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Bun Island


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The uninhabited island of Bun Island is one of the various features that make the Bohai Sea a really attractive destination. The island is a popular tourist spot for both locals and tourists, thanks to its unique attractions. Bun island is said to be very enchanting and its clear waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The island also offers a wide range of recreational activities such as cycling, hiking, and fishing.

All Discussion Of Bun Island

Bun Island



Bun island was originally known as “Ulleungdo”. It was first discovered by the Chinese in 514 AD, but it wasn’t until 1714 that Admiral Byng of the British East India Company renamed it Bun Island after Sir John Bunbury, a former Governor of Bengal. The island has remained uninhabited ever since and is now a popular tourist spot for locals and tourists alike.

Sculpture Parks

Sculpture Parks

Once you get to Bun island, and especially on a sunny day like July 14th in 2009, the scenery becomes incredibly beautiful. The park is designed with granite stones collected from all over China. It was created back in 2008 by Huo Hongjin as part of his thesis project while still an art major; he graduated three years later when “The Sculptures’ Bridge” was finished including statues made between 2008 and 2010 located at each end of the bridge (See photos below.)

However by that time many things had changed among others Huo’s financial status , his personal life and so on. There suddenly was a big question mark asking if the sculptures would still be there come this summer’s hottest days in early July 2009 when people got wind that he created such great artwork all year round… Many were really worried but it turned out to be true after taking pictures of some statues and comparing them with photos from April 2008, they’re still very much intact as can see below.



The climate of Bun island is moderate with an average temperature ranging from 10 to 18 degrees Celsius. The weather, however, is somewhat unpredictable and during the summer months it can get hot with temperatures reaching 32 degrees Celsius in at least some portions of Bun island. At night though you will find it cooler compared to other islands which are more suitable for sleeping places except for August which has a short rainy season that lasts only two days out of ten.

However Bun island is still a popular place to visit especially in the summer as it has many places suitable for sleeping/staying, thus making it an ideal vacation spot if you’re on a budget but prefer doing things “socially” such as attending movies or concerts because most around are used waiting for transportation buses during peak hours.



Nearly all of the Bun islanders are Christian and their religion plays a big role in their everyday lives. Every year on July 1st, Bun island celebrates its independence day which is also observed as a holiday by many people from nearby islands. There’s also an annual Christmas celebration where free food and drinks are given to people including foreigners who stop by for the holidays.



A majority of Bun islanders attend local schools on the main island but there have been reports of some students going off to study at universities in neighboring countries like Japan due to high tuition rates at home or simply because the schools and education system on the small islands are subpar compared to universities in Japan.

Bun island has some private schools for elementary, middle school and highschool students with several international uniforms being worn including Japanese pajamas (in winter months), uniform pants/skirts of either white or black color depending on what class they’re attending along with leather/cord shoes of different colours aside from normal Kizoku gakko style grey uniform versions that any HS student wears.



There is not much of a political landscape on Bun island as most people are very peaceful and tolerant with one another. However, some older residents do carry a bit of grudge against Japan for the way it has treated their ancestors during its rule over the islands in the past. There have been reports that Bun islanders have also tried to establish ties with nearby countries such as Russia or South Korea in order to gain support if/when they seek independence from Japan because they see these neighboring nations (especially Russia) as being more economically prosperous than Japan while still maintaining their own culture.

Government services

Government Services

The government structure on Bun island is a communal feudal system with the head of each village being elected by their peers. Services and revenue are shared between these villages based on how many residents they have.

Villages located closer to Japan have seen an influx of Japanese tourists in recent years which has led to some tensions as most of the jobs available are in hospitality-related industries such as restaurant or hotels which employs mostly Bun islanders who do not receive proper benefits like health insurance or retirement plans.



Bun island has seen a surge in tourism as Japanese visitors are drawn to the natural beauty of the island and its traditional culture. This has led to some tensions as Bun islanders now dominate many aspects of the tourist industry which they have been given preferential treatment in regard to wages, working hours, and access to jobs. There have also been reports of vendors unfairly marketing their products towards Japanese tourists who can often be highly demanding.


Looking for a place to escape the city grind? Bun Island is the perfect spot for a day or weekend getaway! This small island located just off the coast of Mumbai is a picturesque mix of calm beaches and lively villages. You can explore the local culture and try some of the island’s delicious food, or simply relax in one of the many shady parks. No matter what you do on Bun Island, you’re sure to have a great time!


1.What Is The Population Of Bun Island?

Ans: There is no definitive answer as the population of Bun island fluctuates depending on the season and number of tourists visiting. However, it is generally estimated that there are around 1,500 residents living on Bun Island.

2.What Are The Basic Facilities On Bun Island?

Ans: Bun island is well known for its natural beauty and tranquility. Many parts of Bun Island have a small and scenic lagoon, beaches, or mangroves forests that allow tourists to enjoy a day in privacy away from the crowds.

3.Is There A Hospital On Bun Island?

Ans: There is nohospital on Bun Island, but the island has a small medical clinic.

4.Are There Any Shops Or Restaurants On Bun Island?

Ans: Yes, there are a few small grocery stores and some restaurants that serve traditional food.

5.Is There Transport Available To Get To Bun Island?

Ans: There is a public shuttle service that runs between the town of Wadala and Bun island.

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