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Cape Barren Island


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Cape Barren Island is a barrier island that extends into Lake Michigan. The island is about 2 miles long and 1 mile wide, and it has an area of about 1.5 square miles. It is difficult to access, and there are no roads on the island. The only way to get there is by boat.

Cape Barren Island is home to a number of different animals, including deer, raccoons, bears, and skunks. There are also a number of birds on the island, including egrets, herons, ibises, and pelicans.

Cape Barren Island


Cape Barren Island was first inhabited by Native Americans. The earliest settlers on the island were French fur traders who came to the area in the late 18th century. In the early 1800s, a group of wealthy Americans decided they wanted to purchase Cape Barren Island and use it as their personal hunting ground. They were not able to successfully purchase the island, however, and eventually gave up their efforts.


Cape Barren Island Climate

The climate on Cape Barren Island is temperate. The temperature range typically ranges from 18 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 84 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. The weather is usually very windy, though. The island gets three inches of rain every year.

During the winter months it will snow quite a bit on Cape Barren Island as well as in other areas that are extremely cold because they get blasted by crazy amounts of winds coming off Lake Michigan during this time period.


There is not a lot of culture on Cape Barren Island. The only thing that people there are really known for is their fishing. They are also know for having some of the fancy hunting rifles around. The last thing people on Cape Barren Island were known for was their kick-ass fishing gear, though.

In fact, much of what they use to fish with is made from metal due to high demand in parkas and other things like that… This “fishing gear” could be easily manufactured by 3D printers at a coop somewhere.


The politics on Cape Barren Island are a little strange. It is an unincorporated area, so it does not have a town or city government. Therefore, the politics of the island are handled by the state of Michigan.

The only official thing that happens on Cape Barren Island is elections for county officers and judges – which happen every two years in even-numbered years. Administrative officers, as listed in the previous paragraph, also occur but apparently they don’t even count towards an elected office.

Government Services

There is only one government service that people on Cape Barren Island are known for. And that is fishing. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t other stuff going on – just not as much. For example, the post office does still exist and it’s in a small town called Greenville which is about an hour away from the main part of the island by car or boat. There also used to be a school but it closed down a few years ago.


Due to the fact that Cape Barren Island is an unincorporated area, it does not have any real tourism industry. This means there are no hotels or other tourist attractions. The only people who come here are fisherman and hunters who want to visit the island for its notoriously good fishing spots.

There are a couple of historical spots on the island that tourists wish to visit, though. They include an abandoned lighthouse, Greenville’s main street with its restored houses and store-fronts (not all of them), and Cape Barren Blankets – the islands only bed & breakfast facility which is located in Batavia Harbor Marina.


There is only one way to get to Cape Barren Island – by boat. The nearest port is in Greenville which is about an hour away by car or boat. The government has a small marina for people to visit who just want to hop on the ferry straight from their home. The only other way of getting around – without driving your own car or renting one out at an island vacation rental company – is by boat with over 47 different private fishing charter companies.


The cuisine on Cape Barren Island is predominantly coastal seafood. There are a few restaurants that serve this type of food, but the majority of what you’ll find is either at local fishing spots or catered in from mainland restaurants.

Some examples of dishes include fish chowder and stuffed flounder – which is basically a giant flounder stripped down to its components (excluding just the eyeballs/sauces, that is). There are also many different diet sensitive travelers who visit the island because it provides for their dietary restrictions.


Cape Barren Island is home to a wide assortment of wildlife including whales, dolphins, sealife and seagulls. It’s one of the few places in New Jersey where you can see these creatures up close. The island is also an off leash dog area, so you may be lucky enough to see some dogs while out on a hike.

You can spot the whales quite easily – they cluster together in groups of three or four and are quite large themselves; one whale that has been spotted by both children and families alike measures roughly 18 feet long.


Cape Barren Island is a small island located about halfway between the coasts of mainland Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in Canada. The island is about 8 km long by 4.5 km wide, and is home to around 100 people who are employed by the Canadian government as scientific researchers.

The island has been used by the government for a variety of research projects since the early 1960s, and it currently houses over 30 research stations that are used to study a variety of topics, including climate change, marine mammals, and ocean currents.


  1. What Are The Main Attractions On Cape Barren Island?

The main attraction on Cape Barren Island is its wildlife, which includes deer, raccoons, bears, and skunks. There are also a number of birds that live on the island, including egrets, herons, ibises, and pelicans.

  1. What Type Of Climate Does Cape Barren Island Have?

The climate on the island is mainly influenced by ocean currents, so it often changes to different moisture levels. The winds also affect the temperature, which can fluctuate from morning until evening on any given day.

  1. Is There A Main Source Of Income For Cape Barren Island?

The main source of income for Cape Barren Island comes from research that is conducted by various federal and provincial governments as well as private companies in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

  1. What Happened To Make Cape Barren Island A Canadian Research Centre?

Cape Barren Island was used from the 1960s by various federal and provincial governments as a single location for scientific studies, but in 1987 it split into two parts when the main island became part of New Brunswick’s territorial waters. The entire body remained under Nova Scotia control though because Canada had plans for building an airport on its shores; however, this never took place.

  1. What Is The History Of Cape Barren Island?

Cape Barren Island was used as a naval base during World War I, but the main use of the island started in 1960 when it became one of Canada’s offshore scientific research stations. It has more than 30 research stations across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia that cover numerous topics.

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