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Caimant Island


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Known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush greenery, Caimant Island is an alluring destination that draws tourists from all over the world. But what most visitors don’t know is that the island is also home to a number of interesting wildlife sights. From playful dolphins to awe-inspiring lions, this lush paradise is a haven for creatures of all kinds. So if you’re ever in the vicinity and have a thirst for adventure, be sure to check out Caimant Island!

Caimant Island


Caimant Island was first discovered by Portuguese sailors in the late 1500s. At that time, it was unnamed and little was known about its geography or wildlife. However, over the years, this paradisiacal island has slowly gained popularity among vacationers thanks to its serene beauty and plethora of interesting wildlife sights.

Today, Caimant Island is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. And while there are a number of affordable lodging options available, the island is also home to a number of interesting attractions that are sure to enchant visitors of all ages.



Located just offshore from the small French island of Réunion, Caimant Island is a lush paradise that stretches for over 8 square kilometers. The island is made up of two main parts: the eastern coast, which features gentle waves and stunning beaches; and the western coast, which is known for its dense jungle and sparkling turquoise waters.

All visitors to Caimant Island are required to obtain a Resident’s Card prior to arrival. This card is valid for one year and allows visitors access to the island’s beaches, parks, and other facilities.


Caimant Island is home to a number of interesting wildlife sights, including playful dolphins, awe-inspiring lions, and colorful parrots. However, the island’s main attraction is its rich ecosystem. The island features two primary ecosystems: rainforest and coral reef.

The rainforest on Caimant Island is both ancient and lush. It occupies just over one percent of the island’s total area but accounts for almost fifty percent of the island’s tree species. The forest is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including 275 bird species and seventy five reptile species.

The coral reef on Caimant Island is one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. It occupies just over one percent of the island but contains more than two thousand different types of coral. The reef provides shelter for a range of aquatic creatures, including dozens of sharks and turtles.


As of 2010, the population of Caimant Island was just over one hundred people. Most of the island’s residents live in the village of Mahajanga, which is located on the eastern coast. Mahajanga is home to a number of restaurants, hotels, and shops that serve as vital support centres for tourists visiting Caimant Island.


The main economic activity on Caimant Island is tourism. The island’s population has been steadily increasing over the past few years, thanks in part to increased interest from tourists visiting nearby islands such as Moorea and Maupiti.

Caimant Island is a small, uninhabited island located just offshore of the town of Mahajanga on the southeast coast of Tahiti. The island is only accessible by boat or helicopter, and all visitors must stay on the island for the entirety of their stay. Caimant Island is a paradise for nature lovers and tourists alike, thanks to its rich ecosystem and beautiful natural scenery.


The climate on Caimant Island is tropical, with a average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. The island experiences two seasons – the dry season, which runs from May to September, and the wet season, which lasts from October to April.

Culture and Religion

The culture and religion on Caimant Island is largely Polynesian. Most residents of Mahajanga are descendants of the Polynesian voyagers who settled in Tahiti thousands of years ago. The island’s predominant religion is traditionalism, which emphasises the importance of spiritual beliefs over secular laws.


The primary languages spoken on Caimant Island are Tahitian and French.


There is no formal education available on Caimant Island, although there are a number of local schools that offer tuition in French and Tahitian.


The primary political institutions on Caimant Island are the village council and the mayor’s office. Both of these bodies are responsible for administering local government affairs, offering social services to residents, and enforcing laws and regulations.

Government Services

There is no formal government service available on Caimant Island, although a number of local businesses offer basic services such as medical care and tourism information.


The primary source of revenue for Caimant Island’s government is tourism. The island is home to a number of luxury resorts, which offer accommodations and all the amenities that travelers could want.

Hotels and Resorts List

List of Hotels and Resorts on Caimant Island

-Astoni Polynesian Resort

-Bora Bora Vaca

-Castaway Bay Resort

-Club Med at Mahajanga Beachfront

-Equinoxe Rousses Auberge du Lagon Bleu Collection & Spa, Sainte Anne: Adults from US$162 per night. Children aged 3 to 12 stay.


The main attractions on Caimant Island are the luxury resorts and the beautiful beaches. The island is also home to a number of interesting cultural heritage sites, including a traditional village and a UNESCO World Heritage Site designated for its coral reef ecosystem.


There are a number of activities available on Caimant Island, including diving, snorkeling, and swimming. The island also has severalusrty shops and restaurants where travelers can find all the amenities they need.


The island is accessible by ferry from Mahajanga on the mainland.


Caimant Island’s cuisine consists of a variety of local seafood dishes, as well as some traditional French Creole recipes.


Spend a day on Caimant Island and you will understand why it is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. Nestled in the Calamianes Islands and just a short ferry ride from Mindanao, this small but beautiful island offers visitors an unforgettable experience. With crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches, lush vegetation, and stunning turquoise waters, there’s plenty to see and do on Caimant Island. If you’re looking for a relaxing day away from the city, Caimant Island is the perfect place to go.


What Is The Currency In Caimant Island?

The currency on Caimant Island is the Philippine peso.

What Is The Temperature Range On Caimant Island?

The average temperature range for Caimant Island is 25 to 31 degrees Celsius.

What Are The Transportation Options On Caimant Island?

There is a ferry that connects Mahajanga, the main town on the mainland, with Caimant Island. There is also a small airport on the island that can be used to travel to and from Manila.

What Are The Accommodations Options On Caimant Island?

There is a wide range of accommodation options on Caimant Island, from simple hostels to luxurious resorts.

What Are The Activities Available On Caimant Island?

There are plenty of activities available on Caimant Island, from swimming and sunbathing to horseback riding and cycling.

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