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Eddystone Rocks


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Eddystone has been around for a while now, serving as a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon that can be used to send location data. What makes it stand out is that it supports two-way communication between devices – a feature that has made it popular with developers who use it to build proximity-based applications.

But why is this technology so important? Here, we answer some of the most common questions about Eddystone and its potential applications.

All About Of Eddystone Rocks

Eddystone Rocks


Eddystone has been around since 2014; at the time, it was released with an open API so that developers could use Eddystone within closed loop systems. The idea is to provide a lower cost and smaller form factor alternative to beacons, allowing devices that are more randomly placed than those using WiFi or Bluetooth Low Energy light signal strength (hence the name).

Eddystone specification – image via Wikipedia What is BLE? BLE is a part of the Bluetooth SIG spec, but also stands for battery less proximity wireless. This means that instead of placing and receiving radio signals from all devices in their immediate zone of influence, BLE products use low-power transmissions sent to them via an area network using unique identifiers or services amongst the nearby devices.

How similar are bluetooth beacons?  On top cases often offer RTC with app on fine tuning  features.



Beacons have been used for quite some time and most of our modern day beacons are based on Z-wave, especially with the arrival of protocol like Mi Home .

Easy to use RTC with decent battery life.  It keeps track of configuration in its memory even when off (this will eventually kill it). So if you want your weather triggered by a beacon check further info​ can do so with this being supported directly through already existing apps.

What is Eddystone? Eddystone is a very simple specification and should be relatively easy to implement, in fact as of this writing, there are many devices that already fit within the specs; even some non-beacon products with similar functions use standard Bluetooth for communication

Eddy stone – low resolution image via Wikipedia Specification description Let’s get back on track now — what does this mean in the end. This model of transmission allows it to be encrypted and take in or send out any data that may be necessary while maintaining a low power signal intensity (such as  very short fade distances).

The thing I find most impressive is the designed sensor device, however doesn’t automatically kill itself when batteries go weak — quite amazingly, even modern phones die because we overestimated their battery stamina. What are beacon notifications? Notifications for updates without changing.



Over time a beacon will enrich your home with communication links, adding the ability to perform any type of desired data transmission.

The tablet system cannot have been installed without a proper Internet connection for instance — it’s making this point in case you’re wondering how smart something like that would look if integrated into your modern household!   You may now understand why these beeobs are becoming popular once again – clever – and all the features that allow for a global data exchange (which is free of charge).

1- You can absolutely count on this, with tons of companies already investing in these devices — certainly an advertising machine . The design will be far from what you see elsewhere.

The relationship between humans, systems and objects continues to evolve rather quickly   as we go further into 2018 — first time ever! From early 2015 I have been talking about.



that while these devices are produced by highly specialized companies, they all look down the same path.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed it yet but none of these have been designed to combine several functions together – something which has become a trend within this industry for quite some time now in my opinion.. Not enough demand though — why would you when everything is being replaced anyway?  Let’s put our money where there mouths are once again and really consider if we really need something like this in our environment anymore.

Humanitarian groups (who are mostly anarchists at heart) have stolen many of these devices through unorthodox means and often use them to send emergency messages — preventing human casualties  over multiple geographic regions around the world in the case of natural disasters for example.   For those who watched  the BBC’s 2015 documentary about, you’ll know that such an idea has already been implemented by some.

Government service

Government Services

If you are a beekeeper or someone who wants to help preserve these creatures and would like them integrated into one of your own, then learn more about what they need here – read the data sheets.  To keep up with how many beacons there also comes   with honeycomb / lab cultured bees: Honeybee communication & navigation technologies.  Using sociograms , 2015 experimental mvmt directions, live video to beaming of data.

Now here’s a look straight into the future – or down our own path so to speak: 2018 : Facebook cracks down on mass mobiles tracking  Global tech companies  from your location 24/7 in EU citizens’ interest (like Adbinggo ?) -The first! Surely they’re already doing it.. 😉 Keep close eye on this topic as we know that privacy and



Many establishments have also used beacons to help them with dynamic marketing throughout their service areas.   My girlfriend works as a waitress in Bloomington and can very well use this once it becomes legal.. Mind = blown, my friends…

Other uses of the technology include door locking systems (similar but cheaper models exist already), meetings rooms for businesses and even baby communication devices for those who are expecting more than life alone will bring (see video below)..


Eddystone rocks are becoming increasingly popular among smartphone owners as they provide a secure and low-cost way to keep track of their mobile devices. These tiny Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) chips can be embedded in anything that needs to be tracked, such as a key ring, a pen, or even a piece of jewelry. When the owner of the tagged item goes within range of a scanner or reader, the rock will send a signal that will allow the owner to find their device and reactivate it.


  1. What Are The Different Types Of Signals That Beacons Can Send?

Eddystone is a Bluetooth LE beacon that uses the low-energy Bluetooth connection to send brief, contextual messages. These messages can be used to activate devices, trigger actions, or even just to establish a connection between two Bluetooth-enabled devices. They are small enough to be embedded in physical objects and can even be used within the walls of buildings! So, what are they good for? Plenty!

  1. How Do Beacons Work With Smartphones?

Eddystone is a Bluetooth low energy beacon technology that enables devices to be easily and reliably located. This is an important technology that can be used in a variety of industries including retail, transportation, hospitality, and more. By understanding how Eddystone works, you can start using it in your own business. In this blog, we will cover the following topics: What is Eddystone? How does it work? What are the benefits of using Eddystone?

  1. What Are Some Of The Possible Applications For Beacons?

Eddystone is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) advertising platform that allows businesses to serve ads to nearby Bluetooth devices. The platform helps businesses track campaign results and optimise ad spend, while reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC) and increasing customer lifetime value (LTV).

With Eddystone, businesses can target ads to a specific demographic, tap into geo-location capabilities, and even use smart contracts to automate the contract delivery process.

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