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Broomfield Island


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Broomfield Island is a 30-acre private island located in the Bahamas. The island is a popular vacation spot for celebrities and billionaires, as well as everyday people. The island offers both natural and man-made activities for visitors to enjoy. Activities on the island include kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, bird watching, and more.

All Discussion Of Broomfield Island

Broomfield Island



Broomfield Island was first inhabited by the Lucayan Indians, who traveled there from South America in search of riches. The island was then uninhabited for over 400 years until it became a private property in 1962. In 1994, the island was bought by Lloyd Modjeski who refurbished it and turned it into a private resort. In 2007, Leslie McMurtry bought Broomfield Island for $4 million with plans to create an 18-hole golf course on the property.

but then there are problems that comes from this place because lease holders said they do not have “any specific written agreement to resume the lease” than a host of lawsuits followed between Broomfield and Bayside Sounds Off Productions LLC after due time promised them nothing regarding their settlement in 2008 until suddenly all evictions took place in 2009.

Broomfield Island is connected by a private ferry that travels back and forth from Charlotte Amalie every 10-12 minutes to the resort’s dock, making it easy for guests to travel between town and island. Nooit Gevaar (Dutch for “no danger”) was built in 2016 with the intention of offering island access through its own dive shop.

The islands are often used by U.S president Barack Obama and his family for vacations during his trips to the Bahamas, including a 2014 visit on which he played golf with Tournament Players Club member Donald Trump Jrision or when President Bill Clinton visited Broomfield Island on October 31, 2012 along with granddaughter Chelsea Clinton (who hit her first hole-in-one while at Broomfield). The Islanders also hosted George H. W Bush who returned in April 2012 after his wife Barbara’s death.



The islands have a tropical climate with no month averaging less than 64 degrees Fahrenheit. There is constant trade winds blowing from the east that keep temperatures stable year-round. Average high and low temperatures are around 81 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 59 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. Baobab trees on Broomfield Island are protected by being gated and spiked.

Spectacular views of the northern tip can be enjoyed from Baobab Park which includes a small picnic area, an open-air bar and grill (see menu below), as well as parking for up to 100 vehicles with some spots near the beach.

More than two thousand visitors attend this park each day out of other parks that include one or more beaches in their attendance such as Arot Beach providing excellent snorkelling opportunities within meters from readers eager revelers seeking maximum privacy without having to travel outside the island.

On the other hand, Conch Beach Bar and Grill on Egg Island is a local hot-spot frequented by expatriates during their brief but adventurous sojourns overseas seeking sun and beach life in the Bahamas.


Culture and Religion

There are resident Bahamian entertainment personnel who work on the islands ensuring that visitors have access to music, dance, comedy and more. Festivals include The Chicken Festival which celebrates local festivities with a roasted chicken eating contest as well as a variety of musical performances from island-based entertainers. Vincy, I’m from the Bar and Grill at Conch Beach on Egg Island.

A typical schedule for Conch is fully staffed by an experienced Bahamian staff which varies from country to country around my neighborhood. From the moment you roll up in your barbecue ride until it closes down (unless mopeds or other vehicles are driven), good moods are pervasive as we share time together with a wide variety of people eager to relax in this very boutique island where relaxation is encouraged throughout our market area, including vendors such as me since most items available vary greatly depending on sales from this great market which provides everything from local food to candy, clothing and accessories.

Along with the ample variety of heart-warming island food for sale such as conch soup (a local favorite) right on the beach or fresh fruits at my small store consisting of a few tables where I myself wait upon customers eager to make purchases that involve consumption close to our home away from home.



Island has no representation in the Parliament of The Bahamas.



Historically, education on the Exuma was provided by local Bahamian outposts, such as schools and churches. After 1866 there were only a few private schoolhouses for white children whose families had enough money to afford it.

The government then sent primary students (age 6–12) to boarding school in West End until 1902 when they moved into Poor’s Gate Camp which began educating girls in 1916 and boys followed in 1920 after an inspection of its facilities.

These early elementary schools did not have houses like what is seen today; these early educational institutions consisted of tents or buildings made of concrete blocks. From the 1920s until about 1973, when it was abolished for a brief period only to be reinstated in 1974 by then-Governor Welcome G Dorey and renamed Exuma International School (1924–2004), there were no secondary or higher education facilities on any part of The Bahamas’ Ashantiville Island.

Government services

Government Services

The island is administered by a Chief Minister and eight Councillors.

Chief Minister

The Bahamas has a parliamentary system of government in which the executive power rests with the Bahamian Prime Minister, who appoints the cabinet ministers. The head of government is the Chief Minister, who is elected by popular vote to serve a four-year term.

Level 5 crimes are tried in magistrate’s courts; all other criminal matters are handled at district court level or above (level 6–9). In 1999 there were sixteen legal practitioners practising on Exuma; two were barristers and fourteen were solicitors. The justice system is overseen by the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, which is headed by the Attorney General.


Broomfield Island is a small, uninhabited island located off the coast of Newfoundland. It is said that the island has a very special meaning for some people and that it is home to some powerful witches. The island is also said to be the site of a powerful magical circle that is said to have the ability to alter reality. Some believe that the circle was used by witches to cast spells and summon spirits.


1.Who Is Responsible For Law And Order On Broomfield Island?

Ans: The Broomfield Police Department is responsible for law and order on Broomfield Island. This department is responsible for the enforcement of state and federal laws, as well as the safety and well-being of the citizens of Broomfield Island. The officers that work for this department are dedicated to providing quality service to the residents of Broomfield Island.

2.How Does The Broomfield Police Department Respond To 911 Calls?

Ans: The Broomfield Police Department responds to 911 calls in a timely manner. This is important, as it allows people to get help quickly when they need it. Officers are trained to handle emergency situations calmly and responsibly. They also use state-of-the-art technology to help them with their investigations.

3.What Are The Department’s Priorities?

Ans: The Broomfield Police Department’s priorities are the safety of the citizens of Broomfield Island and the enforcement of state and federal laws.

4.What Is The Population Of Broomfield Island?

Ans: There is no one definitive answer to this question, as the population of Broomfield Island can vary depending on the time of year and the specific census information. However, according to the 2010 US Census, the population of Broomfield Island was 10,528.

5.How Many People Live On Broomfield Island In Total As Opposed To Family Members?

Ans: There are currently ten people living on Broomfield island, which is five less than last year. This decrease in population is likely due to the fact that many family members have moved away in search of new opportunities.

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