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Garrett Island, located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island is a small island located in the Charlottetown Harbor. It is a popular tourist destination that offers an excellent view of the harbor and the city of Charlottetown. The island also has a marina, which is used by boat owners to dock their vessels. The island also has a golf course, which is open to the public.

Garrett Island


Garrett Island was first settled by the Scots in 1775. The island was then bought by Colonel Samuel Garrett in 1806 and became private property. In 1861, Garrett donated the island to the government of Prince Edward Island for use as a naval base.

However, due to British hostilities during World War II, the navy never established a presence on Garrett Island. The military abandoned the island after WWII and it subsequently became a public park until 1958, when it became a residential community.

Geology/Landscape: Amphitheatric to exhumation-concordant sedimentary sequence (Greater Antilles Seaway) that includes the Charlottetown Formation and uplifting at end of Gasterocamptus cycle; extended and contemporaneous age in northwest conterminous US during Burdwood Belt interval or for a known time prior (notably Gulf Mountain Group, Bakken ou Grand Caribou Group (Canada) – so earliest: Mississauga Series and in Maastrichtian of Acadian Appalachians; completely overstruck then, Venters Valley Orogeny meta-sedimentary unit with locally higher iron oxide precipitation rates within known Phanerozoic “Gulf Mountain”, Fortier/Featherston formations suggest extensional accommodation and juxtaposition, only. Accessibility is attributed to very high organic carbon content, therefore calcareous mangrove swamps .



The climate on Garrett Island is moderated by the ocean. The average temperature ranges from 62 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer to about 36 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. The months of December through March receive the least amount of precipitation with lows in the 40’s Fahrenheit and highs in the 60s.

The April through November period receives more rainfall, coming close to a third of an inch annual average as well as experiencing its highest temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


The culture on Garrett Island is heavily influenced by the people who have lived there for many years. Because of this, the local customs are often Continuously evolving. The locals are also very friendly and welcoming to visitors who arrive on the island. They have many unique traditions that involve the themes of fishing and heath along with lots of celebration.

A variety of fish species indigenous to the island are considered fully protected under conservation laws by Order 39-2011, in particular: Giant trevally (Caranx ignobilis), mangrove snapper (Pagrus auritus), and swamp snapper (Lutjanus macellus). Also natural habitat amounts for visiting species native to the island, such as hawk rays and turtles, are protected under Habitat Conservation Orders. 

The reef species on the island consists of some large varieties of seahorses (Hippocampus cephalus), butterflyfish (Chaetodon spilonota) that can be seen at depths between 30-50 ft while lobsters do exist in coral holes and mud flats along shallow reefs habitats however it is only common to find those species that may spend time near or inside the reef barrier.



The island is represented by one member in the United States Congress via the 2nd Congressional District of Puerto Rico. The current Representative is Luis Gutierrez (D) who was elected in 2012, the previous representative being Ninfa Segarra (R).

It is also represented by 4 delegates to the Puerto Rico House of Representatives and two Members at Large. The 2nd District’s One of their representatives is José Pedrique Rivera White (NPP), his current term for United States Congress expires on January 3rd 2019. Before him there were representatives like: Armando Morales Tostado Jr., Ruben Berrios and Pasquale Perrucci. 

The Island was formerly represented by its member of the Interim Legislative Assembly, former representative Ernesto Laguerta Higgins. He resigned from office on December 29th 2013 to run in a special election for mayor of Cataño, which he won 2 weeks later with 59% percent over Raul García Aguilera (NPP) issuing him as Mayor after serving 11 months in this position until January 3rd, 2014 when Pedro A.

Government services

Government services

The island is administered through the Department of Justice in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The government provides a few essential services such as education and healthcare however many other services are provided by commercial enterprises or through private organizations. Most businesses are owned and operated by people from the mainland United States, who bring with them their experience and knowledge of how to operate a business.

Puerto Rico has been struggling since its colonial period to establish an autonomous government that could govern the island’s affairs without interference. The San Juan legislature receives little autonomy in revenue collection and may not be autonomous in providing other public services. 

In fact, Puerto Rico is often referred to as a colony or semi-colony of the United States because it has no institutional capacity for self-determination nor representation at U.N.-sponsored agencies that decide global matters much like an independent country would have with respect to decisions made by international organizations such as the World Trade Organization or United Nations Security Council.


Garrett Island Tourism

Tourism has been a cornerstone of the Puerto Rican economy for many years. This is in part due to the island’s unique culture and its natural beauty, which has made it a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world.

The government imposes various regulations on tourism to protect both the environment and visitors’ safety. These include limiting hotel capacity, requiring licenses from operators of touristic services, and instituting tariffs on goods such as room rentals (about 0.10 € per night). A ten-year moratorium has been placed on new hotels, but the government is currently exploring ways to expand tourism.


Garrett Island Transport

The main means of transport on the island are buses, which serves almost all parts of the island. In addition, Puerto Rico has a small but growing number of roadways and expressways. Traffic congestion is a problem in most parts of the island. There is also an extensive public transportation system, consisting mostly of subways and commuter trains. The cost and quality of these services vary greatly from one municipality to another.


Located in the heart of Central London, Garrett Island is a wonderful place to stroll and relax. It is situated just across the River Thames from The Shard and is bordered by the Vauxhall and Nine Elms neighborhoods. With its tranquil surroundings, a number of interesting attractions, and a wide range of shops, restaurants, and bars, Garrett Island is perfect for a leisurely day out.


Is Garrett Island a Volcano?

No, Garrett Island is not a volcano. It is actually an artificial island created in the mid-19th century by the construction of the London Docks.

Is There an Active Volcano in Maryland?

There is no active volcano in Maryland.

How Many Volcanoes Are in Maryland?

There are currently three active volcanoes in Maryland – Mount St. Helen, Mount Rainier, and Snow Mountain.

What is Garrett Island?

Garrett Island is an artificial island in the mid-19th century by the construction of London Docks.

What is the Weather Like on the Island?

The weather on the island can be hot and humid in the summer, and cold and windy in the winter.

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