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Cayos de Albuquerque Island


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The Cayos de Albuquerque Island is a group of eight uninhabited islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea, lying about northeast of the Yucatán Peninsula. They are part of the Mexican state of Campeche. The islands are part of the Islas Caiman National Park, and are administered by the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH). The islands were first settled in 1529 by the conquistador Hernán Cortés and his men.

All About Of Albuquerque Island

Cayos de Albuquerque Island


Cayos de Albuquerque Island is a small island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The island was first discovered by Europeans in 1511, and it was named after the first governor of the New World, Hernan Cortes. The island became a Spanish colonial territory in 1519, and it remained under Spanish rule until 1821.

In 1898, following the Spanish-American War, Cayos de Albuquerque Island became part of the newly created United States of America. The island was administratively transferred to Cuba in 1902, but it reverted to American control in 1906. It was transferred back to Cuba in 1909 but regained American control in 1934. Cayos de Albuquerque Island continued to be under American jurisdiction until 1959 when it was administratively transferred to the Dominican Republic. The island’s current status is that it is a part of the Dominican Republic’s Department of Arts and Culture.



The geography of Cayos de Albuquerque Island is as follows: the island is located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, about 100 miles east of Puerto Rico. The island consists of a single, east-west elongated cay with a total land area of 2.5 square miles and a water area of 1.0 square miles. The cay is uninhabited and contains no permanent inhabitants. Cayos de Albuquerque Island is administratively part of the Municipality of Santa Rosa, Puerto Rico.



Cayos de Albuquerque Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in the Caribbean Sea. The island is home to a rich and diverse ecosystem, including many endemic species. Some of the Cayos de Albuquerque’s most interesting ecosystems and species include:

The Mangrove Ecosystem – The mangroves are a valuable resource for both the marine and terrestrial environment. They provide habitat for various species of fish and other marine animals, as well as a place for them to spawn.

The Marine Ecosystem – The marine ecosystem includes coral reefs, seagrasses, invertebrates, and other marine life. It’s also home to various species of whales, dolphins, and sea turtles.

The Forest Ecosystem – The forest ecosystem includes trees, shrubs, vines, and other plant life. It provides important resources for the island’s residents (e.g., food and shelter).

Culture and Religion

Culture and Religion

The culture and religion of Cayos de Albuquerque Island is a topic of much debate. There are many people who believe that the island’s indigenous people, the Taínos, retained some aspects of their traditional religion even after the arrival of the Europeans. Others believe that Christian conversion occurred relatively quickly on the island and that little if any Taíno culture survived into the modern era. It is generally agreed that since Europeans began settling on the island in the 16th century, various Christian denominations have had a strong presence on Cayos de Albuquerque.



The languages spoken on Cayos de Albuquerque Island are a topic of much debate as well. There is evidence that the island was once home to a number of different Taíno languages, but it’s likely that by the time Europeans arrived, only Spanish was being spoken. Today, most residents speak English as their primary language.



The tourism of Cayos de Albuquerque Island is booming! The island has a diverse landscape that includes beaches, coves, rainforest, and more. There are plenty of activities available to visitors, including hiking, biking, diving, snorkeling, and more. The island’s climate is perfect for all types of tourists – from those who want a warm climate to enjoy the beach to those who want a cool climate for diving and skiing. In addition to its natural attractions, Cayos de Albuquerque also has many restaurants and hotels that offer fabulous food and accommodations.

Hotels and Resorts List

Hotels and Resorts List

Here you go! A list of hotels and resorts on Cayos de Albuquerque Island.

– La Isla del Sol: This complex features five restaurants and four bars, as well as a variety of amenities such as a spa, tennis courts, and a pool. Rooms range from studios to three-bedroom villas.

– El Faro: This resort features a gym, several bars and restaurants, an outdoor pool, and tennis courts. Rooms are either air-conditioned or have sea views.

– The Reef: This resort has a swim-up bar, several restaurants, an outdoor pool, a children’s area with games and pools, and a spa. Rooms come with balconies or terraces overlooking the ocean or the reef.

– Isla Verde: This is a smaller resort that offers rooms with either air conditioning or ocean views. It also has a Spa and several restaurants.

– Villa Del Mar: This villa is perfect for couples who want to be able to relax without having to share any common space. It has its own infinity pool, two Jacuzzis, four bedrooms with private bathrooms, and two living rooms with satellite TVs and DVD players.

Hope this list helps!


Ilha de Santa Bárbara Transportation

There is no definitive answer to this question, as transportation of goods and passengers between Cayos de Albuquerque Island and the rest of the world can be a complex and time-consuming process. That being said, there are a few reliable options available that can get you where you need to go:

  1. Air travel – Travelling by air is the most common and convenient way to get from Cayos de Albuquerque Island to other parts of the world. This is because air travel is fast, efficient, and relatively affordable.
  2. Ferry transportation – Ferries are another popular option for transporting passengers and goods between Cayos de Albuquerque Island and other parts of the world. They are safe, reliable, and affordable.
  3. Bike transportation – While not as popular as air or ferry transportation, bike transportation is still a viable option for getting around Cayos de Albuquerque Island. It’s environmentally friendly, easy to use, and relatively affordable.

Regardless of which transportation option you choose, be sure to research all of the details before making your decision. This way, you’ll avoid any potential headaches or delays down the road!



There are many different cuisines available on Cayos de Albuquerque Island, but the most common are Spanish and Caribbean. Spanish cuisine usually consists of dishes such as paella, arroz con pollo, and seafood. Caribbean cuisine tends to be more sweet and spicy, with dishes such as calypso chicken, jerk chicken, and curried goat.


The Cayos de Albuquerque Island is an amazing place to visit if you’re looking for a serene, pristine environment that’s perfect for nature lovers and people who enjoy getting active. The island is also home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, deer, and iguanas. While there are few businesses on the island, those that do exist offer a wide range of services and products. If you’re looking for an idyllic getaway that’s also close to the mainland, the Cayos de Albuquerque Island is a great option.


1.What Is The Currency Of Cayos De Albuquerque Island?

Ans: The currency of Cayos de Albuquerque Island is the US dollar.

2.What Are The Credit And Debit Card Acceptance Policies Of Cayos De Albuquerque Island?

Ans: Cayos de Albuquerque Island accepts all major credit and debit cards.

3.Is Internet Access Available On Cayos De Albuquerque Island?

Ans: Yes, Internet access is available on Cayos de Albuquerque Island.

4.What Are The Transportation Options Available On Cayos De Albuquerque Island?

Ans: The most common transportation option on Cayos de Albuquerque Island is boat ride. Other options include walking and biking.

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