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Fisher Island is a sub-tropical island located in the Miami metropolitan area. It is the second largest island in Miami-Dade County, behind only Key Biscayne. It is also the most affluent island in the county, and has a population of about 12,000 people. The island is home to many luxury homes and resorts, as well as a few businesses and government buildings. Fisher Island has been called “the Beverly Hills of South Florida”.

Fisher Island
Fisher Island is an exclusive luxury island in Biscayne Bay by Miami Beach, Florida


Fisher Island was originally inhabited by the Tequesta tribe of Native Americans. The first European to visit the island was Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León in 1513, who named it La Isla de los Perros (The Isle of Dogs). In 1509, under Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, a Spanish expedition landed on the island and built Fort Miami. The original fort was destroyed by Great Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

A new inlet was created between Fisher Island and Biscayne Bay, allowing ships to dock directly on the island during WWII. After Florida became a state of the Union in 1845, settlers established farms around Gouaches Point (SoBay SWEET) along with several plantations such as that of Dr. William Cunkey Sayre; whose family still owns property there today near Kisenel’s Pond (“Coney Island”).


The climate of Fisher Island is subtropical, with a high humidity level year-round. The island experiences two to three hurricanes every season, which can cause flooding and power outages. In 2004, Hurricane Frances caused serious flooding on the island.

Fisher Island is governed by an elected mayor of Fisher Island and thirteen commissioners who serve four-year staggered terms. The current mayor at the time this article was written was Michael Jellinek, a media personality on SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s “Miami Beach Drive Show With Adrienne Maloof” program that ended in November 2010 (among other shows she hosts on SiriusXM). The city has its own police, fire and rescue departments.


Residents of Fisher Island are known for their lush beaches and the expensive real estate, much of which is used as a summer residence. The island’s upscale shopping district, called “SoBay”, hosts boutiques by noted designers such as Versace, Armani and D&G. The annual Art Deco Weekend celebration draws art enthusiasts from around the world to view extravagant costumes on parade.


Fisher Island is part of Miami-Dade County, and its residents are registered Democrats. It is currently represented in the Florida House of Representatives by Republican Carlos Trujillo. Past mayors of Fisher Island include Jessie Ball du Pont, a daughter-in-law of John Astor IV and granddaughter to Joseph Medill Patterson (judge; nephew to the legendary “Tribune” founder) who served as mayor from 1977–1978.

The current Mayor is Michael Jellinek whose first term began in 2011 after being elected that year.

Government services

The island has its own post office, hospital and police force. Fire protection is provided by the Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue Department. The 2004 opening of the James L. Knight Center encouraged development, currently creating a lasting legacy.


Fisher Island is home to many sports franchises and teams that have played in Miami or across South Florida such as: The UC International (basketball), Fisher Island Athletic Club (baseball & softball) and Fisher Park Volleyball Association are all located on the island top most recreational fields for anyone who likes an outdoor gym workout any time .


Fisher Island is the most popular tourist destination in Miami-Dade County drawing an estimated 25 million visitors each year. The island has a number of restaurants, shops and services catering to tourists. The majority of the island is made up of private residences with only 5% open to tourists.

The limited number of public areas and roads provide a very similar experience as that offered by exclusive communities in other parts, while offering greater access at low cost compared to “real life”.


Fisher Island Transport

The island is accessible by boat from Miami or Miami Beach and can also be reached by car via the causeway that connects it to Miami. Climate

The island lies in USDA hardiness zone: 10a. This region experiences only one climate type; tropical savanna climate (BSk). BSk climates are characterised by a wetter than normal season with elevated humidity levels during the summer months, which is followed by a drier season resulting in lower temperatures throughout the year.

The entire area of Fisher Island accounts for 0% of Miami-Dade County’s total precipitation and receives an average of 4.6 in of rain per month which is comparable to the national (US) monthly precipitation average across all climate types.


Fisher Island Cuisine

Many of the island’s restaurants cater to tourists with fusion dishes that combine local traditions with international flavors. Two of the most popular are Ajisen Ramen and The Bayside Market.

The Future After 20 years as a destination, there is still much to discover on Fisher Island for tourists willing to come over from Miami Beach or check in and out with helicopter tours. The island continues to offer luxury accommodations, high end services and amenities without the harsh real-life prices of other communities in the area.


Fisher Island Wildlife

The island boasts a wealth of wildlife that just can’t be found anywhere else in the area. Hunting is prohibited, but visitors are allowed to bird watch and take photos without disturbing the animals. Accommodations

Fisher Island offers spacious, five star accommodations with the highest levels in luxury found on any of Miami’s islands. Relax and enjoy a Jacuzzi style pool surrounded by palm trees while watching the sun set over soaring water line homes or take an active adventure to explore all that Fisher Island has to offer.


Fisher Island is one of the largest of Miami’s 33 islands and is known as a luxury destination. The island is home to some of the most iconic and luxurious residences in Florida, as well as world-renowned golf courses, a marina, tennis courts, and a number of other facilities. Fisher Island offers residents a range of amenities not available on other Miami-Dade islands.


1. What Are the Main Attractions on Fisher Island?

The main attractions on Fisher Island include luxury resorts and residences, world-renowned golf courses and a number of other facilities.

2. What is the Weather Like on Fisher Island?

May to September are considered the best months for island visitors and experience over 90 degrees year round with every passing day of summer being hotter than before. October through April, sea breezes kick into action along with cooler temperatures in which one might not find too much difference from a standard Miami Beach climate during these months. In June it rains almost everyday until August when there is an absence of any precipitation for the rest of the year. The average yearly rainfall on Fisher Island is 60 inches, making it one of the wettest places in Miami-Dade County.

3. How Far Away From a Beach Can I Get?

The most secluded beaches are located along Phillips and Cudjoe Key but all islands have public access that allows you to walk right onto them as well as deep water marine protected areas spread across relatively small spaces and all are within just a few miles of the island homes. For example, Fisher Island beach is only 7 minutes away from another public beach that has an underutilized and shallow waters first half mile then turns into deep water with marine life for literally 100 more yards until you reach it’s final destination at about 55 feet depths where visibility surpasses 115′.

4. How Far Does the Ferry Ride Take Me?

Fishing Village to Bar Harbor takes you 30 miles and can take 2 hours, Pier 60 to The Hamptons is an hour and a half winding boat ride that typically leaves the port at 1 pm for trips with low turn-over.

5. Do I Need My Own Transportation on Fisher Island?

No, car rentals are available from most of the local resorts as well as FREE valet parking from each one provided your stay lasts more than 4 nights in which case you will receive 10% off the total bill. All you need to do is ask your concierge or front desk attendant and they will pair you up with a rental company providing around-the-clock service to each resort on Fisher Island.

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