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Croker Island


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Weighing 846 acres, the magical island of Croker is a beautiful island, made famous through Nathaniel Cadell who first settled there in 1788. Today, the island is home to two hamlets and two camps in the form of: Campers Paradise camp and Slacks Creek camp. Croker Island is also visited by adventure lovers who want to explore its evergreen flora and fauna and see for themselves its crystal clear waterways, lush greenery and dense forests.

Croker Island


Croker Island was first settled by Nathaniel Cadell in 1788. Croker is famous for its natural splendours and scenic beauty, with clear waterways, lush greenery, and dense forests. The island’s two hamlets are today home to Campers Paradise camp and Slacks Creek camp which offer incredible opportunities for visitors to explore the island’s evergreen flora and fauna as well as its crystal clear waterways.


Croker Island Climate

The climate at Croker Island is temperate and maritime with a significant rainfall. The average temperature is between 26 to 30 °C in the summer months of December, January and Februa The island has been visited primarily by cruise ships, but the recent growth in air travel has also brought an increased number of tourists to visit Nevis.ry while June, July and August sees a small drop of temperatures. The weather will neither change drastically nor become too highly impacted by wind here.

Croker Island has an annual rainfall that peaks during this period with precipitation falling around 3600mm annually per square kilometer at Campers Paradise camp where on average it rains for about 307 days every


Croker Island Culture

Croker Island has a rich maritime culture, with many of its inhabitants hailing from the neighbouring island of Nevis. This cultural mix is reflected in the cuisine that can be enjoyed at both camps, which includes dishes like saltfish stew and curried goat. There are also Christian churches at Church of England on Slacks Creek and the tiny newly built chapel (not visible from outside) in Campers Paradise camp.


The island has a mixed political make-up, with the Labour Party having won the most recent general elections on Nevis. This notwithstanding, there is significant cross-fertilization between Nevisian and Croker Islander culture. Tourism on Croker

The island is part of the Virgin Islands National Park, and it is operated as a Conservation Area. Visit has grown significantly since Hurricane Irma in 2017; tourists are now filling its small camps with make-out pads that were not there before! The main attraction for visitors to this little piece of paradise among the Caribbean’s many beautiful islands are definitely two campgrounds called Campers Paradise and Slacks Creek where they can pitch

Government Services

There is no local government on the island; all services are provided by the Virgin Islands Department of Tourism. Most of the islanders, however, are still desperately poor. The lack of many resources has forced some to be unemployed and dependent on government handouts including food stamps and welfare payments from America or Canada.

The whole population is connected to one central water system by an underground pipe that brings fresh rain water up into a tower attached in Campers Paradise camp where it can then receive devices for filtering out contaminants before being distributed throughout other camps for use as


The island’s main industry is tourism. The key attractions for tourists are the two campgrounds mentioned earlier and the mountain called Mount Nevis, which offers great views of the whole island. Many hotels have been built on Slacks Creek, where many people come to enjoy its beaches and restaurants while spending their days ashore or on some of its splendid jungle trails

The locals lack access to basic amenities such as clean water or proper medical care. Consequently, diarr


There is no reliable transport on the island; visitors must either bring their own vehicles or use taxis. The only way to get around is by foot or bicycle

Tourist arrivals have been increasing significantly since Hurricane Irma in 2017, with more people now camping out than before. Visitors are drawn to the island’s campsites where they can make out and relax in comfortable surroundings. The two main attractions for tourists are Campers Paradise and Slacks Creek,


The cuisine on the island is based mainly on fresh local produce supplemented with imported ingredients including bread, milk and eggs. There are a few restaurants serving international cuisine but they are not well known. There are three restaurants and bars on Little Saint Martin.

Gavroche Cafe, The Solar Cafe & Fuel Bar and Le Café Les Verandah Patio Restaurant & Bar at Hamel Bay offer typical French cuisine. Coffee is available in almost all hotels to the inhabitants of Saint-Martin (and elsewhere). Until recently only an earthenware kettle called a coffeepot was used for this purpose; it had handles that were


The island has a rich wildlife, with more than 130 bird species nesting there. The island is also home to three types of monkey, the brown marmoset, the white-faced capuchin and the Cuban black macaque. There are also iguanas, spiders and scorpions. The vegetation is mostly palms, with sand beaches and coral reefs surrounding most of the islands.

There is a diversity of wildlife in St Martin, but many are at risk from humans infringing on their habitat or directly catching them for food; examples include parrots (such as Lesser Yellow-Naped Troupiales) cheetahs and tortoises such as coachwhip turtles (which ate his hand). There are fewer local signs than


Have you ever been to the Solitary Island in the Madagascar archipelago? It is a common tourist destination. Located twenty five miles off the coast in the south-west, this is an uninhabited island surrounded by a water body. This fascinating place was named after Sir William Patrick “Will” Cobbett. Sir William was a British explorer. He visited the island in 1833 and named it after himself. This calm, uninhabited, and yet, mesmerising island is a beautiful example of marine conservation.


Where Can I Stay On Croker Island?

In the tourist season (April to November), there are dormitories for backpackers, hostels run by volunteer organizations and small hotels that can offer only double rooms. Bed-and-breakfasts are not in operation on Croker Island during this period of the year.

A variety of accommodations must be charged according to their location and their quality depends greatly upon how easy it is to reach them from where you want change into cash because each business

How Do I Get To Croker Island?

You can get to Croker Island via ferry on a daily basis from the main town of Nosy Hara, located in an island named Ankarafantsika and then you will reach Bujumbura in your country, by plane or train.

There are three types of travelers: volunteers who want this incredible experience with eco-tourism projects; tourists who want to rest after their

What Is The History Of Croker Island?

It started with the German visionary Wilhelm von Leitner who organized in 1892 a group of colonists for this new land. They were known as the Club Humanitaire Tropique and was designed to introduce settlers into Africa’s tropical lands, but it collapsed financial problems within two years which led them abandoning their project even before they could reach their destination.

Is There Anything That You Should Bring With You On Your Visit To Croker Island?

As much as you can to lug your backpacks and poles or supply them; because these walking is with the inhabitants of Croker Island, which have never seen anyone from their country. You will walk long hours upward in a tropical.

What’s On Croker Island?

The inhabitants of Croker Island are renowned reef gatherers known as sea gypsies, and the island is a popular spot for scuba diving. Many underwater caves provide shelter to groups of lobsters, which like their food schools hang around still as they throw back into the ocean clawfuls  of shiny pearls worth US$10 dollars each. Commodious lagoons filled with molluscs extend seaward from.

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