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Bridge of Spies 2015- Storyline and Short Review




Bridge of Spies 2015- Storyline and Short Review

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Bridge of Spies is a 2015 American war film directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Matt Charman, Ethan Coen, and Joel Coen. It is based on the 1962 novel The Bridge of Spies by John le Carré. Set during the Cold War in Berlin, Germany, the film stars Tom Hanks as James Donovan, a lawyer who recruits Tobias Hans von Arnim to help negotiate the release of two captured Americans while they are imprisoned on Soviet-controlled territory.

Bridge of Spies 2015- Storyline and Short Review

Runtime: 2h 22m

Release Year: 2015

Genre: Thriller

IMDB Rating: 7.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 90%

Box Office: 165.5 million USD

Storyline of Bridge of Spies

James Donovan is a lawyer who has been assigned to represent two American spies, Rudolf Abel and John Paul Vann. The agents are being held on Soviet-controlled territory, and Donovan tries to get them released in a trade deal between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Donovan then takes on the case of Berlin-based American lawyer James B. Donovan (played by Tom Hanks), who represents a group of accused spies to negotiate for their release and rescue from Soviet authorities in exchange for face-saving negotiations at a US Army base during the Cold War. Apart from this, the film explores Donovan’s personal life and relationship with his former wife.

James Donovan is hired by the government to negotiate the release of two American spies in Soviet-controlled territory while they are held prisoner: Rudolf Abel and John Paul Vann. James’s former wife, Elizabeth Shea, is also involved in this case; she has become President Truman’s confidential secretary.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, James B. Donovan—the father of the arrested spies—tries to get the government to release his sons without any concessions from them in exchange for a likely presidential pardon or commutation of their sentences.

The rights to the John Le Carré novel have been acquired at various times by The Weinstein Company, DreamWorks Pictures and Universal. Associate producer Marc Platt of Revolution Studios said in “Variety” that they had spent “years researching” the story further before deciding on this project.

Review of Bridge of Spies

The film was released in a shorter version along with another Hollywood movie as part of the annual International Film Festival held at historic Duke’s Coney Island, Brooklyn. It received positive reviews from fans and critics alike and is considered to be one of Tom Hanks’ most successful movies. He starred alongside his previous wife, Rita Wilson.

The two were married for 14 years until her death on May 30, 2013, by suicide leaving behind 3 children a daughter named Lia, who is in the Hollywood television industry and her twin sons, Miles Wilder & Paul Dryden.

The movie was a success for a number of reasons- -the positive reception for the performances of Hanks and Bill Paxton. Mr. Pat said, “I regret to have had any negative experience with Tom or in working with him on previous films,” he continued, “Throughout his career, it was easy to witness how deeply committed Tom is toward everyone involved in making a film.”

As one production executive personally experienced by the entire crew who worked out together while shooting at Sookie’s place, “we all had a ball together, And I think we pretty much all agreed that this was the best week of shooting I have ever spent on any production.”

Popular Reviews of Bridge of Spies

Scores coming in for Bridge of Spies and the movie as a whole were at about 98% positive reactions. Of all garnered reviews, Tom Hanks was regarded on average (on a 5-star scale) to be one of the best actors ever with Ron Howard and Alec Baldwin. Those two were also peers considered by Brad Pitt, who made an appearance later.

“It was a great movie, full of suspense and excitement.”

Mary Winks

I was so moved by it. I cried a few times.”

Dawn Kreamer

“I have never seen it before and have been telling everyone I know, especially people who love Pearl Harbor.”

Alex T.

“I am so moved. I find myself wondering about the possibility of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg doing another movie together.”

Adrienne N.

“Very heartfelt Movie!?”

Alfredo M. F I of o online readers.”

Tom Hanks had many roles under a wide range of genres in movies like playing the military role in “Apollo 13”, a science fiction thriller film released by WME/IMG that grossed over $300 million worldwide as well as some great characters he usually plays right after his Academy Award. What Tom Hanks did in this movie makes him one of the most popular and respected actors today. A heartfelt story with good acting that will move you, Bridge of Spies is highly recommended!

Critic Reviews on Bridge of Spies

“One of the best movies of 2015, created with love and wits of Spielberg.”

Common Sense Media

“Like a creamy Bisquik roll of high drama and intelligence, Bridge of Spies is very pleasing to the eyes. Tom Hanks delivers excellent performances in this rapturous biopic.”

The Digital Fix.Com

“A triumph of the director’s artistry and Hanks’ consistently luminous work.”

Houston Chronicle

“Bridge of Spies is Spielberg at his finest: an emotionally stirring, thought-provoking drama about human courage in the face of impossible odds.”

USA Today

“A tense, absorbing drama.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“Engrossing, beautifully filmed and acted….”

Los Angeles Times

“Spielberg has assembled a top-drawer cast here….”

San Francisco Chronicle.

However, despite the positive reviews received by Tom Hanks and director Steven Spielberg, Joel B. Michaels provided an email in which he stated: “I worked with Tom [during his Scoleri years] as line producer of Bridge Over The Hudson (1986) TV movie, so it really bothers me to read his characterization of me in order to write this letter. Due respect needs to be given if Hanks is going to continue portraying Scoleri and also portray a man that actually ran the business during Mr. Paxton’s absence.”

Business Aspect of Bridge of Spies

Business Aspect of Bridge of Spies

The movie went to finance in 2015 after 3 years of filming and per an original CEO’s promise. It was released on December 25, 2016, by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Presenting DreamWorks Animation LLC under the Square Enix Company Ltd DPDS Films USA Inc.

As a part of their partnership Upcoming animated film “Penguins,” later from Comcast Corp Program Entertainment Group also distributed at different dates Later it made its way through several studios to Sony Pictures Home Media Distribution and Universal Studios ahead of the 2018 Oscar race.

In addition, it was projected to have a worldwide gross of over $50 million in 2017. It received great word-of-mouth numbers (5 stars and above) from audiences who made more than 11 Million preview calls as well for their expectation on what is about to happen next via the theaters.

There they bought tickets such as Dave & Busters Cinemas Movie theatre chains and credit unions who gave perfect ratings (still frame) they took part in the film’s marketing inside their stores via ticket, coupon booklet or newspaper ads.

The soundtrack was released by Sony Music Entertainment on December 15 through Columbia Records. Upon release, “Music from Bridge of Spies” sold over 260,000 copies. It got a rating of triple-platinum according to Billboard magazine, with double platinum for 8 weeks.

Ryan’s first album, “Greatest Hits,” was released on September 23, 2015. The 2-Disc set contains 26 songs, including the new song titled “Rewind,” making it a perfect gift for fans and helping him back his philanthropy. The DVD Limited Edition comes with an exclusive bonus DVD which includes 9 music videos from Ryan to four minutes long,

Songs featured in the movie also included in this collection include: Saturday Night Jude Law got nominated 7 times for the Academy Awards, The Golden Globes, and Screen Actors Guild awards making him one of few actors who have been so prolific in film. He was born on Ryan’s 21st birthday!

The performance of the cast and crew


I have to start with Tom Hanks. There are not many actors who can match up well with him. He’s always in top form and makes the film better because of it. His link to acting is truly impressive as he has passed on his knowledge over almost 40 years now, which explains why Tom Hanks was knowledgeable about the people involved during World War II, including how they managed to send a letter out where even if it were being read, no one would know each other’s and where they would know each other.

Mark Rylance received the Academy Award nomination for ‘Best Supporting Actor playing Rudolf Abel. He did a fantastic job and just knew how everything works out in this film (I saw him, I saw the film ). It was liberating for me actually to see another actor with a British accent, Rylance is fantastic in this, and although it was only three months after my father’s death, it helped cut through some of my own emotions.

Amy Ryan in The film also opens up an opportunity to meet filmmakers who marched on and created their own success whilst overcoming hardship. So, the whole cast were- all brilliant in this film and made it even more interesting to watch the movie.


Spielberg was the background of this film. He added strength to Tom Hanks and made it a story that you could follow no matter what your background or knowledge is. The movie also had an underlying message about humanity, society & war, which had been very strong in World War II films before Buzz began working on these themes 3 years later with Saving Private Ryan.

Dialogues are timeless! It’s who they are talking about that doesn’t matter because the effect on you does! The movie flaunts its direction a lot in phrases and scenes, for example:

“I fire twice, once to be sure,” where Hitler is mentioned. It’s as an alteration of ‘I bloodily promise once…not twice! ‘as implied from the 1945 film. Nazis don’t like being fired upon, so he fires twice, which was also played out with caveman movies back then. “The first time, he yelled. And the second…he just smiled. “

(While Tom Hanks is from a bomb shelter and ironically dies similarly to the great man himself before suggesting that we should run for higher ground if there’s ‘another one coming our way soon …. etc…..… 5 minutes later…)


Steven Spielberg will always be known for the effectiveness of his several films, but ‘making comments about Great Leaders and their effects in World War II, even days after September 11’ seems a positive credit to any work that was released/made as reference.

The film shows honesty by showing people at times who clearly look up to someone (Hitler) and make statements about such literally just minutes later. Finally, perhaps it is worth mentioning the actual meaning of the title to know more about their involvement in the film…


Another aspect that I would just like to give a quick mention is the music. Mainly because it will always be remembered in your mind when you see this movie as opposed to some other military films, including Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers.

You can only hear/see/remember Angela Landsbury’s song “Taps’ ‘ and none else, let alone have any other significant numbers cause playing Kenny Loggins’ song on NYE instead…now wouldn’t that be a message to the world of our loved ones who have gone before us? With those saying “cheers” (‘goodbye, now-Diego)

Other than this is related directly to war, but I just wanted to bring it into further mention. Yes, we are aware, but [ The fact there’s no love in China] comes from something so deep and true inside you that it’s truly awe-inspiring! Putting yourself in their shoes for real, believing to be what you are, and then seeing the direct effect of all this during a very eventful wartime time, in turn, manifested into that genuine feeling, is just so humbling.


As stated above, the film was shot with a 65mm Full Frame, which adds to a truly immersive experience. The overall cinematography is very good in all aspects, and unlike some that I have seen, this film here is exceptionally original as every angle made it evidently obvious on shots.

The shots were filmed from so many different angles, exactly where everyone stood at any particular time, whether real-life or instantly recreated fantasy scenes! It added certain elements of cinematic perfection, making for this whole film to look so perfect!


A great war film, to say the least, with an A+ cast and all-around amazing acting skills showcased. From beginning right through to end, every character was so outstanding! Being able only to see/hear a few sequences, though, made it difficult for me personally on how exactly they were in real life. Or, if they had actually been already entering into this whole thing together as we later found out about them at some point.

Although, of course, this film does not have everything to show us what real people we have interacted with. It left a taste which is that of something I know or am familiar with every so often in life, whether it be war-related things or anything else really.

Somehow someway your attention manages to fix onto one person you can hover around. And, he can see the whole scene from their point alone as they go along, however sometimes drawn into other situations when needed!

Why is the movie Bridge of Spies so famous?

Because listening to the characters in this movie, you can’t help but laugh and be proud of them for exactly what they do, worthy enough to put their name down as heroes. Overall, therefore, I rate this film very highly. It has everything!

An amazing cast, Cinematography/Interior Design is gorgeous with complex storytelling within a fantastic progressive story arc (I won’t spoil) plot develops throughout including emotional effects really. It’s one of those films I’d go back and watch each time. Overall, I give this film a 95/100!


If you’re looking for an amazing film with superb acting, then Bridge of Spies is the movie for you! With a 95/100 rating, I can honestly say that this is one film that I would highly recommend. Besides, if you liked the movie Bridge of Spies, then you might want to also check out another Steven Spielberg film titled Saving Private Ryan, which was released in 1998.


1.Is Bridge of Spies based on a true story?

Ans: The movie is based on the life of James Donovan, a US attorney who was appointed to negotiate an agreement between the United States and Poland in the early days of the Cold War. However, some aspects of the story are fictionalized for dramatic effect.

2.Is Bridge of Spies a bad movie?

Ans: No, the movie is actually very good! So, I’d say yes, it is good! But sometimes, I can point out a couple of minor things that could’ve been done better. Other than that, nothing bad to fix!

3.Is Bridge of Spies a boring movie?

Ans: No, it’s not a boring movie! Some people think that the plot is a little too complex, but I think it’s great! The story builds up throughout, and the emotional effects are really well done.

4.Is Bridge of Spies worth being watched? 

Ans: Definitely, so I’d say yes, so you should watch this amazing film right now. It’s one movie you can watch over and over again.

5.Is Bridge of Spies too long?

Ans: Bridge of Spies is a film that isn’t too long when it comes down to the actual content, but Bridges of Spies’ cinematography just keeps lining up with different parts in time. There could be a better cut of some scenes here and there, making it more story-focused on certain times rather than keeping the required flow throughout all layers, which tends to waste time.

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