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Borden Island


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First, Borden Island is an uninhabited island in British Columbia, Canada. It is located in Queen Charlotte Sound, on the town of Bamfield’s southern shore, 6 kilometers (4 mi) northeast of Bamfield City.

Second, it is also one of the best places to visit on the Pacific Ocean coast. The island has steep granite slabs and numerous unique geological formations, which make it a geographical curiosity for all tourists who visit it. To add to this, the blue-green waters teem with wildlife and the vegetation is alive with wildflowers.

All About Of Borden Island

Borden Island


Borden Island is located in the Queen Charlotte Sound. The island was first sighted by Europeans on September 24, 1792, by Lieutenant James Cook during his third voyage of exploration. He named it for Sir Andrew Borden, then Home Secretary and a principal backer of the expedition.

In 1897 an American sea captain who called himself “Captain Billy” hacked an entrance through the granite cliffs to explore and claim the island as his own. Borden Island became a source of conflict between the Canadian and American governments when the US Coast Guard maintained it as a lighthouse in 1908.

The Lighthouse Service made Borden its base, repairing dwellings, power generation equipment, wireless transceivers on several points around the island so they could direct vessels to stop there for supplies.

In return, Canada’s government would supply fresh milk daily by schooner from Campbell River (located 15 km away).



The climate on Borden Island is extremely mild, with an average temperature of 5 °C (41 °F). However, during the winter months when temperatures can drop to -10 °C (-12 °F) overnight, the island experiences a great deal of snowfall.

The island receives rainfall of an average of 300 mm (12″) per year, which can be intensified. Average wind speeds are oceanic in nature and approach 10 km/h during the highest tides.

Swimming is possible throughout most of the island; however, a fishing net sits at the island’s northernmost tip. Feral goats can be found on the island, but can also easily be seen in their natural habitat around Talon Bay Provincial Park by one of the trails (recommend to stop and disconnect your car battery).

In mid-April 2011 a ring-necked dove discovered in a nesting position on the island was killed by one of the female feral goats.



The culture on Borden Island is predominately Canadian, with a small number of American residents. Oral history has it that Captain Billy was the first person to inhabit the island and claimed it for Canada.

In 1908, an opening was cut through the granite cliffs by his crew and today visitors can explore this little-known gem by foot or bike along trails that wind throughout its forests and beaches.

There are also several abandoned buildings from when Borden Lighthouse was operated here by the Dominion government. A boat-to-shore launch takes residents to nearby Campbell River for convenience and supplies, but no one permanently resides on Borden Island at this time.

The island is home today to seven species of birds (eagles, herons, gulls) and mammal(mink). Locals may also be seen with their dogs roaming the island.

A roadside park and picnic tables are located the north of Borden Lighthouse on a trail that leads to Campbell River, which is only accessible by boat or floatplane.



Borden Island is part of Vancouver Island and forms part of the electoral district of the Northern Islands. The island has an elected council with five representatives, each serving a three-year term.

Its councilors are Judy Brown (NDP), Brenda Blakeley (Conservative), Tina Carbonell (Liberal) Chris Lewis (Green Party), and Brent Toderian(BC New Democratic Party).

The island lies within the District of Nass Valley, which also includes Herbert Island and Martha Bay.

Government services

Government services

The island is served by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment on Borden Island. The island also has an islander-run RCMP Radio located on Borden Island.

Education services

Borden Island Education services

Borden island also has a school on the island with students attending Terrace Aviation Elementary, Wolfe Island Secondary, Anacortes High School. The colors of Borden island are Green, black, and orange. Origin is from people who were looking for islands where can find good berry fruit (Goshiki).

Other colors of languages on Borden island Islander language(Inupiat) color is green and also yellow on other communities at the northern end of British Columbia in Canada. Many tribes like In upiat being been invented borden island. They are many tribes like Kwakiutl and Tillamool.

Some can say borden island is among the early destination of the capital of North America and some come to borden islands to fight against their enemies who gathered on other countries for war and also enrich themselves, so Borden islanders were living in between both enemy states.


Borden Island Tourism

Borden Island is a popular destination for tourists. It has a number of visitor facilities, including campsites and lodges. Many tour operators offer cruises to the island. For the most part, Borden island is a place to escape from urban life.

People can enjoy camping and solitude on borden island or as few accommodations exist many visitors make campers of evenings, you should be prepared for wind and rain because it occurs often on borden island.

In some areas of islands at the northern end they call it Bordeaux since there is so much developed manner such as visit entertainment sites, eating out etc.


Borden island Transport

The only form of transport on Borden Island is by boat. The island has no airstrip, and there are no roads or bridges connecting it to the rest of Canada. Visitors must arrive by boat.


Borden Island Cuisine

Borden island cuisine reflects the Island’s isolation and its emphasis on seafood. Seafood is a mainstay of the diet, along with games such as caribou and moose. The traditional dish of Borden Island is qajaq, which is seal meat that has been dried, smoked, and somewhat preserved.


Bordering Canada and the USA, one of Canada’s most beautiful islands is a must-visit place. Thanks to its stunning landscapes and many green spots, you will surely fall in love with this place and wish to come back every single year! Explore it to discover why there is no better way to unwind than by spending some quality time with nature.


1.What Is The History Of Borden Island?

Ans: Borden Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the eastern part of Lake Superior. It was first discovered by Europeans in the late 17th century and was named after Sir John Borden, the then-Governor General of Canada.

It served as a fur trading post and was a key stop on the route between Montreal and the interior of North America. In the early 1800s, the island was used as a quarantine station for people who were infected with smallpox.

Today, Borden Island is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and interesting history. It is home to a small lighthouse, a summer camp, and a number of bird sanctuaries. The island is also popular for hiking and fishing.

2.Does Anyone Live In The Queen Elizabeth Islands?

Ans: There is no OFFICIAL answer to this question, as it depends on the definition of “live.” However, given that the Queen Elizabeth Islands are an unincorporated territory of Canada, it is safe to assume that SOMEONE lives there.

3.Does Anyone Live On The Islands Above Canada?

Ans: This is a difficult question to answer, as there is no definite answer. While it is possible for someone to live on the islands above Canada, it would be an extremely difficult and dangerous undertaking. The weather is harsh and the terrain is difficult to traverse.

The island communities are small and isolated, and the lack of infrastructure makes it difficult to find food or shelter. In short, living on the islands above Canada would be a very challenging and risky proposition.

4.Where Is Borden Island?

Ans: Borden Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the midst of the Georgian Bay, about 120 kilometers northwest of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.

5.How Did Borden Island Get Its Name?

Ans: Borden Island got its name from Sir Henry Borden, who was the first governor of British Columbia. He named it after his home in England, which was also called Borden.

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