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Euphrates Islet


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Located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Euphrates islet is a small, uninhabited island situated about nine kilometres from the coast of Latakia governorate in Syria. The island was declared a marine park in 1994 and since then has been a popular diving spot for tourists and scuba divers.

Euphrates Islet



The island is said to have been named after the Euphrates River, which flows close by. The first mention of the island comes from a 7th century Arab manuscript known as the Jami al-Tawarikh, which describes it as an uninhabited piece of land that connected two nearby islets. No archaeological evidence has yet been found to support this claim.

Euphrates islet was first included in Syria’s national park in 1994, and since then has contained an abundance of coral reef life. A number of species that live in the surrounding waters have been sighted by divers at Euphrates islet including greenshells, threshers sharks, hammerheads and even rarer animals such as whale sharks which inhabit the western part of Syria’s Seas.


Euphrates Islet Climate

The climate on Euphrates islet is moderated by the Mediterranean Sea, making it a great diving and snorkelling spot all year round. The island is much quieter than the rest of Latakia and this in turn makes it a popular site amongst divers seeking the solitude that comes with escaping modern society. Fauna

Diverse and abundant in its colourful hues of coral, the waters around Euphrates islet boast a variety of marine life including beautiful corals; sea anemones; clownfish hideouts make up tunnels which fish move through to hunt.


Location and Access

Euphrates Island is located close to Syria’s coastline at around 35°30’N 37°00’E, situated on an unnamed island off Adana governement yet roughly thirty kilometres from Euphrates headland. The closest mainland settlement would be Lejmom Q abra (again in Adana governement) and from here, Euphrates village can be found approximately one kilometre away.

The island is said to sit about a mile off-shore with its closest point the nearby graveyard of Khirbat Moalla close by . To get there you must travel via boat across the bay which contains a large number of fish restaurants, both on land and at sea.



Euphrates Islet is said to have been inhabited since the Phoenicians, who named it ‘Aphrodite’s Isle’. The island today remains a popular tourist spot with Syrians and tourists from neighbouring countries. Families and friends visit the islet to enjoy its warm waters, sandy beaches and clear aqua.

The island most certainly is a popular tourist spot and was featured in the 2009 music video “Let’s Go” performed by female pop singers Alber Saber & Clivnik as they embark on an imaginary journey across seas, Islands, mountains and deserts.



The island is currently located in the Adana governement, however it may be transferred to the control of Turkey as part of measures being considered by Turkish President Erdogan to strengthen his grip on power.

Reasons that the island should be transferred to Turkey include: it’s Prime Minister, Nihat Keykavus, is incredibly close with Erdogan (the prime minister has been copied on numerous direct messages from Erdogan on Twitter) and the Turkish government has expressed a keen interest in having this small piece of Syrian land under its control until 2030.

Government Services

Government Services

There is no official government presence on Euphrates Islet, however there are a number of unofficial businesses which offer services such as snorkelling and sun bathing. Visitors should be aware that swimming in the bay is not recommended due to high levels of toxins in the water.

These toxins were said to have been released during a US bombing raid in February 2013 and already claim the lives of more than 1000 people every year, since this time.

There is an unofficial museum on the Island dedicated to capturing souvenirs for later buyers at home countries around Europe including France (EUR0 1/2 =about 5 USD from Damascus) & UK, however provenance unclear.



Euphrates Islet is a popular tourist spot and was featured in the 2009 music video “Let’s Go” performed by female pop singers Alber Saber & Clivnik as they embark on an imaginary journey across seas, Islands, mountains and deserts.

There are many small businesses in the area which pride themselves on offering souvenirs for tourists such as magnets and key chains. Visitors should be particularly wary of these sellers, who often take photos or videos to defraud buyers at home.



There is no official transport link to Euphrates Islet and visitors are reliant on travelling by boat from nearby Mersin. The journey takes around two hours and costs around EUR30 per person. Boats depart every half an hour, so it is important to arrive early in order to avoid long queues. Weather

The weather conditions on the island are highly unpredictable, with temperatures oscillating between around 26 degrees Celsius during the day to 5 degrees Celsius at night. Visitors should be careful of strong winds which can cause considerable damage to unprotected objects such as tents and boats.



Euphrates Islet is home to a variety of indigenous culinary traditions, including sweet and savoury pastries made from gelee (a type of pudding) and baklava. Locals are also known for preparing lamb in various ways, including roasted over an open fire and served with mint sauce. The island also hosts a magical but endangered variety of seafood, including hogweed jelly and sea urchin. Toilets

The toilets on Euphrates Islet are usually open to all visitors, with only two extremely small establishments often closed because they are not larger than 10 square meters and thus unable to accommodate more people. Visitors should still try their best in the event of any queueing system which prohibits the entry of those who have already been chosen.


You’re about to discover Euphrates islet island, one of the hidden gems of the Gulf. Nestled between Bahrain and Kuwait, this small island offers a host of activities and attractions that will leave you with lasting memories. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore this mesmerising destination!


1.What Is Euphrates Islet?

Euphrates islet, located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, is a small uninhabited island about nine kilometres from the coast of Latakia governorate in Syria. The island has been declared a marine park and since 1994 has been a popular diving spot for tourists and scuba divers.

2.When Was Euphrates Islet Declared A Marine Park?

Euphrates Islet was declared a marine park in 1994.

3.What Animals Can Be Seen On The Island?

Euphrates Islet is home to some of the most beautiful and well-known sea life. You will find dolphins, clown fish, jellyfish inside an “egg” looking thing called acanthaster which no one has ever been able to identify.

4.What Is Euphrates?

It’s a cold and salty sea water, rich in pearls, natural gas (natural LNG) facilities stores fish which consist of “just basic kind” such as wahoo jacks tuna tunas big fishes like marlin mahi-mahi yellowfin trout pilchard blue rock cod exotic species from Mediterranean diet so on…

5.How Many People Actually Go To The Island?

In close to 200 000, we need to cover all boats 4-5 with the maximum of passengers on charge from 10$ each.

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