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Fantasia Storyline and Short Reviews


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Fantasia Storyline and Short Reviews

Main characters of Fantasia

1.Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse 

Our beloved characters from Disney and others, who no one ever can beat in terms of magical properties.



Everyone has heard this name at least once but what you don’t know is the story behind him. In Fantasia he’s even more hilariously fun to listen about than before since his role was a bit bigger (not requiring just being Mickey’s henchman). The main theme throughout the entire movie focuses on friendship with nothing but love being portrayed.


This little creature is a bit like Jiminy Cricket without his uselessness. He was an innocent African monkey with very sweet manners, who spoke perfect English (more on that later). As he fell into the Fountain of Tears and became eternal life, he would now be significant as Master Bubo in this movie instead of just living the rest of eternity enjoying solitude but also inspiring some other characters’ dreams to come true.

4.Master Bubo (Bibiji)

This character seemed very peaceful and had a total non-confrontation attitude. After winning the lottery, he would transform into Master Bubo who is described as a “delicate little fellow with round, bright eyes”. In this previous life he was Mickey’s friend without differentiating lines of race or gender and many thought that both Mouses were childhood friends but it wasn’t really like.

The names of all characters are very unique and imaginative. Whether you’ve heard them before or not, they’ll always be remembered because I’m sure everyone has a different opinion on each character based on their own funny story like in the case of this extremely cute video:

The Fountain of Tears

Mickey’s bar where he tried to catch a demon by tricking him – also an incredible pun… but even so, it was cool!

Fantasia Film Storyline

The story starts out with three mischievous mice following crazy Swedish fairy wishing tree sap into the forest to get drunk by it and a girl (named Annette) ends up getting sick while drinking. However, they pull an evil plan of stealing her prince’s love potion which inspired them to use his chocolate cake mix as the witch powder but then she gets jealous over thinking that there must be something else besides love in life so she keeps on sigh ink thinking that the fire spirit is more important to her than him.

Rising Action

Rising Action

Mickey and his kin accidentally made a bean tart as a cake mix for an unbeknownst fairy princess who ends up being called Annette (which was actually what she wanted since it didn’t have enough love in its ingredients) but dedicating her life breaking people’s hearts one by one, starting from scraping them off with scissors to cutting letters on their cheek temporarily blinding them but making that permanent afterwards.

And just when she thought that Mickey was no longer her prince (as in he’s already taken by another one) but finds out later on a film story sequence with little bits of their life together and why the whole world is blind except for Annette which they’ve actually been waiting to become pure again so they could bewitch each other.

A few years earlier: after being baptized, Jane ends up getting an unfortunate twist while crossing the lake and coming back as a grown-up fish (due to being attacked by bad people) and must go through the same trouble again but then inadvertently turns into Annette, who is already known for her amazing singing talent.

Failing Action

Failing Action

The following day: Mickey went outside to get some fresh air because of all the noise he was hearing from his mean aunt’s old piano when Jane says happy birthday on their 3rd wedding anniversary, meaning that there was still hope for the former prince and princess who had yet to find true love then when she goes on about a great power coming from inside her that can change the world.

In reality, it was actually their missing baby girl Chip whom Annette discovered in 1968 just one day before its due date (so with friends she went into wintery weather) but after discovering this new spark of energy within herself as well as realizing that all indications are pointing towards what is to become of them (even at the time Annette feared she lost the spirit and has had a breakdown, but friends helped her through by telling Chip’s story being special enough for so many miracles that happened throughout history).


The rest is up to how it ends. In the Russian dub, Annette was voiced by Galina Senesky. Princess Charming, whose real name is Mary Katherine and played by Izzy Phillips as a baby in Season 1 until her early teens in Season 2. She was given visions from the spirit of Jane whom she constantly mentions when talking to Annette or Mickey who have no idea that their friend’s family has just lost both daughters through cloning before they could learn how to control their new found powers.

Fantasia Reviews

(Fantasia) is different, and it’s totally phenomenal. It fulfills the Disney basic requirement of having a princess (Annette), and they really develop her character, including showing Annette as a real person who has imperfections that viewers can relate with – like suffering from crippling stage fright or trying to protect herself because she doesn’t want to see what’s going on in life all around her until she gets caught up in the plight of their living clones. It’s very touching and shows that even Disney can have characters with “real-life” problems.”

In 2006, a feature film adaptation was released in the Russian language by Studio Rasta pan titled “My Little Monsters” based on these animated series. The movie stayed close to its translation of the original story including an anime music video halfway through its actual cinematic run as well showing short. This movie is a good example of Russian Disney style, it has interesting plot and a lot of new ideas for Disney characters.

The story involves clones-like ‘Soldiers’ who are fighting against the dark forces with their newly gained powers (which sounds similar to “Matrix” like energy blasts). That’s where some psychological problems come up when the soldier girls find out later in the whole film that they have been cloned from real life ladies.

Though are the military technology used in this movie. Galata, a famous retired soldier character who appears to have come back from “all-time death” after defeating villains in combat starts his mission during one week and that’s very short for someone as experienced as him.

He also reveals his confidence in himself over several seconds when visiting huge underground fortress but he doesn’t seem to need a lot of time to check any kind of reception system but he also stays inside the fortress for a long term (another smart detail in animation). He has some abilities to survive under water as well and his communication with other characters seems perfect. So, that’s how great were the plans behind this movie.

Final Thought

SFTVH community was very excited to see a new Russian production of Disney characters and their storyline. Just like when Star Wreck animated feature “Treasure Planet” came out years ago, people were anticipating about the long-awaited movie adaptation of those two series on.

It seems that those who expected something similar in cascades had wished for it over time though. Though are not the only ones having hopes this time but there’s also the Army Girl series anime which was expected to be aired earlier in the year but it hasn’t happened yet so far. If this movie turns out better than most of those made by other countries, then we can expect more adaptations over time on TV and even big screen.


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