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Davidson Island


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Davidson Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, approximately halfway between Quebec City and Boston. It is a popular destination for canoeists, kayakers, and birdwatchers. Davidson Island is also home to two glaciers, one of which is retreating.

Davidson Island

All Discussion Of Davidson Island

Davidson Island

Davidson Island is a former island. Between 400,000 years ago and 500,000 years ago the sea level was three hundred feet lower than it is now; storm surges and flooding scoured out rocks that became Ingleside Bluff (“Mont Fleur d’Ingle”). Storms continue to wear away at these buttresses as waves break over them during storms on Sand Beach.

On September 9, 1658 Nicholas Den ys took possession of the island for Louis XIV. In 1785 one third of the island was sold along with other Pointe-du-château land to Charles Biddle, who leased it back in 1791 to David Duncan Macpherson on behalf of his heirs.

In 1813 William Clark made a trek across the ice from East River Plantation seeking red maple sap and left descendants still living there today.(North Island) A.


Davidson Island

The Davidson Glacier – located on the north side of the island – receives NOAA Meteorological satellite information, which is used to project how much snowfall and ice mass loss will occur. The Seay Firn Model was developed by Terry Dennis at NOAA’s Thomas Jefferson (formerly Northwind) Gliderport in Blacksburg, VA. Using this model researchers have been able to make accurate predictions of glacier change and winter weather more than 50 years in advance.

On December 1, 1815 during the War of 1812 an American military base was established on Davidson Island (to this day there is a lighthouse, government wharf and watchtower still standing). Halifax residents known as “Johnny Reffo” or “Reefers”, often went to shoot off cannonballs against the Americans on their beach. They would place bundles of rags soaked in lamp oil under some barrels of gunpowder. Causing a massive explosion and fire, the Americans on the island would likely run away to save their lives until it blew up in their faces. These cannonballs were made of Lead or Antimony Salt (Lead Sulfide). During this era Reynolds’s Dairy Company secured head rights from the American Navy for each cow that gave birth between 20th November 1813-20th February 1814.(North Island) S Y Gates’.

Canoeing and kayaking

One of the best ways to explore Davidson Island is by canoe or kayak. This can be done from near our lodge, up on Thompson’s Flats (next store and down road) or north side at Christie Cove.


The Canadian Coast Guard designated several VHF channels as Area CGM: 161.55 *** 132-138 + 136 151 153 156 157 159 160 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 are operated by Maritime Communication and Traffic Services (MCTS) for use at sea. They also offer marine VHF radios in the form of radio sets, hand-held VHFs or handheld transceivers that can be programmed to receive channels CBUS (CBUF), CGRETA1 – 161.55 + 132 139 & 158, Ocean Weather Radio 1452 MHz broadcasts weather radar data in the Atlantic Basin between longitude 69.


Snowy Owl

The Snow-Birds (Phaethon) migrate south in late fall from the Arctic, to reach New England during early spring. This is a short trip for some birds that stay here only two or three days at the most but their behaviour can tell us much about them. These elegant white owls begin arriving around mid January and last until middle February when they must leave our area . Davidson Island has logged sightings of Snow-Birds in recent years. Look out for their tracks, they will leave distinct little prints along the rocky shore..

Marine Life

Gulls and terns can be found at Thompson’s flats or on the cliffs around our lodge and surrounding areas . Fresh Water fish like Salmon Canoeing/ Kayaking: A good place to start is North Cape Ocean Paddler`S Motel

Geology and nature

The granite in this area is layered. The layers can be picked out or identified with samples, as you go about your fishing and kayaking here (as well as on other islands).

Adventure / Nature/Trip Planning

You could spend days exploring and enjoying the beauty of these waters- but if there are winter storm warnings we suggest that you use caution when launching. We advise you to check weather conditions from the National Weather service and take particular care if it is snowy or dangerous in a storm – possibly close to when you would like to launch. Alternately, depending upon your own winter plans there are also opportunities for ice-fishing as well as guided tours into neighbouring islands..

Conservation and preservation

The ice will become harder to cross as the winter goes on. The Department of Fisheries is responsible for keeping the floating ice routes open. Points in an active port are maintained by Coast Guard, Canadian Border services and Newfoundland marine pilots among others (in cooperation with Dept Of fisheries). Without their help it would be much more difficult than it has been this year preventing boats from becoming stranded or unable to get out again when needed.

Travel / Transportation The nearest airports are Grand Falls-Windsor and St John’s. Buses run daily from both these locations to the North Cape with connections to all the major cities of New foundland, Labrador and Quebec..

Whether you want a secluded get away or somewhere convenient that can easily be accessed by car or bus / Plane…there is no better place in Newfoundland than Thompson`S Flats Lodge. We hope you enjoy your stay here.


Davidson Island is a small archipelago in Antarctica and part of the Australian Antarctic Territory. It comprises an uninhabited main island, Middle Island and a number of small islands. The archipelago is named after James Davidson, the British naval officer who first sighted it on 17 January 1821 while charting the south coast of Australia.


1.What Kind Of Environment Does Davidson Island Have?

Ans: Davidson Island is one of the most picturesque places on earth, with natural wonders abound and a relaxed yet captivating atmosphere. It has been said that this small island off the coast of British Columbia is home to some of the purest water in the world.

In fact, it’s so pristine that you can easily find a spot to enjoy a swim or sunbath without having to worry about any chemicals or pollutants. If you’re thinking of vacationing in this idyllic locale, we have put together some essential information on Davidson Island that will help you make the most out of your stay!

2.What Is The History Of Davidson Island?

Ans: Davidson Island is a small archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea. The islands are uninhabited, and are only accessible by boat. The islands are famed for their white sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and lush tropical jungle. The islands have been a popular tourist destination for years, and have also been the site of several Hollywood movies and TV shows. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway with nature, Davidson Island is a great place to find it.

3.What Is The Name Of The Main Island In Davidson Island?

Ans: Davidson Island is one of the most beautiful and untouched places on earth. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including 158 different types of birds, two types of sharks, and an increasing number of sea turtles. The island is also a popular tourist destination, with plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained. From kayaking to climbing to fishing, there is something for everyone on Davidson Island.

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