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Folegandros Island


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Stranded on an uncharted island, your only company is the flora and fauna you encounter. Wandering among these exotic beasts and creeping plants, you’ll be amazed by their beauty.

But what about their deadly potential? Well, let’s take a look at the top five deadliest plants found on Folegandros Island.

Folegandros Island

All About Of Folegandros Island


There were three small volcanic islands that were part of the Former Phoenician kingdom, sometimes known as “Carthage”. The island we are talking about today was first settled during Ancient times, and stayed under this same name throughout all of Greek history.

It wasn’t until Roman emperor Hadrian’s time when it became famous for its medicinal properties. Due to its location near more developed areas on the Island, Hippocrates spent his last days in Folegandros while being besieged by a Gallic invasion.

The Islands’ potential as a military stronghold meant that they saw use by different powers over the years, culminating with the Ottoman Empire in 1912. Nowadays it remains under Greek sovereignty as part of Greece’s Dodecanese Island group About Folegandros

In modern times Sarantaporo means “Folegandros” and is known for its impressive cliffs that make up a large portion of the island’s terrain.

It has two larger settlements: Porteia on Cape Orfissoio to name one among many others (1), Tochni on Pardo near Elefsina where you find most hotels and dining establishments (3) . The other towns that dot the area do not have many visitors, but still offer some interesting historic sites.

In particular you should pay a visit to Olympos to explore its rich archaeological site (4). There are wonderful views of Elefsina from there so don’t forget that or take photos from up close. You’ll also discover clusters of ancient Greeks and Roman ruins in South Olivetoio at Caravana .

Ancient artefacts recovered here reveal much about life in these days: pottery, tools and animals’ remains give us an impression on what they lived off while baths represent another thing every citizen.



You can also visit the archeological site of Eresos (5) and learn more about its ancient past.

The Island, despite being a mere 6 km long by 4 wide has many unspoiled areas like: Zia, Lefka and Ammoudi all with excellent views towards Folegandros’ southern coast where there’s an extensive little beach that is not foreign among bathers.

Don’t forget to be sure you have all essential items on your person whilst swimming in case you get caught unprepared for such natural disasters behind everyday life but having fun nonetheless 🙂

To chni (Foti) is the closest harbor to Athens and Boetiko. Here you’ll find a variety of restaurants, shops, bars and souvenir sellers who encircle its beach that provides additional seclusion from tourists. I recommend visiting after hours as it’s within walking distance of town!

Weather Folegandros has cold winters and mild summers with occasional rainfall during springtime for highest temperatures around 27ºC in winter making this island very pleasant no matter what season you choose to visit.

However there are excessive amounts of sunshine throughout the day so don’t forget your swimwear or items you might need for sun protection should the days be too scorching.

In winter though it’s best to check weather conditions before you set out as they fluctuate significantly throughout the time of year (even in a day or two)

Curiosities and Useful Information As the southernmost island of Greece its close proximity to destinations like Athens and Iraklion make it an excellent in between island hop from which you can find anywhere from a few minutes away by car. Additionally it’s one-climax drive (over 2 hours) outside Syros making for great excursions on some parts of mainland Greece.

Also consider that running water is not found on nearly all villages and towns as wells as sewage systems, electricity or mobile phones so pack them such beforehand if possible! Many inhabitants prefer eating breakfast inn where they are warm especially after working outdoors throughout the summertime.



Greek people are known for there hospitality and Greek Acropolis, Athens from this part is also a well-known attraction. Boetiko Island (also known as Iraklion) being the main island to which many of these inhabitants travel daily makes it an area where you’ll find charm throughout!

There’s cabins hidden away in beautiful surrounding forests that are accessible only by boat or on foot through paths along rocky cliffs if not hiking is more your style.

Transportation From Skiathos Airport transfer is available but travelers will have to call ahead about purchasing their tickets at time of reserving with car rental companies as some of these only operate with reservations up to one hour in advance.

The drive from Syros (mediterranean coast) may take more than 2 hours outside normal traffic and traffic conditions between the south island is notoriously bad during winters causing considerable delays at times, especially along peak season when stops for gas stations or lunch are scarce on the way if you don’t have time to tour Photos by:



The Pandeli rocks have farmed land nearby often used as a fishing area. As well the Island and surrounding towns are home to many rare species of wildlife including cave bears, goats with monkeys they call ‘whichts’ (from the Greek Δέλια = ‘goodness’), porcupines and even hedge hogs.

In certain parts locals live off of these less common animals utilizing what’s plentiful such as there pelican eggs for example attributed to their brown patches! I only mention these because it is also amazing how much wild life in Greece remains undiscovered especially among more rural areas.

Folegandros is an enchanting island in the Cyclades, known for its crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, and dramatic cliffs. The island has some of the most breath-taking views in Greece, and is a popular tourist destination for those looking to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island.


Folegandros is a small, isolated island located in the Ionian Sea. It is known for its beautiful landscape, well-preserved ruins, and crystal clear waters. It is also the site of a temple dedicated to Apollo, one of the most important gods in Greco-Roman mythology. This unique place has inspired artists and writers for centuries.

The island’s natural beauty has been the subject of paintings and poetry, making Folegandros one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece.

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