Chicken Run Movie Meaning And Ending Explanation



Chicken Run Movie Meaning And Ending Explanation


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Chicken Run is a British-American computer-animated comedy film directed by Peter Lord and David Sproxton, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation, and released in the United States on 29 November 2000. It was written by John Cleese, Jennifer Saunders, Steve Boxer, and Michael Palin.

The original Chicken Run is a classic film, loved by many people around the world. The animated movie was released in 2000 and its story revolves around chickens trying to escape from the farm they are forced to work on. If you have not seen it, you must watch it because the ending is really heartwarming.

I am a huge fan of the classic British film “Chicken Run” and have watched it multiple times. I am also curious to know what all the symbols, quotes, and phrases in the movie mean. Don’t waste your time. Let’s go to the point.

All About Of Chicken Run Movie Meaning And Ending Explanation

Chicken Run Movie Meaning And Ending Explanation

What Is the Movie Chicken Run?

If you have watched the Chicken Run online free movie more than once, then “Chicken” is one of its main characters. This chicken character turns into a super heroine named Cherry and helps her fellow chickens get away from Farmer Brown’s farm where they were trapped as meat for dinner.

The name ‘chicken run’ also appears in many other countries in different names for their own local versions of this very same film. These include called ‘ The Untouchable’, ‘The Golden Egg’ and more! This phrase often appears in throughout the beginning of this movie, “All our chickens have come home to roost” is said by Farmer Brown as he tries to start his hunting equipment.

Beginning Of The Movie

The story of Chicken run is about the Farmer Brown trying to catch all his chickens escaping from The Chicken Coop with a ladder that was provided by Tweedy, and because it is too short he does not reach their trap under the floor.

In this movie we can see one woman who helps them in their escape through push or pull out those icons on his computer which are printed as inspirational quotes e Butchery lyrics.

As they move away from Farmer Brown, they are spotted by The Men with Dogs who believe them to be an escapees from a farm. Mrs Tweedy pushes her husband’s “push the icon” and helps the hens through via his computer to get out of their claws Butchery lyrics. They take some chickens for food for Sunday which was not in original plan as she does not like chicken but convinces herself that it will make a good meal so she can also

save them.

Climax Of The Movie

Climax Of The Movie

Before that time, they had been housed singly in barns. There was a chicken house for every seven to ten people then; today many Americans raise 1 billion chickens per year in their homes and feed them into industrial meat production systems where we consume as much as 40% of all meat products

Most people think of chickens running when they see the term “chicken run.” This is because in this movie, Farmer Brown tries to catch all of his chickens who have escaped from their coop. However, due to a short ladder that was provided by Tweedy, he is not able to reach their trap under the floor. Consequently, these chickens escape and are eventually spotted by The Men with Dogs.

In the end, all of the hens and roosters are safe with Mrs Tweedy at their side. She is rewarded with a kiss from her husband that redeems her for helping to save the chickens, resulting in a happy ending reminiscent of the original story.

Message Of Movie Chicken Run

The symbolism behind this statement helps us understand that sadness or bad intentions always comes with good things also, which bring it back around to a happy ending reminiscent of the original story. Many people who have watched this movie love the characters and think they are fun to watch.

It is also believed that there will be a sequel in which we can see our favorite characters again, especially “Chicken!”. I think you would agree with me when I say; not every film should have sequels but if it’s as good as Chicken Run was , then of course it will receive more than one!

Ending Explanation Of The Movie Chicken Run

Ending Explanation Of The Movie Chicken Run

In the end, all of this characters are still living in suburban housing and flying freely about. It seems the suburban ladies are much happy to hear more stories of chickens in crazy adventures and how they run away from Farmer Brown.

We can really see by 6:54, that birds have changed into different types of pets rather than a good food for humans .There is no real equivalent to Chickens in the animal kingdom but there are creatures which have a very similar role.

In particular, pet birds are commonly kept in suburban areas and enjoy the company of their owners. However, unlike chickens which are raised for meat, most bird pets do not require feedings or care other than regular litter changes.

Birds are commonly kept in people’s gardens to provide companionship for their owners, and some bird species even get co-owner status of the house or flat. In addition, there might be ornamental birds which live within human homes as decorations since they can be trained to do so by putting them on a perch.

The film also influenced animal rights activism in Australia because Chris O’Dowd was known for his work on Chicken Run . Since its release, there were several campaigns for the rights of chickens such as Free the Animals on Animal World in 2003.


Well, that’s all for now. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on the meaning of Chicken Run Movie. Hope you found it useful and informative. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family if you think they would like to read it too! The movie Chicken Run has a very interesting story and meaning.

We would like to know if you have watched the movie, or if you have any idea about the meaning of it. Also we want to know your opinion about the ending of this movie.


1.Who Directed the Chicken Run Movie?

Ans: Chicken Run was the directorial debut for Nick Piper and he would go on to direct other animated movies such as Duck Tales, TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop. He made Chicken Run during his night school course at Birmingham Polytechnic.

Piper’s Chicken Run script was based on his childhood experiences .

2.Are Mr and Mrs Tweedy Married?

Ans: No. In the film, Mr and Mrs Tweedy are merely close friends with stereotypes of their own simultaneously. Sue is tomboy-ish (Mrs Tweedy wanted to make her a gentleman), blustery and bossy despite being very young; while Mel’s grandfather was a powerful figure in politics during World War I (and so it was his influence that led Mrs Tweedy to digging).

3.Where Was Scamp in Chicken Run?

Ans: In the film, Scamp is a farm dog who follows when Daphne has to leave home for school. He does not really have much of a part unlike other films where dogs are more featured. Chicken Run was the first children’s animated feature film from DreamWorks. Film production began in 1994 and took fourteen months to complete.

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