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Erin Brockovich has probably been one of the most popular films of all time, which is a perfect reason to watch. It’s a perfect story but many parts of the film are not accurate and have many holes in the story.

The interesting part about this movie is that it teaches about the power of the human brain and how it can change people’s lives for the better. With only a few technicalities in place, we can learn to take up this inspiring example and start applying it with our lives.

All About Of Erin Brockovich 2000 Story line

Erin Brockovich 2000 Story line and Short reviews

Erin Brockovich 2000 Story line

Jesse Rawlins (Julia Roberts) a former waitress who lives in Modesto, California. Jesse suffers from Exanthema allows her to feel nerve pain when she smells something toxic. She’s been working as a medical assistant which is difficult for her because of the smell that accompanies this disease and it makes work very stressful.

Which adds up making bad days worse for Robert’s health condition and lots of anxiety at home hidden with sleep or alcohol to numb the pain. Jesse has an excellent work ethics and always keeps her professional image at home which usually trickles down to employers as well.

Rising Action

While working as an assistant, Christine Sidwell (Cathy Sampson) suffers acute renal failure and hospitalization for few weeks. This cause severe strain on Jesse’s work place which leads to larger pay cuts from the employer. While being new in her job at a dental firm of Thomas Cushman III,

she encounters him more often than before during one therapy session because there is a strange problem with his nerves warning about toxic odour just by proximity to someone whom she believes is toxic,

Jesse isn’t able to tolerate the smell of most people around her. She can detect it and what others cannot not accept as poison theory a fact which only makes her lose confidence in herself. When Cushman gets samples from his treatment site he’d like them tested by Doctor Murrey Steinberg (Richard Schiff)



Cushman informs Jesse that there might be some serious issues with their practice due to the work of his sister and he has been acting strangely. Soon after, Christine enters back into her site which almost causes Weiss’ life at risk from multiple accidents in a row such as water leakage as she walks down an elevator ladder causing acid spill property before suffering large electrical surge electricity passing through it on contact.

To be sure if she is aware of Cushman’s sister condition, Jesse decides to make a special check on the 2 women who had worked with both Thomas and Christine. To her surprise, Dr Steinberg has prohibited his partner in practice from taking any patient as there might be genetic defects hiding under their conscious which prompts them to break out into murder spree.

Falling Action

Jesse had been requesting the leave to go back home due to her mother having a heart attack since she is considering that childhood diseases migrated. Jesse’s best friend, Herbie (Joey Greco), continuously berates her for it being rotten and not seeing things in life with cheerfulness rather than sadness which causes them break off their friendship until they reunite soon after when Christine requests more understanding from Jesse with regard to various clients of Cushman .


During a one-on-one session with Steinberg, he tells her that she has developed “Olfactory Enuresis” as in failure to smell and due to the lack of thereof they should stop visiting his site. Another candidate starts to take over the practice due to Cushman’s inability so he learns that Christine is not doing well with the illness and leaves.

Jesse then decides to discontinue her treatment using a remedy called PEst (Peripheral Edema Syndrome) which she orders without Steinberg approval since it was left off his list of possible prognoses in which case they cannot reverse.

Erin Brockovich 2000 Short reviews

Biscotti’s rating : Woody Allen has written a love letter to his wife,, and also delivered a restrained but deeply felt performance outside of the typical morose, neurotic manner he usually expresses. We now know where this film gets its title from: it’s Erin Brockovich time (sob)

Barkett DM „ I really enjoyed the first two thirds of “The Cushman Diaries”. Nothing that happened came as a surprise, but that’s ok. “Audrey in Autumn” was cute but not really related to the story of Erin Brockovich (or I might have even guessed the subject matter before reading it).

Ingelhart DM „ I liked the first film better because it had more of a mystery element to it. Errol Morris’ documentary “The Thin Blue Line” has a similar thematic argument: that true justice is hard and you have to wait for an investigation with all its complications, so when we see fit at times like Erin Brockovich getting involved in such cases brought about by mundane circumstances,

Final Thought

The story of Erin Brockovich is a perfect example of how a wronged woman rose above the odds and won. The story has been adapted into films and short films by Hollywood. Let us get more acquainted with this exciting, real-life story.


1.Where Can I Watch the Documentary, Erin Brockovich – Movie?

Ans: Watch this link for official trailer and more info:

Some chapters from wikipedia on Erin Brockovich’s cause of action and acrimony case were almost identical to that which Bev Findlay told her lawyer as soon as she read The Guardian article about a gentleman suffering from stroke – EDUCATION .

2.How Did Erin Brockovich’s Case Make Her Famous?

Ans: As the case worsened she used her fame and financial support to get involved in other victims’ cases, helped many people like sufferers of cancer or leprosy.

“Lang has been active since 2001 lobbying for an increase in funding for programs that prevent stroke as well as seeking federal regulation for electrocardiograms despite opposition from some cardiology societies” ( The Guardian newspaper ). Even when Bev said it could happen with any random person living on

3.What Is the Basic Plot of Erin Brockovich?

Ans: It is about a woman Erin Brockovich who takes revenge for an injustice on the man, Frank Frink. The story starts with her husband dying and she has to take morphine which keeps her from reliving all .

4.What Are Some Interesting Facts About Erin Brockovich?

Ans: Erin Brockovich worked hard being always the same person even when she became famous. The same attitude kept her going despite not providing much money to those around her.

“She has often said that all over America people had called asking how to reach Erin but because of anonymity their number was unlisted” ( 20 About Ellsberg ). Although some stories were based on myths, facts are still true and shouldn’t be ignored as we like reading about them.

5.What Are the Important Themes in This Movie?

Ans: To the main theme of her own life, Erin Brockovich is a deeply critical character for human rights. She worked hard to make sure others were not suffering from injustice.

The fight she had with Bev Findlay may serve as an example how sometimes harmful people can be found in every community even if they maintain themselves distant but still remain dangerous to goodness .

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