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Deal Island


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Deal Island is a exclusive island resort located in the Maldives. Offering an unrivalled natural and Gamble view, the resort has also been praised for its luxurious style and impeccable service. From the moment you step on the island, you will feel like you’re in a different world.

The resort has been designed with your comfort and relaxation in mind, and it offers everything you could possibly need or want. From a luxury pool to a full-range of activities, there is something for everyone on Deal Island.

Deal Island


Deal Island was originally leased to a group of American investment bankers in the 1990s. The island quickly became a popular spot for wealthy individuals and celebrities to retire. In 2002, Mohamed Nasheed purchased Deal Island from its original owners and has since turned it into one of the most luxurious resorts in the Maldives. Since then the island has been developed, improving facilities and adding to its already impressive selection of activities.


The climate on Deal Island is tropical, with temperatures averaging around 27 degrees Celsius. The island experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year, so make sure to pack your raincoat! Activities

At Deal Island by Majid Al Futtaim, there are plenty of activities to keep most people entertained. From swimming and diving in the beautiful tropical waters to a gaming center for all ages, you will never be short on things to do! There is something for every member of your family from easy sailing around the lagoon or scuba-diving with Reef Adventures.


Deal Island is home to a wide variety of cultures, making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the Maldives. There are several restaurants on the island that serve international cuisine, as well as an array of bars and nightclubs for those who want to party all night long! When you are relaxing, be sure to visit the spa and hair salon.

The Maldives has a reputation for top quality massages; from an exotic, traditional Thai massage to more modern techniques such as ice or beach therapies by World Spa. In addition, there is also a private gym equipped with treadmills and elliptical machines so that you can burn off those extra calories while maintaining your fitness at home!


Deal Island is a member of the Maldives and enjoys immunity from any legal proceedings that may arise due to its treaty status. Legal claims are entered into the International Court of Justice in The Hague. The Island has full diplomatic status and enjoys a high level of security. It is indefinitely closed to visitors from the State that it does not recognise as an independent nation and it maintains all relevant visa requirements for its citizens (i.e., US Visa required in advance).

Government Services

Deal Island has its own hospital, police force and army. The Maldives is a parliamentary democracy with an absolute monarchy for the President, who also holds the title of Supreme Head of Religion. There are several political parties represented in the elected parliament of the Maldives. There is a wide spectrum of views on policy and none should be considered extremist or threatening by any nation’s standards.


The Maldives is a very tourist-friendly country and any visitor will be able to easily find all the information they need about the best places to visit, as well as how to book accommodation and make other arrangements. The many resorts on offer are all luxurious but there are also plenty of smaller islands that can be visited without breaking the bank. In addition, you can explore North Malé at your own pace by taking day trips from some of the larger resorts.



There is a number of reasonably priced airlines that fly into Male Airport. There are also many ferries that sail to various destinations in the Maldives, including Hululee and Gaafu Dhaalu atoll where you can find some excellent resorts. Travelling on the Maldivian public ferry is a pleasant and relaxing experience, often conducted in one of the many yachts that cruise around this atoll.

The prices for all types of tours to discover The Maldives are almost twice as much per traveler compared with nearest competitor Thailand due to above mentioned facts like lower cost countries, strict customs check & less tourists tax so it will be more affordable here than others.



The Maldives has a wide range of different types of cuisine, including Indian, Chinese and Thai food. Many restaurants and resorts have their own on-site chefs, who prepare plates of local fare ranging from lunches to lavish dinner parties. However, it is also possible to get takeaway food from restaurants throughout Male.



Because Male is an island, many of the petting zoos and herbal station farms that you might find on certain islands in other South Asian countries are not available here. However these small animals can be viewed whenever you visit one of water garden or zoo

A number time it’s a place to stop your travel world, lost and just want to relax with the clear ocean sounds all around…so don’t read more about this post about “male at oll” you can trust this post. so many world’s best island in these pretty places full of natural life and different colors…

Adaalat is a film based on real-life events by Adivie Irie that set the record for highest temperature ever recorded at 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55°C), equaling that of the Death Valley, California heat wave; it was filmed wholly in Male.


Deal Island is a small and uninhabited island in the Atlantic Ocean, located about 440 km from the coast of North Carolina, United States. The island, which is privately owned and has been uninhabited since the 1930s, is the location of the largest U.S. Navy base on land, Naval Station Norfolk.


How To Get There?

Deal Island is only accessible by boat, sailboat or small airplane.

What Is Climate Like?

The island is situated in the southeastern coast of North Carolina and has a tropical climate with year-round warm temperatures between 14 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius.

How Are The Food?

Restaurants are one the range on other parts of Deal Island, however much like Canada or many South East Asian countries, Singaporeans tend to go for hawker stalls as they cost less than local restaurant prices set by larger International chains. However there are plenty of choices just a sea cave away from the waterfront.

The Fried Chicken is cheap and tasty, you can expect to pay about hundred dollars for a better meal that would go beyond tastebuds wildest dreams sleeping beside a raging ocean. Sanitary conditions are also ideal compared with Gulf city countries like Dubai or Muscat

How Big Of An Island?

Deal Island itself is around 40 square kilometer but there’re many smaller sandy beaches just outside it on both west and east shore.

Is There Any Wildlife?

The beach on the west of deals island has lots of shells, coral and seaweed but in general the beaches are not exactly greener than foreign countries with healthy living conditions equivalent to fully-employed developed nations like Japan or Germany (but without public exposure to radiations that induce cancer).

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