Coraline: Meaning And Ending Explanation



Coraline: Meaning And Ending Explanation


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The movie Coraline features a dark and twisted storyline of a young girl named Coraline whose parents go missing. The only family she has left is her new friend, who takes her to the Other World, a place where there are no rules and everything is possible. We will try to make you understand how coraline was made and what meaning it holds.

All About Of Coraline

Coraline: Meaning And Ending Explanation

What Is Coraline About?

Coraline is a movie that is made to be a movie based on the story of coraline. This could help you understand what it’s about, but it doesn’t really cover any deeper meaning.

It features the voices of Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, John Cleese and others. The movie we’re looking at right now focuses on a little girl named Coraline who goes to her hometown with her parents while they go to visit her aunt although she doesn’t want it. She manages somehow though through out this whole happening . She manages to find another way.

The film starts with Coraline having a normal life that is seemed as something she wanted to have. She and her parents gets along very well with one another . When we start the movie, there are three different lives for this kid.

What Is the Meaning “Coraline”?

The meaning of the actual name coraline could not be found in an official site but there are a lot of people who take it as one. The reason may be that pronunciation is different from the usual “coraline” when you call up another person or something.

This movie is based on a science fiction genre so the meaning and purpose could be related to it. What other people say about the film and what they take as coraline might not portray how you view it in your way or why you’d like to pay attention.

So if you have any real reason for these choices then there’s no harm doing that with us right now. More or less, we’re just to let you know how this story is being interpreted by others. This can help you see if it’s somehow related or not.

Beginning Of The Movie

In the movie Coraline, there is a difference between right and wrong. It’s not like in some other stories that you should follow rules always since it would make everyone by default happy so they behave as they are supposed to.

You kind of see this issue happening when Coraline gets curious even though she has been told what will happen if she goes behind her front door or something like getting sucked into another world when one tries to open the upstairs window, or something.

Climax Of The Movie

Climax Of The Movie

She tries to do all this things but none of them works until one time came that she stays exactly behind her front door in a way not wanting anything bad may happen even if it’s out of regular use or something as normal like reaching nothing valuable around the house after spending an hour doing so.

Coraline appears very simpleminded and wants everything nice with birthdays and holidays while being polite at the same time during normal times. I found there to be not much good aspects about this movie unless for the art effects that were needed.

At times Coraline would be shown doing something either in order to follow some rules or just to do it for another reason without realizing that whatever other people want when they ask will not make them happy.

I thought this was a bad thing and probably should have been done differently with making her act according to the situation even if she doesn’t like what’s happening at that time.

Ending Explanation

After walking downstairs and seeing Coraline’s parents both wearing the same shirts, it was funny that her dad told her to be upstairs.

This is when we learned more about why they like this particular play: where one of acting would replace movies but will still keep you entertained with its interesting qualities as compared to tv-shows having the serious side over comedic ones because many people say dramas are good at character development.

I do not think a sequel to this movie will happen any time soon even though it could be in the future as a spin-off from another idea. It’s probably less probable because of what took place in Coraline, not being able to make children relate that much outside of Disney movies nowadays or downright bad writing and voice acting which may negatively affect a sequel.

The overall message at the end does well contrasting how great life would have been if she had stayed with her mother and father or doesn’t matter what happens just being a little girl is actually good enough to live.


Coraline is an unorthodox and refreshing movie that I would recommend to anyone who’s good with fantasy like me. The idea of this film set in a world between ours made it certainly more engaging than other films because our own is so different but not too much to the point of being confusing which was my only issue.

Most children are aware at least about some things within It, Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland & Peter Pan movies however younger kids not as well and this is where Coraline come into play.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How Did the Director Make This Movie So Interesting and Mysterious at the Same Time?

Ans: The director, Henry Selick worked on some of the original Tim Burton and Disney animations such as The Nightmare Before Christmas.

There’s also the whole issue of her other mother being deranged and locked up in an asylum, which leaves Coraline feeling quite frightened and unsure about herself not knowing if it was all stemmed from a lie or actually happened afterwards most likely but that’s what makes this movie great is still trying to figure out even after watching it.

2. What Happened to Coraline?

Ans: Coraline was fine, she continued living with her parents. But one day, she switches places with Someone who looks exactly like her and sees this person’s true nature – a big blue cat as well as the eyes of someone in Victorian England showing that they were transported to another time period by Wybie and Other Mother which made Coraline feel frightened out of being scared.

The ending made me cry a couple times where the same theme was used back with our main characters in Cinderella when she went home so confused one day after wondering if it ever happened that night 6 years before while the girl would laugh saying “I guess everything happens for a reason”.

3. What Is the Meaning Behind Coraline Movie?

Ans: Coraline- the girl in a book who has no mother or father, living her life on her own and searches for an alternate world by exploring about cats wearing Victorian clothes walks around with these shoes which can travel between other worlds. But she is finding out that things aren’t as simple as it may seem at first until a time when Wybie comes back for the final battle.

The messages in this movie are found to be obvious since we all have dreams and experiences from our own lives and sometimes go through different situations where changes occur even though your life goes on like normal – not changed or gone crazy but overall everything is okay.

4. Does Coraline Have Swears?

Ans: Yes, this movie has many swears especially in the final battle. I personally liked it because of an added curse word substitution telling someone to “go (get fucked)” which is more versatile and modern compared to the older days having “eat shit” or “…and fuck you around”.

Both children are ghost children and the story is about them. Coraline was an orphan and as a ghost, she has two identities/souls: her real self (which is her normal, human self) which still exist in reality.

5. What Is So Scary About Coraline?

Ans: The stop-motion animation movie, Coraline was released in 2009 and it’s still one of the most successful movies that debuted that year. The story revolves around Coraline’s jones to rescue her parents who have disappeared into another dimension called Otherworld where she discovers other children are trapped there with her father and mother as well.

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