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Chicken Island


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Chicken Island is a lush tropical island in the middle of the Singapore Strait. Nestled between the mainland and Lion Rock, it spans an area of about 106 acres and contains over 1,000 chicken coupes.

It is said that the island was once used as a training ground for Singapore’s national servicemen.

Chicken Island



The island is said to have been used as a training ground for Singapore’s national servicemen. In the early days, it was mainly used by the army for military exercises and camps. With the gradual development of Singapore, more civilian activities started to take place on Chicken Island such as chicken farming and fishing.

In 2005, time was called for the passing of a motion to build nearly 3 million cubic metres (5726 acres) of housing on Chicken Island. However, many people backed out from supporting it due to concerns that urban expansion would upset the island’s fragile ecosystem and environment.


The climate is tropical, with average temperatures ranging from 24 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius. The island receives ample rainfall and has a rich flora and fauna. Southern round working partridge is a notable animal feature of the island. Chicken coupes

Chicken coupes are small, rectangular tents where chickens can be housed and kept as pets or for entertainment purposes. There are also special enclosures for dogs, cats and goats. They raise birds such as pheasants, guineafowls or rose-breasted cockatoos besides pets like their counterparts in the mainland. The island’s diverse flora make it a great place to contemplate nature and its beauty; colourful flaming trees can be seen all around the island.


Chicken island is home to a lot of culture and heritage. There are many festivals that take place here throughout the year. One of the most popular ones is Easter where locals congregate in huge numbers to celebrate with family and friends. There are other festivals including Christmas, Chinese New Year and Sambhog Sankranti.

The islanders maintain traditional culture with various dances like the kayong ompoy (a chicken dance) practiced by parrot vendors during Tien chi festival. There are also many activities that take place during these occasions such as hunting competitions of birds here and even cockfighting contests sometimes inChicken Islands.


The political system in the island is unicameral, with an elected member from each commune or barangay. There are currently 24 members in the House of Representatives and 12 members in the Senate. The Chief Executive is elected by the residents of Chicken island. There are 7 legislative districts on the island where each barangay elect one councilor in a rally election to represent them in their respective councils.

Government Services

Government services

There are no government hospitals on Chicken island. However, there are several public health centers and clinics scattered throughout the island which provide basic health care services.

There is also a hospital in Palawan City which provides medical services to the residents of that province as well as those living in neighboring provinces. The only place where you can find an ATM is at the super market or bank. You will need to bring your own money if you want to purchase items at the market.


One of the main attractions here is the pristine white sand beaches that set against a turquoise blue sea. The island also boasts several interesting sites such as Magna Carta hill, which is where the document was signed in 1215 and Fort San Felipe de Tolosa, a Spanish colonial fortification built in 1668.

Other popular tourist spots include Catubig Ruins, Kanlaon Underground River and Taal View Point. During the rainy season, boats that ply between Palawan and Verde Island stop at Chicken island to pick up passengers.



There is no public transportation on Chicken island. You will need to rely on the services of either a taxi, van or motorcycle to get around. The island is accessible by plane.

The nearest airports are in Roxas City and Puerto Princesa; flights from Manila land at Horseshoe Island, a resort on the northern part of Palawan which serves as an airport for dozens of fishing boats that ply between mainland and islands such as Catanduanes, Farallon de Medinilla, Masbate and Verde also known locally simply as “Cocoli”, Tan on and the remote Bajo de Masinloc on Verde Island.


Chicken island cuisine is based on seafood. The mainstay of the local diet is Kopi-O, a coffee drink flavoured with sugar and chicken liver. There are also dishes made from shrimp, squid and clams. You can find stalls that sell these items along the beachfront or in town centre markets. There is a very good Coconut crab or “langka” caught locally and served in spicy soup.

The island’s local delicacy, the langkasoy (pork sautéed with soy sauce), can also be found at many places around town. Another popular dish is sweet potato cooked with coconut milk, shrimp paste, eggplant and pandan leaves; this dish was once only sold by street vendors but now most establishments specialise in it and sell it to the public. Sublime Ampalaya, a delicacy prepared from ampalaya (a leafy vegetable) leaves is another local specialty sold on roadside stands.



You will see a wide variety of wildlife on Chicken island. There are deer, iguanas and snakes who call the islands home. You can also find wild elephants, which are more common in Central and South America. Because of this, the islands are great areas for wildlife watching. Hiking trails offer amazing views and hikes into the thick forest can be done without a guide.


Chicken Island is a small island in the middle of a large and fast river. It is an ideal spot for raising chickens because it has a lot of space and plenty of water. The island has a population of around 100 chickens, all of which are descendants of the original cross that was made there over 50 years ago.


1.What Are The Transportation Options To Get To Chicken Island?

Ans. There is no public transport available to access Chicken Island. It is accessible only by boat. There is no public transport available to access Chicken Island. It is accessible only by boat or helicopter from the Civil Defense Academy on Mandai Camp near Vigor Industrial Estate in East Coast of Singapore

2.What Are The Pick-Up Points For Tourists Visiting Chicken Island?

Ans. There is no fixed point for tourists to pick-up when visiting Chicken Island. Instead, the islanders will just approach you by motorised boat in their own boats as we have already checked out from there and find us on our way back!

3.How Long Are Allowed On Chicken Island?

Ans. Currently, the island is open daily from 8am to 5.30 pm and it is closed on Mondays.

4.What Should I Bring With Me To Chicken Island?

Ans. Bring an umbrella if you want shade because most areas are naturally covered in leaves/takes time to dry from sweat due to the high heat and sun. This is either a situation or wishful thinking on our part .

5.Where Can We Visit On Chicken Island?

Ans. It is forbidden to enter any of the chicken coupes or tracks. While some may be suitable for a one-man expeditions, most contain dangerous traps and other hazards with which malefactors are known to play havoc at night.

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