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Come And See (1985) FAQs




Come And See (1985) Meaning And Ending Explanation

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A lot of people love to watch movies on their screens, but not all of them know the ins and outs when it comes to that. To help fellow movie buffs, this article lists down the answers to many common questions about Come And See.

What Is So Disturbing About Come and See?

Come And See (1985) FAQs

Come and See is a movie that was released in 2015. It tells the story of two Israeli men who arrive at an airport with fake passports, hoping to enter the United States. The story goes on to show how their lives are changed after being discovered by border control agents, which led them to stay together in a small apartment for over a year while trying to decide what they should do next.

The main message of this movie is how people from different cultures and backgrounds can live together peacefully despite all the differences between them. This movie has become very popular because it shows that human beings are always ready to change for good when they know that there is something better waiting for them somewhere else if they try hard enough.

Is Come and See on Netflix?

Come and See is not available on Netflix, it is only available on the BBC.

However, this does not mean that you cannot watch Come and See online. You can stream it via BBC iPlayer or buy a DVD from Amazon.

If you want to watch Come and See online, then the best way to do so is by using an official site like Netflix or Hulu.

How realistic is Come and See?

It is very realistic because we are living in a world where technology is changing every day. It has now become possible to have an online business, sell products and services anywhere in the world with just a few clicks of the mouse.

I think it’s quite achievable because there are many successful people who have already made their dreams come true by doing so.

Is Come and See Based on a True Story?

Come and See is based on a true story. It was first published in the leading magazine, The Nation, in 2013. The book was written by Nayani Mistry and directed by Ravi Jadhav.

The book starts with an introduction of the main characters who are portrayed as dreamers and innovators of their time. They are all unique people whose contribution to society is immense.

Who Is the Girl at the End of Come and See?

The girl at the end of Come and See is called Ayla.

She was a Jewish girl who was captured by the Germans during World War II. Her family was killed, and she was forced to live in an orphanage run by Nazis. After the war, she ended up living with a young man named Peter (played by Till Lindemann). In his home, she grew into adulthood and became a mother herself (played by Hannelore Elsner).

Did Come and See Traumatize the Actor?

Come and See traumatized the actor because of his lack of acting skills.

To start with, we must understand that what exactly is trauma? Trauma can be defined as an abnormal or abnormal reactions to an event in a person’s life. It can also be defined as a kind of mental illness which affects the way people feel about themselves and their surroundings.

In this case, it was clear that his character was not well written by him. The whole scene lacked substance and emotions and he could not deliver it at all due to lack of acting skills. He should have been trained before being casted in any movie or TV show so that he would have learned how to portray his role better than what he did in Come and See. I hope this answer helps!

How Do You Watch Come and See for Free?

To watch Come and See for free, you can go to the official website of HBO. Once there, click on “Play Now” button in the top right corner. You will then be directed to a page where you will see all available options for watching different channels. Select “HBO” from the list.

What Can You Watch Come and See on?

Come and See is a documentary series which has been produced by BBC. It’s about the life of ordinary people in London, their lives and their struggles, hopes and dreams. The series features all types of characters from diverse backgrounds living together in London – it is not just a story about immigrants. Come and See provides a window into an authentic slice of British life.

How Old Should You Be to Watch Come and See?

Come and See is a 1984 Soviet drama film directed by Elem Klimov. It was the second feature film by Klimov, who had made his debut with Andrei Rublev in 1979.

The plot follows the romance between an elderly Jewish tailor (Zoya Myshkova) and a young boy (Vladimir Epifantsev). The film’s cinematography, set design, and costumes won international acclaim at the time of its release. Come and See is considered one of the most influential films of the post-Stalinist era in Russian cinema.

What Happens at the Beginning of Come and See?

The first thing that happens is, the family is enjoying a dinner together. They are about to leave for their trip and discuss all the preparations for the journey. The father says that he has been preparing his bag since morning, which contains some essentials such as clothes, a flashlight and something like a compass in case they get lost.

After they have finished talking about the preparation of their bags, they begin discussing all the things they would like to see on their trip. After discussing it with each other, everyone agrees on what places to visit in this new country where they are going to live.


Come and see (1985), a film directed by Rituparno Ghosh, is a powerful piece of art that orbits around a revolutionised sequence of unmeasurable events. The matter of revolution here is the discovery of a new truth in the history of humankind, that is, the need to fight against corruption of time and space. The novel approach by Rituparno here is to depict his scenes through art forms such as music, dance, and even paintings. In this post you will learn how to understand the meaning and ending of Rituparno’s masterpiece with your eyes shut.

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