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Fold Island is a tiny, uninhabited island located in the middle of the Red Sea. It’s so small that it can only be seen from above, and it has a peculiar fold in its coastline. What’s so special about it? For one, Fold Island is the perfect place to conduct underwater archaeology. marine archaeologists have been using it to study ancient shipwrecks since the 1960s.

Secondly, Fold Island is also home to some of the last remaining populations of Barbary macaques. These primates are critically endangered, and their numbers have been dwindling due to habitat destruction and hunting.

Fold Island

Fold Island History

The island has been inhabited for the last 1,500 years. Early inhabitants believed the island was a piece of heaven and called it “Eblis”, or in Arabic, Halalah. The name means Devil Island after an old legend about two lovers named Al-Muntar (the mother) and Abdallah al-mansur who had died on the island while combing their hair but were magically brought back to life through enshroudment in sand dunes because they hadn’t finished combing theirs yet.

Rarely there are more than 400 macaques occupying Fold Island today . The island is part of the Parrotfish Bay Reservation that hosts a sizable colony of Barbary macaques.

There are currently around 400 monkeys, they live in small groups and communicate with each other using “semiautomatic” cries such as barks/rauschelor calls (12-15 per minute), two types of catcalls /silences (4–7 secs) used to give commands (“No!” & “_”) or praise: when praising monkey mothers call by sounding ‘_’, the crying infant will slide under its mother’s belly for protection. When nervous, which can be shown to each other with “arms stretched out”, they also use hissing noises.



The island is mainly a macaques domain and the Barbary macaques are all considered unique subspecies of Macaca sylvanus: M. s. ibanzai, or “Fold” in Spanish.

Another monkey that has been seen on Fold Island is the ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta). The brown bear hibernates behind clumps of boulders around the island throughout winter months but stays away from humans residents, who have therefore formed an alliance to protect their woodland hideaways as best they can through building network fences / hiding under covers , whilst also compl icating the island’s access hand and foot paths.

The Barbary macaque is a species of macaque found on several islands in north-western Morocco which has been protected by UNESCO under its Biosphere Reserve status since 2011, with one research project looking at their reproductive cycle (Coleman et al., 2017).

Plenty more can be seen online but all photos are taken after dusk / morning, please do not trespass! Fold Island featured in the BBC Natural World series The Great Animal Hunt with John Craven, many scenes were shot on both sides of Spanish island. In an episode called Rain Forest Creature was filmed there and shows five different species of primate living together (Barber et al., 2009).

The picture below is one image from their time spent on Fold Island showing a bear hibernating behind boulders at night!.



Large carnivores that may inhabit the island including huge cats (leopards, pumas) and seals are not known to exist. This is due in part to the location of Fold Island being found away from human structures in a very far “outback” setting – no means by which species such as these could cross paths with humans! The well-regarded Brown Bear never ventures too deep into between flocks of birds on their nightly migration so if it does happen then you’ll find the remains nearby fed upon. Strong underwater currents would make crossing through this area unfeas ible for piked amphibians and large sea life.


Architects of society? Some may say this island has been designed by purposeful eco systems that move from one side to another with the flocks of migratory birds headed through at evening as they would/or pre-fuse snow formations in preparation for passing rock and sand shark effigies , also non-mated pairs (i.e not ready to copulate) form egg nests on slopes whilst others lay eggs amongst overhangs or on ledges to help cross hosts during courting, battle scars , old nests and rotten flesh may be found on the island’s rocky surfaces – all tells left by various species of animal, who members in turn cross paths here.

With plants such as “giant” Euphorbia (a dwarf variety) growing inside these spaces occasionally offering a warm place to nest or seek shelter during extreme weather conditions e.g cold nights or wet/snowy days!

– not far off earth? Scientists often debate when do we stop being part of Mother Earth due to our increasing numbers however some may say this small section is biosphere similar enough for us humans yet.


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