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Curlew Island


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When it comes to the outback, there’s no place quite like Curlew Island. Jutting out of the Southern Ocean, this wild island is surrounded by an audio-visual wonderland. Timid kangaroos, the lonely cries of seabirds, spectacular scenery, and ubiquitous penguins make Curlew Island the land of dreams for everyone who visits this destination. The centuries of trade and industry that have done their part to shape this natural beauty helped shape the rugged outback with its distinct culture and history – a tag that curlew island has earned over time.

Curlew Island



The first people to settle in this area were a tribe of Tiwi Aborigines who lived on the mainland in Australia. These peoples, numbering perhaps as many as 10 thousand natives, were followed by two groups: Europeans and Asians – both human newcomers to these lands. In 1842 Honiballo was sighted by Matthew Flinders along an almost perfect north-south line. With his boatswain’s mate George Roberts they camped there and remained until the end of October that year. Honiballo had a water supply which they did not know, so Kennedy and Roberts stayed there but left thirteen men behind to take provision back to Sydney as close as possible. Later in 1843, James Dawson used this location for postal service from Adelaide into South Australia Station (as it was then known). There are remnants of these early structures still visible today including “the Post Office”, similar stone.


As a southeastern landfall of southern Australia, Curlew Island experiences humid subtropical climates. These locations experience maximum temperatures from 25-32 degrees Celsius and below average rainfall amounts. Snowfalls are rare. There is no year-round public access to the island but it is an important private retreat for locals, who visit during seasonal migration periods and remain overnight on curlew Island in a number of hotels including Curlew Hotel.



Several aborigines still live in the island’s vicinity, on which they were forcibly introduced. A railway engine was parked off the main track to save diesel and this started a small theme park near what was similar to an Adelaide boarding house called The Hub at Curlew that has been retained by four descendants including Mr Finfold Now there is no Hotel, only four holiday property owners with private caravans or houses nearby – one former site of the old Federal Government Post Station. In early times, Curlew’s main attraction was whale hunting with small boats up to 50 tonne – this time has faded and proven whales are now rare. Still large baleen creatures that melt in summer create an annual fascinating experience for tourist as well A beach also provides swimming and shell collecting opportunities at high tide which is book out during winter.


Year round visitors are generally interested in bird watching and seashore features. The beach, named “Big Curlew”, is used by boats that the islanders have known well for many years—notably those made at Pool’s Jetty near Port Lincoln long ago (see below). A propeller driven boat had to be removed at the turn of the twentieth century because it was hanging on a living aborigine. Some form or another since has been in use as well giving Curlew Island limited utility as no other boats can get near for exportation purposes. Within summer, sea birds such as pelicans, great crested white herons and cormorants return from migration periods—cranes are often seen everywhere —ornithologists measure the migration of these. In the early morning you are likely to see whales in shallow water around Curlew Island if they can be persuaded to surface where they bask on warm days – southern right and bowhead whales migrate south during winter while humpback and common blues stay closer inshore, coming within a few miles of shore. Bears often wander in from mainland grazing areas seeking food or garbage left by visitors.


A 4WD road from the main State Highway 1 at Goolwa, runs along coastal and Pelican Bay ridges between Curlew Island (1 mile west of southern tip) inlet to Port Lincoln on a latitude that coincides with summer bird migration patterns and specifically northern right whales. The trip across country consists mostly of bush tracks. Visitors need not be concerned about having their car put off by the ruts common when rough capping is applied on main roads. The Curlew Island inlet can be reached by boat from Port Lincoln via the good size Horsham Yacht Club marina which provides courtesy car parking to visitors’ vehicles and access for dinghies or other small craft—no windsurfing is possible as winds run southerly during this time of year. At high tide, do not attempt to enter at low water (curlews) because if you miss.


There is a tradition on the island of curlew, known as eaten whole for company or fish head meal (“creek heel”)—Curlews’ plump meat laced with strong taste and requiring both techniques in winnowing out edible from waste is considered an excellent delicacy. Local fishing organizations have cooperatively protected their water interests especially by restricting access to Curlew Island through the Horsham Yacht Club marina – this level of protection has allowed a more healthy population and better stocks. The restoration work achieved over the last decade, is noticeable as it fosters enhancement—because curlews are endangered species they are open to no harvesting other than by permit when on land; under water totally protected via boat at all times. Large numbers crop up in well-flushed creek beds of Port Lincoln’s southern upstream section however even during rainy season fishing is said to not be overly abundant in this area of the city.

At Horsham, Curlews are known at Creek-Lane and CockBird Island (at Trimley Beach) being some of their last nesting sites to be monitored for curlew egg laying which occurs annually about mid springtime—success has been probable before however not certain as there is no concrete scientific method towards monitoring it. So far twelve eggs have been found on two areas within.



Horsham’s City Council have recognised the importance of protecting Curlew habitat in their surveys and action plans for sustainable development—it is a neglected awareness peculiarly within SA. By Sea Water & Hills of SA | Horsham, South Australia$1.99 , Sydney | Australia, Margaret River and Coastal Waters Natural Environment Management Plan | South Coast of Western Tasmania$15.00—

“Curlew Island,, has historic shoreline rights for mariners including those associated with the Port Lincoln Marina.”


The South Australian government has a responsibility to ensure that this wild species on islands can continue to exist and flourish. Politics of Curlew Island’s future status are yet elusive but the debate is happening now—wherever you may be in Australia, for whatever reason Passionates about Birds our essay here explaining their unusual natural history might interest you!


Where Is Curlew Island?

The name “Curlew” is no longer recommended for the critical habitat as its Eskimo origin has led to misconceived ideas that it depicts any kind of bird and therefore could conflict Australian, International or local ornithology. For example many erroneous claims have been made over this matter such as saying the naming refers to a sea duck by certain Sea World groups in ANU (Blackeye:March 20 2005). Moreover, within the same experience team “South Australia’s endangered wildlife” said in 2007: “”Curlew Island is located some 40 km SE of Port Lincoln, off Cape Don Peninsula and we’re too busy to go out there!””.

Which Is The Smallest Island In Andaman?

As of January 2017 the second smallest is yet to be defined, perhaps Cockatoo Island will become that but for now Curlew Island still holds the title. However in 2015 it was claimed to be about 65 meters in Diameters and Mapped Here by The Sydney Morning Herald. May seem large compared with local ‘islands’ But until this date even small islands like Guanaja were over 100 m (328 ft)

Who Is The CM Of Andaman And Nicobar?

Census of Man is conducted by INDIA’s Census Department. Andaman and Nicobar have a former Union Territory called NAGAPALAYAM in Chennai, India which has its own first joint secretary Samrat Prasad holding the post as of July 1 2017 so that it would be impossible to find out who CM stands for right now if anywhere.

Is There Any Mega Monkey Island?

(See the image below.) Although ‘Mega Expansive Monkey – Andaman Island’ by Koala Chakra (aka Markus Dörr) has been in circulation for a span of 23 years now and was widely exposed, it had not achieved massive recognition until 2010 when Internet users began asking about its existence during Google.  Another similar claim is that the original creators of this “story” are ‘Datamost’ aka Dr. Ravi Nath and now belongs to the Jharkand Animation Society

Why Is My Online Name Taken?

A major contributing reason behind Wikipedia page hijacking is photo theft. Just check out Google Image Search on any related topics and see what happens, many pictures were copied here without consent… And not just picture stealing as its also.

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