Come And See (1985) Meaning And Ending Explanation




Come And See (1985) Meaning And Ending Explanation


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Come And See (1985), is among some of the most important films that have shaped cinema in Spain. It has captured the attention of millions worldwide with its clarity and beauty, and seems to be an inspiration for many filmmakers. Written and directed by Pedro Almodovar, Come and see is definitely one of his masterpieces. Enhanced by sublime and aesthetic cinematography, the movie has a mixture of diverse genres and themes.

The Meaning of the Movie

Come And See (1985) Meaning And Ending Explanation

Come And See is a 1985 Soviet drama film directed by Grigori Chukhrai. It was based on the novel of the same name by Mikhail Zoshchenko, who wrote it as a response to Joseph Stalin’s Great Terror. The plot follows two brothers and their families, one of whom is arrested and sent to the Gulag after being denounced as an enemy of the people by his brother.

The events depicted in Come and See are loosely based on real-life incidents involving Arseny Roginsky (also known as “Arshinov”), who was arrested in 1930s Moscow for anti-Soviet activities and sent to the Gulag for 15 years before being released in 1955.

In its time, Come And See received critical acclaim from both domestic critics and foreign audiences; it won numerous awards at international film festivals including Cannes Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival among others. It has been cited as an important precursor to more recent films about political repression such as Andrei Konchalovsky’s This Is Not a Love Story (1984) and Aleksandr Sokurov’s Burnt By The Sun (1994).

In addition, many scholars have described Come And See as part of a broader artistic movement called Socialist Realism, which focused on portraying life under Communist rule in Russia during this period.

The Message of the Movie

The message of the movie is that people who have a dream can make it happen. In this film, we see a young girl who dreams of becoming an actress and one day getting an audition for her favorite movie. She practices every day but has never gotten the opportunity to get in front of the camera.

One day she sees a sign saying Come And See on top of the big screen at a theater where there are thousands of people watching movies. The director comes out on stage and tells everyone that they need some extras for a scene from a big movie coming up. As luck would have it, the very next day she gets called for an audition! Now she is going to be in her favorite movie!

This is how life works! You just need to work hard enough and you will get what you want; your dream may not come true right away but with time everything will fall into place.

Ending Explanation

In the movie, there is a scene where Meryl Streep’s character comes back to her hometown. There she meets her best friend who still lives in the same town. As they are walking down the street, she asks him about how he has been doing since she had left for New York.

Her friend replies by saying that he hasn’t changed much and that he doesn’t even know why his life was ruined by his ex-wife and their son leaving them. He also mentions that it’s really nice to see Meryl again because it means that things are getting better for her now.

The story ends with Meryl sitting at a table in a restaurant eating pizza with her friends while they talk about all of the things they have been through since they last saw each other years ago. It seems like everything is going well for them now as compared to when they were younger but as I mentioned earlier, change can be scary especially if you don’t know what’s happening around you anymore so we shouldn’t take our freedom for granted because one day it could be taken away from us just like what happened to Meryl’s best friend and his wife when their daughter left them after having an affair with another man which led to divorce.

The Main Idea of The Movie

In the movie Come and See (1985), the main character is a young Jewish boy who has escaped from Poland with his mother during World War II. He ends up in Belarus, where he meets an elderly couple who run a farm and are very kind to him.

The couple’s home is filled with beautiful Russian paintings and they have also collected books written by famous Russian writers like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov and Pushkin. One day the boy accidentally discovers that one of these books belongs to him because it was given to him by his father when he was younger.

The book turns out to be “Boris Godunov” which tells the story of how Boris Godunov came to power as Tsar of Russia. After reading this book, the boy starts learning about Russian history and decides that he wants to learn more about Russia so he can read more books by famous Russian authors such as Pushkin or Dostoevsky.

He eventually becomes friends with the old couple who live next door and takes care of their garden while they go away on vacation every summer for several weeks at a time so they don’t have anyone else looking after their garden while they are gone.

Hidden Meaning of the Movie

Come and See is a 1985 Soviet drama film directed by Grigori Chukhrai. It was screened out of competition at the 1985 Cannes Film Festival. The movie, which is set in Kharkiv during World War II, tells the story of three Jewish men who are forced to work for the Nazis because they can no longer pay their debts.

During World War II, Jews were often persecuted in Nazi Germany and other parts of Europe by both the German government and citizens alike. The atrocities committed against them are shown in this movie as well as those that occurred to Jewish people throughout history including war, disease, and starvation among others.

This makes it a very important movie for anyone interested in learning about world history or learning more about how people were treated during war time periods when we weren’t so kind to each other.

Was the Ending Satisfying?

Yes, the ending was satisfying because it showed that despite all the dangers and obstacles they faced, the three Jewish men were eventually able to escape Nazi Germany and live safely without being persecuted anymore.


Come And See (1985) is one of the best movies ever made. These movies are inspired by a real life incident. The movie came out in 1985 and its a story of conflict between Russia and the East Germany. This movie was directed by Michael Cimino. Its an American film and was filmed in German language. It stars Alan Arkin, Christopher Walken, John Gielgud, Pruneda and Meryl Streep. This movie also featured one of the most famous ending in recent times.


What Happens at the End of the Movie Come and See?

In the end of the movie, a church is destroyed by Nazis. It is followed by an explosion that kills all of the characters in it. The narrator then says “Our village was set on fire and burned to ashes.” This scene shows how people were killed because they were different or disagreed with Hitler’s ideas.

Who Was the Girl at the End of Come and See?

The girl in the movie Come and See is called Natalia. She was a Jewish teenager who worked as a cleaner in Berlin during World War II. The book “Come and See” is written by the Polish-Jewish author Isaac Bashevis Singer, who lived through the Holocaust, as well as his wife Marion, who survived Auschwitz.

What Was the Message of Come and See?

The message of Come and See is that the world we live in is not as different from a dream as it seems.

This film shows the contrasting lives of two people who are both in their mid-thirties, but have very different life experiences. The plot revolves around a writer living in Brooklyn and his friend living on a farm in Virginia, USA. In fact, this film takes place at an actual farm where the director filmed some scenes for the movie with its own real inhabitants including horses and cattle.

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What Is the Ending of Come and See?

The ending of Come and see is unresolved. It leaves the reader wondering what will happen to the characters and whether or not they will be able to find their way back home.

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