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Dundas Island is a jewel in the city that never sleeps. What sounds like a barren wasteland is actually a green oasis right in the heart of the city. This lush and tranquil island is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. With its serene surroundings, Dundas Island is a perfect spot to relax, enjoy nature, and clear your mind. There are a few places you can visit while on Dundas Island, but we have picked out the top 5 attractions that will leave you spellbound!

Dundas Island


The first time anyone set foot on Dundas Island was in the year 1690. The island, at that point, was uninhabited and belonged to the Chief of the Mohawk Nation, Joseph Brant. When Captain John Graves Simcoe arrived in Toronto in 1793 and began to lay out the city’s original grid streets, he decided to include Dundas Island as part of it. 

Over time, however, development took over and the land became nothing more than a tiny slim that connected the island to Toronto. It was around this time when Dundas Island’s first resident, Prentiss Hoyt built his cottage.

When merchants and settlers began moving from the old city of York into present-day Ontario (then called Upper Canada), it caused concern for Chief Joseph Brant who felt disturbance to local land truce treaties with Native tribes native to this area of Southern Ontario known today as the Malden Valley First Nation. 

Despite this, in September of 1837 Chief Joseph Brant and a group of Oneida braves entered into an agreement with settler John Hill that would allow settlers to possess land on Dundas Island (then known as “Belvedere”) for farming purposes.



Dundas Island has a humid continental climate, with cold winters and hot, humid summers. The island experiences significant swings in temperature throughout the year; from extreme cold in winter to blistering heat in summer. As a result, dressing appropriately for the weather is always advised!


Dundas Island Attractions

Here are our top 5 attractions on Dundas Island that will leave you spellbound:

1) Lewis Lake: Located at the north end of the island, north of Boat Harbor Road. Its crystal clear water is a tranquil contrast to all that surrounds it today. It boasts large amounts of healthy fish in this lake such as trout and bass on top with plenty of turtles, birds and other smaller animal life surrounding it.

2) Canadian Wildlife Heritage Museum: The Canadian Wildlife Heritage Museum has been extremely active regarding wildlife exportation between Canada’s native population via microcolonies for development/research purposes ( such as re-introduction of American Mink and Swamp Foxes into Quebec) which would promote the development of various government programs. 

The Museum also has many amazing exhibits that not only explain their purpose but teach visitors about rural life from pre-industrial settlers to mid 19th century. It’s a one thing unique opportunity for people yet enlightened by nature!


Dundas Island is home to the oldest Adirondack resort in Canada, a restored 19th-century inn now operated as a bed and breakfast. It features antique furniture, hand-carved driftwood fireplaces, recording of folklore from all over North America (hours vary), fishing trips on the local rivers and trails for hiking/cycling.

If you’re looking for some retail therapy then head over to Rosedale Centre which features mostly art and crafts suppliers with a few retail stores housed within it.

Dundas Penguin Colony: The less than 3000 sq km island of Dundas is, perhaps in human terms the smallest atoll in the world, making up for that fact though by harboring one of North America’s most diverse populations of brown pelicans as well as all-white puffins from Europe.



The town of Dundas is home to the Ontario Provincial Police HQ as well as both an Ontario provincial courthouse and the federally run Correctional Service of Canada (CSC).

The community has representation on both municipal levels with two local councilors, one for each municipality. The Member of Provincial Parliament and an MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament) are elected as part of the federal electoral district. 

The town also has representation on provincial levels with a failed bid in 2006 to have Dundas incorporated into an area known as “GTA North” which would have encompassed Bruce county and the border towns around Fort Erie, St Catharines & Niagara Falls – This was sadly unsuccessful due to most residents commuting daily from Aurora B .C., Oshawa/Sault Ste Marie (Ontario) and Kitchener/Cambridge for jobs.

Government services

Government services

Dundas’s two municipal councils provide a variety of services including waste collection, fire protection, road maintenance, and 310 km of municipally owned water pipes that serve the community.

The town also has its own police force which provides policing for both Dundas town residents as well as the rural areas that surround it. There is no hospital within Dundas but patients are typically transported to either Hamilton or Niagara-on-the-Lake by ambulance depending on their location at the time of an emergency. 

The town also has access to Hamilton’s freeways as this municipality is directly connected by a few major roads such as Hwy #5 (Queen Elizabeth Way), Hwy 8, and Highway 6/10.

The town itself was built parallel with King William Road, which served thousands of people through connectivity to other areas past Dundas including Fort Erie & Niagara Falls – it still remains entirely intact today.


Dundas Island Tourism

Due to its location close to the Saint Lawrence River and a host of historical attractions such as Niagara Falls, Dundas has long been a popular tourist destination. The town’s historic core is home to many businesses that cater specifically to tourists including hotels, restaurants, and tour operators. In recent years there has been an increase in visitors from Ontario who are attracted by the stability of the Canadian dollar relative to other currencies and favorable economic conditions in Canada.


Dundas Island Transport

Due to Dundas’s proximity to major roadways and the numerous attractions located in the town, transport is a critical component of tourist activity. Dundas has two bus terminals that serve both local area businesses and tourists traveling into Niagara-on-the-Lake or Hamilton. There is also a bike path that winds its way through the center of town providing cyclists with access to many shopping districts as well as some notable attractions such as Old Fort Erie.


Dundas Island Cuisine

Local cuisine in Dundas centres around traditional dishes such as poutine, chicken pot pie and shepherd’s pie. Many restaurants also specialize in Canadian or Ontario wines which are popular with tourists.


Looking for a place to get away from it all? Dundas Island is the perfect spot for you! With its vast expanses of forest, lakes, and river, Dundas Island is a haven for nature lovers. With plenty of activities to keep you busy, Dundas Island is great for exploring on your own or with a group. Whether you’re looking to fish, hike, kayak, or just relax by the water, Dundas Island has something for everyone.


Where is Dundas Island?

Dundas Island is located in the province of Ontario, just north of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Who Owns Dundas Island?

Dundas Island is owned by the Government of Ontario.

Should British People Impeach Bojo? 

Depends on your politics.

What Are Some of Toronto’s Best Kept Secrets? 

There are a few secret places in Toronto that many people don’t know about. These include the leafy neighbourhoods of Forest Hill and Riverdale, as well as Downtown Yonge Street between Bay and Bloor.

Where is the Nearest Airport From Dundas Island?

The nearest airport is the Toronto Island Airport, which is about 30 minutes away.

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