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Fukue Island-Everything You Need to Know!


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Fukue Island is a beautiful and secluded private island located in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. The island was once used as a training ground by the Japanese Imperial Navy, and it’s now home to a luxurious villa and several restaurants.

The island is accessible by charter only, and reservations can only be made through the Fukue Island Private Island website. The cost of a stay includes all meals and alcoholic drinks, as well as the use of all the facilities on the island. The villa itself can accommodate up to 16 guests and features an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, spa, billiards room, and library.

Fukue Island-Everything You Need to Know!


Fukue Island is an uninhabited island located in the Seto Inland Sea, within the borders of the Mie Prefecture of Japan. The island is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and lack of tourists. It has been known for its geysers, hot springs, and misty forests. Fukue Island has a population of about 170 people.


Fukue Island is a small island located in Japan’s Inland Sea. The island has a population of about 1,000 people and is known for its rice paddies, dense forests, and gorgeous beaches. The locals are mainly farmers who grow a variety of crops, including rice, sweet potatoes, and melons. There are also a few small businesses on the island that sell goods like pottery, souvenirs, and clothing.


The ecosystem on Fukue Island is mostly composed of forests, with a few small open areas. The island has many geysers and hot springs that flow naturally due to the volcano located on the island. There are also several ponds and waterfalls that can be explored by visitors.


The population of Fukue Island is approximately 1,000 people. The majority of the island’s residents are farmers who grow various crops, including rice and sweet potatoes. There are a few small businesses on the island that sell goods like pottery, souvenirs, and clothing.


The economy of Fukue Island is mostly based on agriculture. The island’s main exports are rice and sweet potatoes, which are shipped to other parts of Japan and overseas. There is also a small tourism industry on the island that caters to foreign visitors who want to visit geysers, hot springs, and lush forests.


Fukue Island is located in the Japan Sea and enjoys a mild, humid climate all year round. The average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) with an average humidity of 80%. The island experiences two main seasons – the cool summer and the warm autumn. As for rain, Fukue Island receives an average of 280 mm (11.84 inches) of rain annually.

Culture and Religion

The culture on Fukue Island is based on agriculture and farming. The island’s religious beliefs are predominantly Shinto, with a small number of Christians and Buddhists living on the island.


The main languages spoken on Fukue Island are Japanese and Hakka.


Fukue Island is an uninhabited island that is part of the Ogasawara Islands chain in the Pacific Ocean. The island is about 240 kilometers southeast of Tokyo and can be reached by a boat ride from the city. The island’s total area is about 1.5 square kilometers, and it has a population of about 10 people who live on the main island and two smaller islands. The primary economic activity on the island is fishing, although there are also some small-scale tourism activities.


The island is part of the Ogasawara Islands chain and is under Japanese administrative control. The primary political body in charge of the island’s affairs is the Fukue Island Village Assembly, which was established in 1971.

Government Services

There are no government services on Fukue Island. Instead, the island’s primary source of healthcare is through a family health center that was established in 2003.


The primary tourist activity on Fukue Island is fishing. There are also a few small-scale tourism activities, including hiking and camping.

Hotels and Resorts List

Fukue islalnd Hotels and Resorts List

Fukue Island is a small island located in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. It has a population of about 2,000 people and is known for its natural beauty, which has made it a popular tourist destination. The island is also home to Fukue Shrine, which is dedicated to the Shinto god Amaterasu.

Some of the hotels and resorts located on Fukue Island include the Ishigaki Grand Hotel, the Ishigaki Resort Hotel, and the Yakuin-en Resort.


Fukue Attractions

Fukue Island is known for its natural beauty, which includes beautiful landscapes, coral reefs, and islands. Some of the attractions on the island include Fukue Shrine, Yakuin-en Garden (which is a Japanese garden), and Nakajima-juku Bay.


Fukue Activities

There are a few activities that can be enjoyed on Fukue Island, including hiking and camping. Fishing is also popular among tourists, as the island is home to a number of fishing spots.


There is no regular transport service available on Fukue Island, although there are a few sporadic buses that visit the island. Visitors can instead use ferries to get to and from the island.


Fukue Cuisine

The cuisine on Fukue Island is primarily Japanese, with a few dishes from the local diet also available.


Based on the information provided, I would say that Fukue Island is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway. The island is well-maintained and the staff is professional and friendly. The amenities are top-notch, and the island has plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. All in all, I would highly recommend Fukue Island to anyone looking for a fun, stress-free vacation.


1. What Is the Currency in Fukue Island?

The currency in Fukue Island is the Japanese yen.

2. What Are the Temperatures Like on Fukue Island?

The temperature range on Fukue Island is from 28 degrees Celsius in winter to 32 degrees Celsius in summer.

3. What Is the Best Way to Get to Fukue Island?

The best way to get to Fukue Island is by ferry from Ishigaki City.

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