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Bonhomme Island


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Bonhomme Island is a beautiful, private island located in the Gulf of Mexico. It is home to a luxury resort and golf course, as well as a spa and several other luxury amenities. The island has been owned by the same family for over 50 years and is currently under new management.

Bonhomme Island is perfect for anyone who wants to experience a luxurious life – from its breathtaking views to its world-class amenities, there’s nothing that this island doesn’t have!

Bonhomme Island

Bonhomme Island History

Bonhomme Island is a small island located in the St. Lawrence River in eastern Quebec, Canada. The island was known as a penal colony from 1759 to 1833 and served as a dumping ground for the city of Montreal’s garbage. It was renamed Bonhomme Island in 1883, in honor of General Henri-Marie Boulanger, who had fought for its annexation by Quebec.


Bonhomme Island Geography

Bonhomme Island is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, about 90 kilometers northeast of Montreal. It covers an area of 2,574 hectares and is divided into two parts by a causeway – Pointe-à-la-Croix (north) and Pointe-aux-Trembles (south). The island is known for its pine forests, lakes, rivers and cliffs.


Bonhomme Island Ecosystem

Bonhomme Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the Gulf of St Lawrence in Quebec, Canada. It is notable for its rich biodiversity and geological features, including a number of active volcanoes. The island is part of the Bonhomme-Sheila National Park, which was established in 1977.



This currently no permanent population on Bonhomme Island. The island is home to a luxury resort and golf course as well as a spa, which are operated by the same family for over 50 years.



Economy  is an unincorporated community in Jefferson County, Texas, United States. It lies about 2 miles (3 km) southeast of the town of Thompsons. As of the 2010 census, its population was 124. Bonhomme Island has a post office with ZIP code 78625. There is no telephone service on the island. The only form of transportation is by boat.



Is a small coral atoll located in the eastern Pacific Ocean, about halfway between Hawaii and Australia. The island is uninhabited and is managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service as part of the Wake Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. The main economic activity on Bonhomme Island is subsistence fishing.

Culture and Religion

Culture and Religion


There is no permanent population on Bonhomme Island, so the way of life and religion is strictly traditional. The island’s culture revolves around subsistence hunting, fishing, and gathering. Most people believe in Polynesian spiritual beliefs.



The official language of Bonhomme Island is English. However, the island’s residents also speak French and Tahitian.



The education of Bonhomme Island is available in a variety of formats, including on-site courses, distance learning courses, and online courses. The majority of these courses are designed for students who want to pursue a career in the tourism industry.

Government Services

Government services

Bonhomme Island is a part of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. All government services are provided by the US Department of Interior.



Bonhomme Island is a small Canadian island located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It is a popular tourist destination for those who love nature and fishing.

Bonhomme island has a population of about 900 people, and it receives about 2,600 visitors each year. Visitors can enjoy wildlife such as moose, deer, beavers, and bears. You can also visit the Bonhomme Island Cheese Factory, which produces some of the best cheese in Canada .

Hotels and Resorts List

Hotels and Resorts List

Here is a list of hotels and resorts on Bonhomme Island:

– Bayou Beach Resort

– The Boathouse

– Buccaneer Resort

– Captain’s Quarters

– Coco Reef Resort

– The Cove Resort

– Gilded Lily Resort

– Grand Isle Resort

– Harbour Lights Resort & Marina

– Horseshoe Bay Resort & Marina

– Jolly Roger’s Inn & Marina

– La Belle Vie Resort and Marina

– Lazy Lagoon Marina Hotel & Restaurant

– Manchac Bayou Lodge & Marina

– Marsh Harbour Inn and Suites

– Misty Sands Inn and Marina (formerly the Captain’s Quarters)



Attractions on Bonhomme Island include:

– the Bay of Islands

– Cape Breton Highlands National Park

– Cadillac Mountain

– Chapel Point National Historic Site

– Christmas Cove Provincial Historic Site (also known as the “Gift of Goodwill”)



Bonhomme Island is a beautiful, secluded island located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec. It is well-known for its picturesque landscapes and natural attractions, such as the Bonhomme Falls and the de la Madelena Forest.

Activities on Bonhomme Island can include hiking, fishing, birdwatching, kayaking, cycling, skating, and cross-country skiing. There are also several restaurants and hotels on the island that offer a variety of activities such as golfing and climbing.



Is accessible via a short ferry ride from the mainland of Nova Scotia. The island is served by the MV Premier II, which operates year-round between Yarmouth, NS, and Bonhomme Island. The ferry arrives at the ferry terminal on the north side of the island, where cars are driven onto . There is then a short walk to the ferry terminal on the south side of the island.



Is a tiny uninhabited island in Quebec, and its cuisine reflects this – it’s a mix of French and Canadian influences. Some of the best dishes on Bonhomme include roast beef with horseradish sauce, maple-glazed bacon, and sweet potatoes. You can also find lobster, crab, and mussels here.


Overall is a great place to visit. The weather is typically mild, the people are friendly, and the scenery is beautiful. The only thing you may want to be aware of is that the island can get quite crowded during peak tourist season.


1.What Is The Ferry Schedule?

Ans: The ferry operates between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and Bonhomme Island year-round. It departs from Yarmouth at 7:30 am and arrives at Bonhomme Island at approximately 4 pm.

2.How Much Does The Ferry Cost?

Ans: The ferry costs $10 for adults and children (4-12 years old) traveling together.

3.What Is The Island’s Population?

Ans: There are no permanent residents on Bonhomme Island, and the population typically fluctuates between zero and four people Bonhomme Island.

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