfersts and Boophobia Zombs (and maybe by some crazy coincidence , waterfalls too) in the future.

What Causes Bone Islands?

Here we need to prepare for even less explanation. Bone islands are a magical land form, which appear now and then in certain areas of the zone; this happening will happen randomly after an aboveground boss dying during an event or storyline (aside from their spawn appearing as well). It’s possible to prevent them from forming by killing lo-hogz before they disappear but it is believed

What Is A Bone Island On Vertebrae?

Yes; that’s what it’s called. The bone islands are made up of countless bones and only contain deadly monsters and a boss with an exception rule, which means one can or cannot be fought depending on the area you’re in—WARNING : this information is outdated (2014-05-04)

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