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Edgeoya Island


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If you’re looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Edgeoya Island might be the perfect spot for you. This beautiful island is just minutes away from downtown Toronto and has a number of charming attractions that will make your stay unforgettable. From hiking trails to crystal clear lakes, there is something for everyone on Edgeoya Island. With so much to see and do, you’ll never be bored!

Edgeoya Island


Edgeoya Island is home to a number of ancient formations that date back millions of years. These mysterious landmarks are a testament to the island’s fascinating history.

If nature is your thing, be sure to explore the many trails on Edgeoya Island. This lush wilderness has plenty of flora and fauna that residents and visitors will enjoy discovering. Hiking through this pristine landscape will give you a true sense of awe!

There are also several beautiful lakes located on Edgeoya Island, perfect for fishing or swimming in refreshingly cool water. Whether you’re spending your day lounging by the beach or feeding the many wildlife species that call this island home, you’re sure to have a great time on Edgeoya Island.

Nature at its finest – Alice Lake This beautiful lake is so-named because of how beautifully clear it appears like an immortal Alice in Wonderland!

Tassel Falls As gorgeous as Tassel Falls are, don’t forget about the area surrounding them: Eagle Rock and Glacial Gorge . Climbing these peaks will provide views from above unlike anything else you can get! At Kelsey’s Adventures , we believe that outdoor fun shouldn’t require packing extra baggage (b esides your good ol’ suitcase). You can book a few adventurous activities during your stay at our nearby accommodations, or plan one of these adventures while you’re away.


The weather on Edgeoya Island is a mix of both tropical and temperate climates. Summers are typically hot and humid, while the winters can be quite cold. What it lacks in warm summers, however, the island makes up for with snowfall. Although this land is primarily mountains and forests, there are plenty of intercoastal waterways which track along the length of Edgeoya Island. Look at our weather forecast to see if you should bring your bathing suit or use an umbrella on the beach!

Since we’re close to Cape Town’s airport (Christiaans Mode), we expect that volunteers will receive accommodation near where they work during their trip with us. Volunteers may find taxi transportation by booking online before departure .


Edgeoya Island is home to a wide variety of indigenous wildlife, including the black-fronted gull, Cape hare and saddleback. The people who live on Edgeoya Island are also culturally rich. They are descendants of the San (Bushmen) and Khoikhoi tribes, two groups considered aboriginal to South Africa.

In addition to their traditional skills such as hunting and gathering, many islanders continue traditional fishing practices using hand lines or spears in fresh or salt water bodies across the island’s rugged coastline

Many visitors come here for nature adventures – hiking trails leading up breathtaking mountainsides; the Soutterspruit nature reserve, rugged cliffs that offer a great view of the sea; and bays where chartreuse green rockfish swim. The bird watching opportunities on Edgeoya Island are also exceptional – with one endemic (or unique) species in all twelve (12) recognized locations

One thing better than making new friends is seeing old ones! Volunteers can help open up this famous holiday experience to their English speaking friends back home who might not have been able to travel independently before experiencing our remote area first hand. This could be some amazing social events too!


Edgeoya Island is a self-governing community with its own Executive Council and General Manager. The island has been able to maintain its indigenous culture through the development of an agricultural based economy, supporting fishing and tourism as mainstays. In 2013, Edgeoya was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for cultural diversity and community sustainable development.

The Edgeoya Islands, in the southwest part of False Bay, is a protected area administered by the South African Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA).

Government services

The island is served by a single airstrip, which has regular scheduled air services with Cape Town. All other government services are delivered through the town of Wilderness on False Bay.


The Edgeoya Islands are situated close to the world-famous southern coast of False Bay, and offer superb scenery and natural enclaves for both leisurely exploration as well as more active pursuits such as hiking. In addition, the islands support a largely self-sufficient farming economy based on maize, livestock and tourism.


The only transport link to the island is by air, and regular scheduled flights connect Cape Town with Wilderness on False Bay. There are no roads or other means of accessing the islands from the mainland.


Edgeoya Island is an uninhabited island located in the southeastern part of Georgian Bay, in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is located near the town of Morrisburg and about halfway between Sudbury and the city of Toronto. The island is part of the Bruce Peninsula and belongs to Bruce County.


What Are the Top Things to Do on Edgeoya Island?

There are a number of attractions available on Edgeoya island that range from hiking trails to crystal clear lakes. Some popular options include The Basin, which is home to a natural water fall and beautiful scenery; Rosette Falls, which features an easy trail that takes you down into the falls; and Long Point, which offers gorgeous views of Georgian Bay from its elevated location. Additionally, there are several museums located on the island including Bruce Peninsula Museum and Archives as well as Gurdwara Sahib Dhillon Park & Museum.

What Are Some of the Common Attractions?

Most visitors that come to Edgeoya Island flock towards these sites. The Basin (1) deceptively named because it features an easy trail down into Rosette Falls Landforms Trail – this hike takes you around Long Point and ends at Rosette Falls (2). You can continue on past this point or you can make your way back up onto shore where other great sights such as Gurdw ara Sahib Dhillon Park & Museum, Ewalt’s Backyard Nature Center and the Edgeoya Island Sea Kayak Company (Dories) are located. You will also find a variety of interesting natural attractions in this area such as The Basin park feature lots of fresh water lakeshore views along with indigenous plant growth is perfect for hikes through unique forested areas.

What Transportation is Available to Access Edgeoya Island?

There are no public transportation options that connect Edgeoya island with the mainland, however visitors can avail of many car rental services as well as ferry services that offer transport across Georgian Bay.

What Are Some of the Best Times to Visit?

The weather on Edgeoya Island can be changeable and can range from a pleasant cool morning to hot midday sun. Visitors should expect frosty mornings in November through February, while average highs hover around 30 degrees Celsius between May and October.

Exactly How Long Will I Stay?

It is difficult to answer this question as it depends on the visitor’s interests and activities. Generally speaking, visitors can stay for a few hours or days depending on what they would like to see and do.

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