Driving Miss Daisy-Frequently Asked Questions



Driving Miss Daisy-Frequently Asked Questions


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Driving Miss Daisy is a 1989 American drama film directed by Bruce Beresford and starring Jessica Tandy, Morgan Freeman, Alfred Woodard, and Arturo de Cordova. The film was adapted from a short story written by Charles Martin III. It won the Academy Award for Best Picture and the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama.

It’s one of those movies that has a deep, indelible impact on its audience. It is an adaptation of Alfred D. Farrell’s 1972 novel about the friendship between an elderly black woman and her young driver in post-World War II Atlanta, Georgia.

Driving Miss Daisy-Frequently Asked Questions

What Was the Theme of Driving Miss Daisy 1989?

The theme of Driving Miss Daisy is the relationship between an elderly black woman (Tandy) and her young driver (Freeman). The film also focuses on their relationship as they go through various life events. This movie mainly shows the growth of their friendship in many interesting plots.

Is Driving Miss Daisy Available on Netflix?

No, it is not currently available on Netflix. As of July 2019, it is available on Amazon Prime Video. But as of October 2019, it was removed from Amazon Prime Video. So if you want to watch it now, you’ll need to go find a copy on DVD or Blu-ray.

Is Driving Miss Daisy Available Online?

Yes, it is available online. You can watch it on various streaming platforms by searching on any kind of search engine. For example, Google can help you find this movie.

Is the Movie Driving Miss Daisy Based on a True Story?

The movie is based on a true story, but the events and characters have been fictionalized. And the setting has been changed to post-World War II Atlanta, Georgia. And it is actually based on a novel. While the novel was written in 1972, the movie was released in 1989.

What Did the Critics Think of Driving Miss Daisy 1989?

The general consensus among film critics is that Driving Miss Daisy is an excellent movie. They praised acting, writing, and directing. Many people say that it’s one of the best films ever made. This movie was highly praised by the movie-freak people of that time.

How Many Oscars Did Driving Miss Daisy 1989 Receive?

Driving Miss Daisy received seven Academy Awards nominations, including Best Picture. It won three awards: Best Actress for Hattie McDaniel, Best Supporting Actor for Albert Finney, and the Oscar for Screenplay based on a Novel or Story by Alfred D. Farrell.

What Are Some Quotes From Driving Miss Daisy 1989?

“Today, it’s just a job to her. But back then…it was everything.”

“There’s nothing like owning your own car and feeling like you can do anything.”

“It doesn’t make much sense now, but once upon a time, there were three people in this world who mattered most to me: my mama, Tandy Honeycutt; Earnest Marks; and my car…Miss Daisy.”

“You know what they say, God helps those who help themselves.”

“When you show someone really good hospitality, it’s like giving them a gift.”

“Ain’t nothin’ as nice as a southern lady when she wants to do something.”

“…when you get old enough to understand, somebody dies every day. Ain’t nothin’ stays the same.”

Why Was Driving Miss Daisy’s Oscar Win Controversial? 

There are a few reasons why Driving Miss Daisy’s Oscar win was controversial.

First, the film is based on a novel that has been criticized for its racist and sexist content. Some people feel that the Academy Awards should not have rewarded this type of movie with an award.

Second, some people feel that the film does not deserve to be called an Oscar-winning movie because it is only moderately good.

They argue that it should have been nominated for more prestigious awards such as Best Picture or Best Director instead of winning an award for Best Screenplay. Last but not least, some people believe that the Academy Awards are rigged and that Driving Miss Daisy’s win was simply a result of political correctness gone mad.

Should Hoke Colburn Have Told His Mother, “I’m Sorry”?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it depends on the individual’s perspective.

From a moral standpoint, Hoke Colburn should have told his mother that he was sorry for what he did. From a legal standpoint, however, there is no evidence that Hoke Colburn actually said “I’m sorry” to his mother.

Hoke Colburn may have regretted what he had done and may have wanted to apologize to his mother, but there is no concrete evidence that he actually did so.

What’s Wrong With Driving Miss Daisy?

There is nothing wrong with Driving Miss Daisy, it’s a great movie. However, some people may have different opinions on the film and that’s perfectly okay. Because people can debate the merits of Driving Miss Daisy all they want without hurting anyone’s feelings.

How Does the Film End?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it can be interpreted in many ways. Some people might say that the film ends with a happy ending, while others might say that it leaves things open for a sequel or another movie. So, again, it’s up to the individual viewer to decide how they view the film’s ending.

Do You Think That Hoke Colburn (Morgan Freeman) Should Have Gotten Married to Miss Daisy (Jessica Tandy)?

No, I don’t think that Hoke Colburn (Morgan Freeman) should have gotten married to Miss Daisy (Jessica Tandy). There are a few reasons why I believe this. First of all, the two of them had very little in common. Second of all, they were not compatible as a couple. Lastly, Miss Daisy (Jessica Tandy) was already married to another man at the time.

What Do You Think About the Ending of This Movie?

There are many opinions about the ending of this movie. Some people loved it and some people didn’t. However, we think that it was a good ending for the story. So again, it’s totally the decision of the individual viewer to decide how they took the film’s ending.

What Does Miss Daisy Call Her Driver?

Nonetheless, she hires an African American man in his 60s, Hoke Colburn (Freeman), to act as her chauffeur. Miss Daisy instantly wants Hoke to do nothing and forbids Hoke to talk to Idella. Idella was the housekeeper of Daisy. Then the movie shows you how they built their friendship and went on.

Is ‘driving Miss Daisy’ a Comedy or a Drama?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on personal taste. Some people may see comedy as being more light-hearted and enjoyable, while others may find dramas more engaging and compelling.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what they think is funniest or almost touching. And, of course, different people may find different elements amusing in the same film. So ultimately, it would be impossible to say definitively whether or not this movie is comedy or drama.

What Is the Complaint of Daisy Against Hoke?

Daisy once discovered that Hoke is stealing a can of salmon from her. Then she wanted Booglie to fire Hoke. Daisy also showed some disrespect against black people. Then Daisy and Hoke develop a strong friendship, despite Daisy’s initial hostility.

How Do People Treat Driving Miss Daisy?

Many people say that this movie is a comedy and very funny. They give it high ratings for being entertaining and light-hearted. Other people say that this movie is more of a drama and has a sad ending. They give it lower ratings for being depressing, but they still think that the film was well-done.

Does the Film Have Any References to Actual Events or People?

The movie does mention several real places and historical figures, but it is mainly fictitious. For example, the town of West Egg is modeled after New York’s East Hampton; Jane’s salon is based on a real-life one in Greenwich Village, and Chuck resembles Hollywood actor Gary Cooper.

What Is the Most Famous Dialogue of the Film?

Dialogue gave by Daisy during this period:

“Someday you’ll find out that life isn’t about waiting for the perfect person, it’s about taking the imperfect person you have and making something beautiful.”

Was It Hard for the Author to Write This Book, and if So, Why?

Yes, it was hard for the author to write this book. He had to research information about the late 1950s and early 1960s in order to create believable dialogue. So, it was not easy for him to accurately remember the conversations and events that took place during this time period. Therefore, the author did his best to create a vivid and accurate portrayal of the period.

What Is So Great About ‘driving Miss Daisy’? 

The most notable thing about this film is that it has a heart-warming story. As well as this movie has got so many comedic moments that will make you feel better. It is easy for viewers to connect with the main characters, and they are pulled into their world of love, laughter, and sadness. Overall, Driving Miss Daisy is an excellent movie that will stay with you long after you have watched it.

Is Driving Miss Daisy Worth Watching?

Yes, Driving Miss Daisy is worth watching. The story is heartwarming, and the comedic moments will make you feel better. Additionally, the main characters are easy to connect with. So, you will be drawn into their world of love, laughter, and sadness. Therefore, Driving Miss Daisy is an excellent movie that is worth watching multiple times. The actors, who played the main characters, did a great job in bringing the story to life.

What Do You Think of Driving Miss Daisy?

I think Driving Miss Daisy is an excellent movie to watch with your family and friends. The story is very much connectable to someone’s life, and the main moments will make you feel better. And, the characters did their best to perform according to the audience. Therefore, I believe Driving Miss Daisy is worth watching multiple times.


Throughout the article, we have tried to answer all the frequently asked questions regarding the movie Driving Miss Daisy. This movie is based on a friendship and relationship between two exceptional people. We hope that you enjoyed reading this post and find it useful.

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