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Ellis Island


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Ellis Island was the gateway to America for over a million immigrants in the late 1800s. It has been designated a National Historic Landmark and is now a museum. The museum offers a guided tour of the site, which includes a look at the original processing hall, hospital, and living quarters. The museum also has exhibits on American immigration, naturalization, and culture.

Ellis Island


Ellis Island was opened to immigrants in 1892 as the gateway to America. The first group of immigrants arrived on January 1, 1892. The island served as a processing center for immigrants who were seeking to become citizens of the United States. Ellis Island processed more than a million people during its time in operation.

The hospital on Ellis Island was one of the largest and most important hospitals in North America during its time. It treated patients from all over the world. Employees at Ellis Island were known as physicians and quote, “were considered to be among New York City’s most well-paid workers.”


Ellis Island Climate

Ellis Island experiences a humid subtropical climate. The nearby island, Liberty Island in New Jersey has a flora and fauna very similar to Ellis Island’s.

The hospital on Ellis Island was run by an army of doctors called the “Wells Fargo Discharged Nurses,” it operated from 1892 until 1945 when the building was closed due its poor condition due to old age. The nurses worked 24 hours each day seven days per week with three weeks off every year so they wouldn’t become ill.


The cultural influences on Ellis Island were numerous and varied. The most significant cultures that arrived through Ellis Island were from Eastern Europe, especially Russia. Other countries of origin include Canada, China, the Middle East, and Italy. Ellis Island was a melting pot of cultural influences that helped to influence New York City. Its gates served as an important starting point for immigrants into America and further integrated the nation.

Ellis island is remembered by many with fond memories because so much happened there, but some people remember it in bad terms due to what they witnessed at Ellis Island such as long lines- wait times and confusion during immigration processions  During 1940s when credit card application.


Ellis Island was used as a platform for the 1896 presidential election. Republican William McKinley won by beating Democrat Grover Cleveland. In 1954 Ellis Island closed its doors, but the US Coast Guard was still present there until 1978. It then became a museum and indoor attraction as it is today.

Its name however grew so popular that in 1980 it changed to Liberty Island, an island on the opposite side of New York Harbor created especially for Ellis Islanders who wished to visit their old home free of charge.

Government Services

The first immigrant service was operated out of the Fifth Avenue Hotel. The hotel served as a center for receiving immigrants and providing them with food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. After 1892 the US government began to operate an immigration station on Ellis Island under contract to the Department of Labor.

The island also became a key site in federal efforts to control migration. From 1892 until 1924 immigrations were limited to 150 persons per day at a cost of $5.00 to those who came by boat, so-called through immigrants or “rafters”.

From 1892 until 1924 New York City’s police prevented any ships with immigrants on board from landing at Castle Garden and forced them back out into the ocean where they were subject to shipwreck and drowning.


Since the island closed its doors in 1978, Ellis Island has been a popular tourist destination. Hundreds of thousands of people visit each year to see the architecture, history, and natural environment that make it one of America’s most unique tourist destinations .

In 2008 the island was designated a national monument under the authority of Parks and Recreation, Department of The Interior.

At that time it bought six acres for $8 million plus an additional 10-year maintenance fee in order to keep costs down due to its use by over 800,000 visitors each year (this price went up from 1.1 million when New York State purchased the site).

It then set about renovating their old building and construction began in September 2006 at a cost of $130 million. THe project was 90% paid for by the federal government which subsidizes all operating expenses (about 30%) and expects to make a profit within 10 years assuming that it holds its value.


Ellis Island is served by the New York City Subway at Pavonia-New Jersey and Ellis Island. The New York City Subway lines are:

The island is also served by ferries and one mile-long monorail. Routes to Ellis Island leave from Lower Manhattan, Battery Park in Battery Park City on Manhattan, the PATH (PATH trains cross over with Brooklyn during rush hour) at High Street Windows of New Jersey or Bowling Green in Fort Lee, NJ heading against traffic outbound only. The ferry routes run every 15–30 minutes daily.


There is no real cuisine associated with Ellis Island, although the food that was once served there is now available in many restaurants around New York City. The Terminal Building once served meals to returning immigrants. The food was quite bland, consisting primarily of rolls and coffee cakes that were available in many other restaurants around the country at the time.


Ellis Island used to be a refuge for many kinds of animals, including alligators and leopards. The leopard used to be so well-known that the Ellis Island zoo opened just for its company. The prairie dogs and alligators have since been moved elsewhere, but many of the other residents still remain today.


Ellis Island was the gateway to the American dream for over a million immigrants. It was a place of hope, a symbol of the country’s strength and its willingness to welcome people from all corners of the world. This history-rich site has now been turned into America’s newest national park called Liberty State Park. Admission is free for all visitors, and it offers amazing views of New York City and the Statue of Liberty. So, don’t wait any longer – make your way to Ellis Island today!


Where Is It Located?

Ellis Island is located in Lower Manhattan, between Wall Street and the Hudson River. It’s accessible by bus or train from many places around New York City.

How Big Is It?

The original Ellis Island complex consisted of six buildings, totaling over 1 million square feet. Today, only the Terminal Building remains (about 290,000 square feet).

What Are Some Things To Do There?

There is a visitor center where you can learn about the history of Ellis Island and check out exhibits on immigration. There’s also a small museum containing artifacts from immigrant life. If you want to get more active, there are plenty of trails that visitors can walk. There are also picnic tables and a playground if you want to bring the family!

How Did It Open?

Ellis Island opened its doors on January 1, 1892. However, due to low-population in New York City at the time, nobody was allowed to immigrate for more than 20 years later until 1910 when Ellis Island saw significant growth of immigrants from Asia and Europe (especially Hungary).

How To Get To It?

Ellis Island can be accessed by a variety of modes. You may take the ferry to Battery Park, which is right in front of the Station Building (where you will have to clear immigration). Alternatively, buses and trains stop at Ellis Island but they are not directly connected – it’s 1.3 miles away from Penn Station on Hudson Street and another 0.5 mile up West Street before that!

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