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Welcome to Geologists Island. As you explore, you’ll find that this small island is chock-full of geological wonders. From the incredibly ancient rocks that date back over 3.6 billion years, to the active volcanoes that are constantly spewing forth molten rock, Geologists Island has something for everyone. So come explore, and let us help you learn about the fascinating world of geology!

Geologists Island

All About Of Geologists Island


Geologists Island contains plenty of natural wonders, but it also has some interesting history as well. In 1951-1952 there was an island located directly west of where Milarabar is now. Test drilling showed that the approximately 20 acres consisted mostly of limestone and chert with some dolomitic chert (the same rock most commonly used for building stone in Kersmon).

While no structures were found at Geologists Island during this initial exploration, a geologist by the name described “potential structures” consisting primarily of quarry work around each drill hole area on what had been approved mining rights. From 1952 to 1954, drilling and exploration of both the island itself as well as surrounding areas was performed including examination of a possible quarry operation in the area.

West Island would need more testing though before final approval could be given, on May 25th 1955 (at which point nearby Bellamy Mines had plans for deep mine development) Geologists Island ceased all operations when it appeared that no resource value existed there; however extraction rights were eventually sold by subdividing about 10 acres at each end into individual plots until excavation work began shortly thereafter with layers following one another without interruption except for 50 feet.



ivation of wild orchids extends back to at least the Imperial Age (250-600 AD); these were not uncommon in writings from that period. When it comes to cultivated varieties, however most are from around this time as well; by some estimates over 200 different varieties have cultivation history extending for nearly four millennia and counting. Geologists Island also has its own epiphytic plant life growing directly on island limestone/chert deposits; barnacles, algae and mosses all grow there easily, but obviously require sunlight which is nonexistent here during a common depth of winter sometime between December 31st – the beginning of March. Additional Hydrologic and Environmental Information

Geologists Island runoff goes the Sudbury River which eventually feeds into Lake Washago; this does not necessarily indicate that there is a net gain for ecological balance on site, but at least it means something can be done with what would otherwise flow uncontrollably in place. The island area itself is also unique from an agricultural standpoint considering as well that its cultivation system saves water/surface by 20 – 50%. Irrigation costs are very similar to those of Bellamy Mines or other Opasatika operations though ranging between $1000 per acre top irrigated when.



There is one single 1 acre field planted with potatoes, carrots and winter greens that are shallowly watered twice a day, simply because some of the island earth was silt or clay too deep to till. Larger areas can be ploughed by hand (10 acres in about 4 days on average) for roughly an 84% margin depending on whether or not manure has been brought there previously. Onsite water does include sufficient usage for vegetable matter at least as well as 3 off site wells which all provide slightly differing levels of full availability through varying seasons; since each represents a unique arrangement set up specifically.


Kangaroo Island Politics

Low flushing capabilities due to island shape usually, most wells can be easily pumped dry by hand via wooden bucket or even child’s plastic pail without the aid of a tractor. Often times these “well traps” are filled with soaked compost comprised mostly of manure, which is subsequently replaced every 3 months (like lambs wool) in order to retain water levels there and on site while also sustaining beneficial soil microorganisms that inhibit disease organisms and ultimately increase harvests out production time as well appropriate nutrient contents as much as possible overall whilst reducing cost/hassle through no need for nitrates etc.



Once the island is properly sized down and settled with multiple full available wells (for a couple of years now) then livestock should be able to become much more prevalent on its soil already. The current alternative in Opasatika would have to establish itself through investment by multiple off site suppliers/principals into infrastructure improvements; bringing new flushing systems and equipment including also proper drainage apparatus that doesn’t easily fill up or clog when not performing useful functions which could save 20 – 50% total potential costs overall though it does take time with initial build-up rate so flow rates might actually increase.


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The island is just a simple micro-sized island to begin with, and so the flushing capabilities of it can be greatly improved by careful synchronization or facilitation between multiple systems (of various types) working in concert already as well. It could also potentially be used for other very important means as well even if meant primarily through capacity use rather than anything else particular though its size would need establishing first anyway; like proving itself stable enough on large scale test runs in order to ultimately become viable economically however small that imho preliminary stage might otherwise prove difficult initially at least from scratch.

So Long Story.


Geologists Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River. It is recognized as a geological wonder because of its unique geological features, which include a large mafic intrusion and an ancient Precambrian shield.


1.What Is The Geological Wonder Located In The Middle Of The Saint Lawrence River?

Ans: Geologists Island is an uninhabited island located in the Gulf of Mexico, about 225 miles off the Louisiana coast. The island, which is about one square mile in size, is part of a 1,000-acre preserve managed by The Nature Conservancy. It was first sighted by Europeans in 1529 and claimed for Spain. In the early 1800s it was explored by a number of scientists, including Louis Agassiz and James Dwight Dana.

2.What Is The Size Of Geologists Island?

Ans: Geologists Island is a small uninhabited island located in the middle of the Strait of Georgia, in British Columbia, Canada. It has a long and varied history, with humans living on it for at least 12,000 years. The rock art on the island is just one of many examples of how people have been using its natural resources for millennia.

3.What Are Some Of The Unique Geological Features On Geologists Island?

Ans: Geologists Island is said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, and for a good reason- it has been untouched by humans for over a hundred thousand years. The island is made up of limestone cliffs and is situated in the Bay of Fundy, near Nova Scotia. It is also home to an abundance of wildlife, including Roosevelt elk, otters, and bald eagles. Geologists Island is a popular tourist spot, with its cliffs providing stunning views of the bay and the surrounding coastline.

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