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Eichorst Island


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Eichorst Island is a small uninhabited island located in the Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, Australia. It is named after the German naturalist Daniel Eichorn who discovered it in 1828. The island is part of the Port Phillip Marine Park and is home to around 20 seagulls, which can often be seen scavenging for food.

All About Of Eichorst Island

Eichorst Island


The island was named in 1828 by Daniel Eichorn, after his son Wilhelm. In those days the area around Port Phillip bay had plenty of whalers from a variety of nations using the ship’s kitchen role to prepare and serve meals for their crews during outings ashore or whilst at sea: hence there were many ships names – ‘Cook’ on St Vincent Island, “HMS Gambia” on Flinders Reef…

Eichorst is little more than some low sandstone boulders located within 100 metres offshore looking south towards Point Nepean (just north-east), Fisher mans Bend, Flinders Island and Cliffs Beaches.

Eichorst is located in View (Port Phillip) City Council and Gellibrand Shire local government area.



The climate of the Northern Port Phillip Bay is generally cool and moderately humid, with summer temperatures ranging from 14-18°C. Winters are mild (max -6°C) and rainfall can be significant.

Access to Eichorst Island is restricted due to the ease of access by local waterways during high tide only (2-3 metre tides). Access requires strong swimming skills as well as a minimal understanding of dive procedures in order for divers to limit their exposure risk on return journey home; diver etiquette calls for rinsing mask thoroughly after entry/exit or prior cleanup parties will have to be organised by self.

The best time of year to visitis June, July and December-March due to the consistent water visibility and general seagull activity; its a large white square at low tide attached via rock outcrops at either end…or “duck on a stick” – they can be seen along nearby rocks while under observation from shore during these months. Summer daylight hours are generally 9:00AM till 4PM daily with high/low tides occurring every 8 minutes throughout that period .



Eichorst Island has a diverse and rich history dating back to prehistoric times yet the pristine state of conservation is well kept to protect it.

A number of Aboriginal rock engravings have been repeatedly discovered within the area surrounding Eichor ost Island.

Settlers from Victorian ports such as Timboon, Fitzroy and Port Phillip arrived in the area around Eichorost island some 300 years ago; making this one of those remote yet historically significant areas on Clifton Beach.

Today, local Aboriginal Gurindji communities do continue to live a mostly traditional lifestyle with small pop-up camps located at nearby ancient sites now routinely maintained by Australian Government body “AP EC NSW”.

Today, Eichorost Island is a protected and pristine habitat for the Banksian southern rock-wallaby; locally known as “kangaroo rats” due to their nocturnal lifestyles they have also been traditionally traded in mixed fowl.



By Hire: Walkers, Tourists and most locals…  is anything derived with vehicular access to the beach.

Tip: In June/ July late at night it’s advised that spending some time off- of or inside a safe enclosed building is possible while directly underneath an active moonlight star lit sky on Clifton Beach if you choose . Or just watch from your own homeland suburb; in which I have witnessed total destruction by tropical thunder during late evening dark times from inside a trailer converted into an anti-mosquito bar ;  internal light of an attached projector onto the wall.

Otherwise, you can head to Clifton Beach Boat Hire (01/1867 ). They have roomy and well maintained 3 berth boats ($60 cash per night + $20 fuel / day) available for hiring daily or hourly between 9:00AM till 6PM.



Budget $30 -$150 per night (and for some here at least that is all they will have to spend in the presence of such a magnificent sunset ).

Accommodation Hostels Australia  are listed as providing accommodation services on Eichorost Island. With more than ninety hostels around Sydney, you’ll never be far from home with our stellar travel discounts and award-winning customer service across Australia’s most visited region: NSW .

Alternatively, you can also buy a camping ground pass which grants access to the whole area.( Get it here ) These are available on site at $15/person / night..



Sea Eagles , Sea Lions  are very common and have a history on Eichorost Island where they were once used to protect farm animals from foxes. The otters are breeding increasingly well around these coastal waters, though you should not expect to see many or any unless right underneath the Rosedale cliff area which is one of their favourite spots ? Head to the beaches or bathoo for some wildlife spotting .

The best bathing waters here pollute from those on either side of Rosedale Beach and eastwards along Saltram Street towards the Worimi Cinema. Swimmers should avoid these baths as they are murky, fishy, contaminated by algae slime and sewage swill , though most surprisingly preventable with a disposable drink bottle rinse/water filter kit (compare to our Seven Seals


Rosedale Beach is an example of the normal coast-side bounty on this side of Sydney. Here if often overlooked by many who prefer to focus more bluish waters like that off York Park further south or harbour conditions at Balmain. This site has a small area reachable from both SIX and IKEA but without marked paths along either walkway (walks come in from sides), so be sure you have your bearings if planning any.


1.What Are Some Common Activities People Do At Rosedale Beach?

Ans: After a long journey, you have finally arrived at your destination. The Edwards Islands are now in sight and you can’t wait to explore them. As you take in the pristine beauty of these islands, you can’t help but feel an inexplicable sense of peace.

The tranquility of these islands is what has drawn many travellers here, and for good reason. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate your soul or to explore new cultures and landscapes, the Edwards Islands have something for everyone.

2.Where Can I Find A Map Of The Area?

Ans: Edwards Islands lie off the coast of British Columbia in the Pacific Ocean. They are a series of volcanic islands that are known for their steep cliffs and steep canyons, making it one of the most rugged and inaccessible places in North America.

The islands have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are home to a number of rare and endangered species, such as the Vancouver Island marmot, the Saint Elias Mountains snowy owl, and the short-eared owl.

3.What Types Of Animals Can I Expect To See While Visiting The Beach?

Ans: Edwards Islands are home to a number of rare and endangered species including the Vancouver Island marmot, Saint Elias Mountains snowy owl, Canadian sea lion and Short-eared Owl. The can be spotted by exploring backcountry trails through Mount Barlow or walking down remote beaches like Rosedale Beach. Other common wildlife is Mule Deer which roam freely on Mount Barmworth

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