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Emerald Isle


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Peopled by British and Irish, the Island of Ireland is blessed with an array of natural beauty. Its sceneries with the crystal blue water of the Atlantic, the misty green hills surrounding the region and the golden mile markers of Atlantic windships capping off the coast are just some of them.

Stroll along sandy beaches, highlands or mountain walks to explore Ireland’s wild beauty. But, do you know that Ireland is equally famous for its abundance of emerald green? It’s such a precious green that people across the world dream of owning it.

Emerald Isle


Emerald Isle was first settled by the Celts in the 4th century BC. In 837 AD, Viking invasions led by Ragnor Lodbrok began and they managed to conquer most of Ireland. The island then became part of England until 1922 when it attained independence as a republic. Today Emerald Isle is a popular tourist destination with its rich history and natural beauty. One of the first Emerald Journeys in Ireland was to visit Liss Ard. Famed for its emerald green glens and rhododendron-covered hillsides, this tourist spot located in County Antrim has been named world’s most beautiful place by National Geographic magazine.

The 2016 Irish tourism statistics report an overall 4% increase from 2015 with a focus on leisure travellers visiting directly from European countries. Its natural beauty coupled with its history makes Emerald Isle an ideal destination. Having visited the Island many times, I can attest to this as it truly is a unique place that combines natural beauty with living heritage.

The Leitrim Loughs are one of Ireland’s greatest treasures and emerald green water lagoons line them up in both counties Donegal and Roscommon boasting world-class fishing waters with over 300 species of fish . Other tourist attractions include rocky cliffs and dramatic glens, great hiking and cycling trails , vineyards, bakery’s and the Donegal Beers Beer Festival.


Emerald Isle has a temperate climate with mild winters and warm summers. The average temperature range is 18-24 degrees Celsius. Annual rainfall averages around 1300 mm, with over 50% falling in the summer months.


As already mentioned, Emerald Isle is historically a part of both the Kingdom of Connacht and the Earldom of Ulster. The island was influenced predominantly by Vikings who lived there for over 300 years between 876 AD until 1169 AD. During this time, it became known as Ioruaidh Óg meaning “the land or territory belonging to Odgar”, an Irish heroic figure associated with Scania in modernday Sweden.

There are several historical sites on the island including Gweedore Castle, Ballycastle Priory and Bruckneagh Townworld . These high status towns would have influenced wealthy travellers who wished to experience something of a better class. When parts of Ireland fell under Gaelic rule in 1200 AD then Emerald was gradually swallowed up by Mac Cúchulainn’s territory which included both the Island & adjacent mainland areas of Donegal and Tyrone.


Emerald Isle has a rich culture, influenced by its diverse history. Traditional Gaelic sports such as hurling and Gaelic football are still very popular with the locals. There are also several festivals held annually including music and arts festivals . Emerald Island has a population of over 9,000.

Over the years, Emerald Isle has diversified into various trades and industries. Its location at the meeting of two very large seas makes it a strategic place for industry as well limited manufacturing . Some examples include sugar beet farming which occurred beside Gweedore railway station on Main Street immediately following its construction.

Around 50 silk weaving factory s were located in Gweedore where over 30 families would typically make one full-time job in order to support the entire family . In recent years, many of these factories have closed down. But, some new industries such as solar wind power industry has flourished since it is one of Emerald Isle’s main sources in regards to green energy and sustainable living at home.


Emerald Isle is a Republic, with a President as the head of state and an appointed legislature. Sovereignty resides in Parliament. The judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature. There are two main political parties – Fianna Fáil (FF) and Sinn Féin (SF). The electoral system is proportional representation with Dáil which has 150 members.

There are 11 local electoral areas in Emerald Isle namely: Cappagh, Shainvarra/Gweedore South, Slieveleague North Eastern Barony of Inishowen East, Inishowen Central Barony of Inishowen West & Coolnasnelloggin Southern Baronies and the Counties Armagh & Monaghan. The councils to these areas are Dublin County Council, Armagh City & District Council and Monaghan County Council with the province of Ulster.

Government services

The main services are provided by the Department of Education, Social Protection, Health and Housing.

The economy is based on agriculture, fishing and tourism as well as a small industrial sector which includes solar wind power.


Tourism is the main economic driver in Emerald Isle. The island has many attractions such as Inishowen Peninsula with its natural beauty, beaches and golf courses; Kilcolgan Wildlife Reserve which offers a wide array of activities such as birdwatching, walking and cycling; Gweedore Heritage Centre which tells the story of the island’s past through exhibits and video presentations while also hosting concerts, festivals and public events; Cliffs of Moher National Park which has spectacular cliffs and vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, Galtymore Wildlife Reserve which offers dog walking in a large restored farmstead; Gull Island Ancient Fortress/Forty Foot with its carvings.



The main form of transport on Emerald Isle is by road. There are two airports, Inishowen Airport which serves the island’s principal airport and Combermere Airport which mainly operates charter flights. The island has a ferry service to Great Britain operated by Irish Ferries which connects to Liverpool and Holyhead in Wales.



The traditional Irish cuisine features white meat such as chicken, lamb and pork as well as fish. There are a number of local restaurants which serve modern versions of traditional dishes.


For ages, Ireland has been home to a part of the world’s finest history. From ancient Troy to the future-defining rebellion of 1916, Ireland has always been at the right place at the right time. No wonder a fascinating era of Irish culture has emerged. Through this colourful era, many fascinating myths, tales, fables and stories were born along with unique personal characteristics.


Where Is The Emerald Isle? 

Emerald Isle is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean. It lies about midway between Ireland and Scotland. From a geographical standpoint, Emerald Isle is part of the British Isles but culturally it belongs to Ireland.

What Is Emerald Isle Known For?

Emerald Isle is most famous for its dramatic cliffs, vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and its wildlife reserve.

Is Emerald Isle A Crowded Beach?

The population of Emerald Isle is only about 10,000 people and most visitors come to stay in one of the island’s many small villages. Consequently, Emerald Isle is relatively quiet and unhindered by the mass tourism that can be found on some other Irish islands.

Is Emerald Isle Touristy?

Emerald Isle is not as touristy as some other Irish islands, but there are a few small resorts on the island. If you’re looking for lots of people and bright lights, Emerald Isle may not be your thing.

What’s Something The Irish Know That Most People Don’t? 

One common stereotype is that the Irish love drinking alcohol and partying all night. In truth, most Irish people are quite conservative when it comes to their alcohol consumption and evenings out studying or socializing with friends are usually far more enjoyable than getting smashed on Guinness.

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