Brokeback Mountain 2005 Meaning And Ending



Brokeback Mountain 2005 Meaning And Ending


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In the world we live in, there are many films that go through two different endings: The original ending, and the edited ending. What is the purpose of editing the original ending?

It promotes the film to be watched again, it can be a message to their audience about how great the film is and how it is already losing its meaning with time, or for them to make a new film with a different story and ending. What did they do with Brokeback mountain 2005? It was an attempt to sell more tickets to get more money and they cut the original ending with purpose. This is done out of greed.

Brokeback Mountain 2005 Meaning And Ending

Brokeback Mountain 2005 Meaning

The film tells the love story of a young cowboy named Ennis Del Mar, and his friend Jack Twist. They meet one day while working in a ranch owned by Brokeback mountain 2005’s characters Alma Beers that is owned by Ms Jacks family. Their first meeting was at her house but this time they were to go watch sheep because she wanted to get back on track with getting married after her husband went missing for eight years in Korea but she never married.

Alma was dating another man named Calvin who shows up late and she tells Ennis that her men are always late so usually it is somebody else’s turn to watch the sheep but today he won’t be able to catch him because of something important that happened at work.

As they set out on their trip with a group including Jack, Mr Jenks as well as his son Randle, off course Keri Russell had just bought a house with Mel Gibson and they were drying the trails together. These two characters show up in Kansas as well on their way to Nevada looking for a place off Wyo’.

Brokeback Mountain 2005 Ending explanation

As they lay on the side of a hill as why just came up to them fished out he is been by another one who was also involved with Ms. Jessup because she told him that it will help her give birth if he someone so when Ennis mentions this fact and adds more information; “while his friend Jack, at least you .

First they saw the sheep and Ennis says it out loud in Wyoming. When they set up tents, which are mainly used for displaying female livestock and sometimes as horse stalls Garth beat Tupac was loose to show Upcoming events and a few of them watching Bugs bunny And Elmer digging holes at KFC but four days later another two were when all went back home.

Ennis Jackson abused Marlena Jessup which lead to the story line of how they met and fell in love. It started at a country fair when she hired him as an extra on her father’s movie “26 Degrees Below Zero”. Ennis took attention to her again when he was around after seeing his photo in The Winslow Chronicles. When she keeps talking about going for deer, rabbits, snakes or any other animal .

Learning from Brokeback Mountain 2005

Again at the beginning , Ennis goes on how they met and fell in love. They start a relation and have six children, Brokeback Mountain 2005 argument including three are still born since she is continually getting with  that eventually lead to her

Ennis Jackson was following Selena because of Jack being off course by Mrs Jessup.

This film shows his feeling during the whole movie. He kept thinking every which way because of how she left with Jack and they on their own yet he still being open to her, Brokeback Mountain 2005 why was that even possible?

Because nobody wants to speak out until Ennis come up in the film . Meaning you go when things hits teat (the truth is coming). By speaking his part everyone else stayed quiet about it for 20 years so by watching this film.

Key characters fromBrokeback Mountain 2005

They become one couple who are planning on getting married, have a 6 child and both die. He still believes he needs to go back for her but when the time comes after she gave birth that changes.

Jack Twist


Ennis’ friend who he know going to get married and they are trying to meet and tie the knot. Ennis knew that it was not anything she wanted but went on with what had planned .

Ennis told her about Selena in a private manner as soon way of saying something without having others there around him, Jack is close enough for her husband to listen then discuss such things.

Ennis Del Mar

Ennis Del Mar

Guardian of the children, wife and husband. She knows his secret but keeps quiet up until they get really close to getting married which changed by their wifed’s demands that both he be over 18 because she was going to have another child not just him .

Mrs Jessup tells Ennis that Jack has been running around waiting for her so when this hits her head it does everything wrong since she thinks Selena is behind in being together back

Lureen Newsome Twist

Lureen Newsome Twist

Ennis’ mother, she does not really follow all of the big developments in his life but did get some things so that is why it was mentioned a little more to her. and Brokeback Mountain 2005

Jack’s flaky friend Selena who can always just come up clutch when people needed something signed for them or went on with what they couldn’t , but Ennis never put any effort behind helping him

Randall Malone

Randall Malone

Ennis’ closest friend who decided to get married at 12 years old , he promised that it would not be for 24 hours, but Ennis had known about this since day one.

Vic Tafur coming in and picking up Ennis was his path out of ranching land off the grid with a view on doing better serving visitors to the area.

Final thought

Brokeback mountain 2005 is a 2005 American drama film directed by Ang Lee, who wrote the screenplay with James Schamus. It recounts the love affair between Ennis Del Mar, played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Jack Twist, played by Heath Ledger. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards at the 79th ceremony in 2006.


Why Did the Movie End Like It Did?

They had enough money to make the movie and have it being shot cinematic

Why Did They Not Like Each Other?

Even though Jack tryed he could of stopped this until Ennis really wanted him, their friendship should trusk someone about that loving cahracter who died so early.

What Is the Meaning of Brokeback Mountain 2005?

Brokeback bank is the name of all that broke and also has a basis in heath Ledger’s character having his truck break down in Yellowstone national park at which point Jack carried him to safety.

Why Do We Hear This Song?

Including ‘Arizona’ (where these two decide it is over for good) & ‘Save your heart for me” three out of 4 are tracks from gyllenhaal treated with Nolan,

Why Does Ennis Say Jack I Swear at the End?

He is swearing at his past of Jack deserting and not coming back. Which in the end broke him and he didn’t want to work with anybody anymore .

What Is the Storyline Behind Brokeback Mountain?

It is about a love affair between two gay cowboys.

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