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Bushy Island


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Bushy Island is a small island located in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The island is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and is also known for its high levels of air pollution. The island has been the site of several protests and social movements in recent years.

Bushy Island


Bushy Island was originally inhabited by fishermen and their families. The island gradually became densely populated following the construction of housing on the island in the 1950s and 1960s. As a result, Bushy Island has evolved into one of Mumbai’s most heavily polluted areas.

Protests and social movements on Bushy Island have been frequent in recent years. In 2014, protests erupted over the lack of access to clean water and sanitation facilities on the island . Subsequently, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) promised to provide clean water and create a sewage treatment plant on the island. The problem remained unresolved in 2015

In 2016, several families took over government land around houses of parliamentarians or politicians duer to non-payment rent for years. The argument was that if this land can be used by people working as MPs then why is it refusing poor citizens who are already living pushed.


Bushy Island experiences a hot and humid climate. The island received its current name in the early 20th century due to dense bush that almost completely covers it. The heaviest rainfall and highest humidity takes place during June, July & August (Indian Monsoon Season) when over 30 inches of precipitation is recorded annually on Bushy Island alone . There are no trees or other natural vegetations on this island, only desolate cemented concrete structures and irregularly shaped houses covered with zinc sheets.


The culture of Busy Island is mainly composed of the people from different ethnic groups like Javanese, Chinese and Indian. They speak Indonesian language which is based on Bahasa Indonesia. The food in this island also has influences from other countries such as Vietnam, Japan and China.

However, there are also many other kinds of foods that are unique to Busy Island such as soto betawi, satay, klepon sambal tumis bawang etc.


The politics of Busy Island is a topic that has been discussed for many years.

In an interview, the Governor stated that he will be a politician in the future and his goal is to make Busy Island prosper.

However, people believe that it would be better if Busy Island were ruled by a King rather than a governor. The reason behind this opinion is because there are many who say that politicians are not interested in running the island as they have their own problems at home and do not want to take care of another country.

The Mayor of Busy Island claims that he cannot control everything but wants to work with his fellow mayors so they can come up with new ideas on how to run Busy Island better. He also said that if any mayor wants to stop him from doing anything then they should tell him directly because he does not want things changed without consulting anyone else first.

Government services

There are no government services available on Busy Island. This means that the people of Busy Island have to rely on their own resources in order to solve any problems they may encounter.

The only way they can do this is by working together as a community and sharing information so they can come up with a solution that everyone can agree upon. Education

Schools in busy island are very different from those on the other two islands. They have neither a curriculum nor examinations and they do not teach particular subjects that would be useful to others.

Instead, they encourage their children to learn all kinds of things so they will always be able to fit into any situation at any time in life as it may arise. Schools also focus on teaching them how make friends with people who are closed.


Tourism is a very important industry on Busy Island as it provides a lot of jobs for the people who live there. In addition, it helps to fund a lot of the other necessary government services that are not otherwise available on the island. One complaint that Busy Island has is how many tourists there are at the island. Tourists often disturb the children when they go to school, and their parents complain about spending money for food or beer for them so a lot of business have closed down because of these problems with tourism.


The transport system on Busy Island is very different from the other two islands. Instead of using boats, they use giant pterodactyls to travel around. The only way to get between the different parts of the island is by flying in a kite or riding on one of these machines.

In addition, there are no roads and very few cars so transportation is mainly done on foot or by bike. This makes it difficult for a lot of travelers to get around the island and it is mentioned in one book that they don’t have enough bikes on the island to supply all tourists with transportation.


The people on Busy Island do not keep any kind of record or knowledge about their ancestors, which causes a big problem as there are millions living here. Religion/Moral Code  A moral code known as “Honor” has been used by.


Busy Island’s cuisine is very different from the other two islands. They mostly eat meat and seafood, which is not as common in other parts of the world. This makes it difficult for them to find food that they are used to eating. Government

Busy Island’s government is very different from the other islands as they have a representative democracy. This means that every adult citizen gets to vote on every single policy, even if they are not present at the time. In addition, there is absolutely no separation of powers in their law enforcement so criminals can walk out of jail and go right back to committing crimes again after being let out on bail or parole because nobody knows what those laws may.


Bushy Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the middle of the Mumbai Port Trust’s main shipping channel. Bushy Island is so named because of the dense vegetation that covers its surface. The island has been identified as a hotspot for the breeding of Indian Ganges water buffalo, a critically endangered animal. The island has also been proposed as a possible location for an environmental research and monitoring station.


What Is Bushy Island?

Bushy Island is an uninhabited island located in the middle of the Mumbai Port Trust’s main shipping channel. It was named because of the dense vegetation that covers its surface.

Where Is Bushy Island Located?

Bushy Island is located in the middle of the Mumbai Port Trust’s main shipping channel.

What Is On Bushy Island?

There are no humans native to the island but it is home to a critically endangered Indian ghangs and other animals.

What Is The Culture Of Bushy Island?

The population of the island has very little contact with other cultures and if they exist on their own without any influence from outside. How do I get to Bushy Island?

You can’t get to it right now, but that’s not surprising because there is no way off except in a helicopter or a boat – although you might want an international waters licence if you’re planning on using one!

What Wildlife Can I Find On Bushy?

Bushy Island is a hotspot for the breeding of Indian Ganges water buffalo. There are many other animals on Bushys and there isn’t much to see at this stage as only Aaja Reef Wrecks and just about anything remaining from 19th century Bombay will either be gone or completely built over by then!

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