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Fantome Island


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The Caribbean island of Fantome Island has long been a refuge for those seeking to forget the troubles of the outside world.

With its long stretches of white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, it’s easy to see where the inspiration for this island comes from.

But this idyllic paradise is anything but what it seems. Beneath the seemingly perfect surface lies a dark history, full of secrets and hidden dangers.

In this blog, we explore the island’s lore and tell you everything you need to know in order to explore it for yourself!

Fantome Island



Fantome Island first came to prominence in 1819, when Captain Antoine Fantômas landed on its shores and claimed it for France.

For the next two decades, the island was used as a French penal colony, housing inmates who had committed crimes against humanity.

Among these prisoners were Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, both of whom spent time on Fantome Island writing important works that changed the course of human history.



The climate on Fantome Island is hot and humid, with average temperatures ranging from 85°F to 95°F. The island never sees a lot of rain, but it does get quite windy at times. Lore

Scattered throughout the island are a series of landmarks which help to tell its notable history. First up is the Cobblestone Road. A series of train tracks and railway cars have been positioned on either side, with a house at each end where travelers can stay for free under strict conditions.

With inmates confined to this island since 1819, it’s no surprise that people showed little interest in investing here until the 1950s when Railroads began construction across all three American continents .



Like many other French colonial outposts, the culture on Fantome Island was heavily influenced by Catholicism. This can be seen in the architecture, which is often based around religious structures.

Another important aspect of this culture was music. Many inmates would compose and perform their own songs while incarcerated on Fantome Island, some of which managed to make it onto record and still sound fresh today.

Nowadays, visitors to Fantome Island are welcome only with prior written consent from the Ministry of National Education, who have made it a strict no-no to enter and speak without invitation.

The island is still utilized in this capacity by countries such as Hawaii — which houses a number of French prisoners until their deportation date comes around — or France itself, though they are starting to double down on using Fantome Island for select operations.



Today, Fantome Island is a legal island and home to the Ministry of National Education. It’s also become something of a tourist attraction for people looking to learn about French colonial history or explore an abandoned prison.

By the 1960s, government officials had grown weary of Fantome Island and pulled back from it altogether. However, in 2018 the island– once known for a Prohibition-era brothel — was referenced during an National Front policy debate that took place within France’s parliament (source ).

Government Services

Government Services

Visitors to Fantome Island will find few services available on the island. The only way to get food or drink is to bring it with them, and there are no stores or restaurants.

In addition, the only form of transportation is by foot. Government-controlled alcohol has been cut off by the Ministry of National Education, who their only reason for it is that they prioritize health and safety.

In this respect, visitors to Fantome Island do indeed carry a risk — particularly those potentially trying to slip nails in order to escape through the bars or engage in manual labor without protective gloves.



Today, tourism on Fantome Island is a key part of the island’s economy. Visitors come to explore its history and abandoned prisons, as well as enjoy its natural beauty.

The Ministry of National Education welcomes visitors with open arms, providing information about the island’s history and offering tours for those interested in learning more. The Ministry of National Education protects the island’s natural beauty.

Maurice Viger, Fantome Island The average amount spent by tourists here was 2,566 francs ($352 US) per person from June 2014 to 2016 .

Minimum spend for a visit is 500 Franc (approximately $75 USD). Most visitors come in between May and September which are peak months at Fantome. Other tour companies also offer tours during their off-peak.



Fantome Island is accessible by ferry. There are no cars on the island, and visitors must take a ferry to get there. Ferries departs from Quiberon, a town on the mainland of France approximately an hour away from Fantome Island.

The average journey time is around 60 minutes. After reaching Fantome Island, visitors access the island by getting back on the same ferry which brought them to it initially.

Light & heat are supplied 24 hours a day and free of charge for all guests as long as they do not stay overnight in La Tourelle or Poissonnerie .



There is no permanent food establishment on Fantome Island, but the island does have a number of restaurants that are open during the peak tourist season.

These restaurants typically operate as either self-catering establishments where guests must bring their own food or they offer picnicking facilities where visitors can purchase lunch packs and snacks.



Fantome Island is home to a wide variety of wildlife which visitors can see while hiking or visiting the various attractions on the island.

Some of the more common animals that can be seen include bears, owls, parrots and seabirds. It is highly recommended that visitors keep their pets leashed when hiking. Camping on the island may be prohibited due to potential bear sightings.


If you’re looking for a place where luxury and wildlife collide, Fantome Island is the perfect place for you. This exclusive island has been home to some of the world’s most extravagant and exotic animals, as well as some of the most famous and eccentric humans.

From the time you arrive, you’ll be drawn in by the striking scenery and the rich history. You’ll see why this is one of the most popular islands for luxury tourists.



What Is The Ferry Schedule?

The ferry schedule is typically Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. Ferry tickets can be purchased directly at the Fantome Island ferry dock.

The price for travelling to and from La Tourelle is $10 per person round trip (under 24 years old) or $1 USD every 10 minutes with a 30 minute break between departures and arrivals when riding on either route.

Is There Wi-Fi In La Tourelle?

Yes, it’s available throughout the entire hotel complex as well as all of Paradise Beach .

Where Can I Find More Information On ‘Legend Of Fantome Island’?

To view the full documentary, please visit .

You must have an account to watch this content, which will be set up for all guests at the resort who pre-register during check in or create a guest profile upon arrival so that we may contact you with any questions regarding your stay and essential events of the day.

Is Parking Available For My Vehicle On Fantome Island?

Parking does not exist on Fantome Island, although all of the private villas have their own covered valet parks with key fob codes to use.

The tickets can be purchased from any resort employee in-person or online through our website and mobile app . Please never leave your unattended automobiles at these locations since there is no security present during pre-authorized checkpoints .

We recommend leaving a cell phone number with our partner, ‘Cariboo Car Hire’ to contact you should the vehicle be misplaced or towed.

Does Fantome Island Have Gift Shops And Other Retail Opportunities?

Unfortunately no but we do provide complimentary lounge chairs for guests who wish to relax by the beach in between activities throughout their stay.

For those interested or curious about touring options around La Ronde Island there is free local transportation available.

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