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Goose Island is a brewery founded by John Hall and Mike McGinnis in 1988 in Chicago, Illinois. The company has been involved in multiple lawsuits, most notably for the sale of its 312 Blonde Ale in 16-ounce cans that were marketed to minors.

Goosey Island


Goose Island was founded by John Hall and Mike McGinnis in 1988. The brewery is located in Chicago, Illinois. Goose Island became embroiled in a series of lawsuits beginning with the marketing of its 312 Blonde Ale in 16 oz cans that were marketed to minors. In October 2011, the beer was pulled from store shelves after it was found that some 32% of samples tested positive for high levels of carbonation which could lead to drows iness and harm.


The brewery has a continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers. Brewing

The brewery uses four brewing systems: the mash tun, and lauter tun (often referred to as a dunk tank), the hot liquor tank, cooler and keg coolers. The fermentors are primarily of the German-type Kölsch type while there is also an American style eisbock available called “Germanic Tuesday”. Common rice strains used include A1 and B68 along with Mosaic hops.


The brewery has its own beer hall, called the Weasel Room. The company also sponsors music events at bars and clubs in Chicago including Bourbon Street Bucktown, Thalia Hall and Schubas with a focus on local artists.

There are also two area breweries that supply the company’s beer. From 2006 to 2008, many different beers have been named in honor of famous Chicago athletes: “Shoe Dog”, after Michael Jordan; “Choc Savory”, for Blackhawks player Jeremy Roenick; and several others featuring names such as Bears wide receiver Johnny Knoxville (formerly known as Knoxvillain), Cub players Gary Sheffield and Alfonso Soriano among others.


The brewery has been a supporter of the Democratic Party. In 2010, Goose Island donated $25,000 to then- Illinois State Treasurer Rod Blagojevich’s failed run for U.S. Senate. Blagojevich will later plead guilty to federal corruption charges. In April 2011, the brewery donated $25,000 to help Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fend off a primary challenger in what seemed like an attempt at quashing his opponent’s support of card check legislation.

Government Services

The brewery donates a percentage of its proceeds to various charities. Some notable recipients have included the Chicago Park District, Heineken USA and the Special Olympics Illinois. In 2009, the Weasel Room partnered with Reed Elsevier to hold a book-signing event after Chicago Blackhawks game 4 against Montreal Canadiens. Local author Allan Steinfeld wrote his book “Green Beer” with proceeds from the event.

Catering services to private parties and events have also been offered since 2009 by Von Schiller Gourmet Catering, another company based at Goose Island’s Clybourn facility (which has 1,100 seats). Known for its widely varied menus such as a $150 paella platters or $95 40-ounce steaks served in antique porcel ain German beer steins, the restaurant has been a popular destination among hipsters and young professionals.


The brewery has been a tourist destination in Chicago since the early 1900s. It is located on Clark Street, one block west of North Michigan Avenue and two blocks south of Oak Street. The brewery has played an important role in the evolution of Chicago’s modern art scene.

In September 2001, a pop-up store was opened at the entrance to each home game as part of a promotion called “Game on”. The brewers craft their beer through laborious brewing processes using traditional methods, such as hand crafting malt from scratch and fermenting with natural yeast strains.



The brewery is located a short distance from the downtown area of Chicago. The nearest railway station is Union Station, which is about 1 mile away. The brewery is serviced by public metra, the Chicago Transit Authority and CTA buses.

The El tracks of a North Michigan Avenue Branch are located within 2 blocks from the traditional Union Station station; a stop is planned for Clark and Van Buren Avenues soon in 2017 as part of morning rush hour special service.



The brewery has been involved in several Chicago-area food festivals, including the Goose Island Beer Festival, the Taste of Lincoln Park and the Summerfest Food Truck Picnic.

Weasel Room Brewery is a place where people can come together to enjoy great beers made with traditional methods. The brewery also donates money to various charities, which helps make Chicago a better city.



The brewery’s location on Clark Street allows visitors to see many different types of wildlife. This includes Chicago’s iconic, street level pigeons and the occasional squirrel sighting. Community

The brewery’s home is located in the prestigious Lincoln Park neighborhood of inner Chicago. This area has a lively, older artistic community that values tradition and craftsmanship over “progress”. The wide variety of restaurants around Union Station provide convenient public access to foodstuffs made by Weasel Room Brewery as well as local brews more than suitable for feeding your beer belly.


Goose Island is a brewery founded in 1988 in Chicago, Illinois. The company has a production brewery, cannery, and tank farm located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Goose Island produces a variety of beers including 312 Urban Pale Ale, 312 Lager, Honkers Ale, Goose Island IPA, Goose Island White Ale, Goose Island Brown Ale, Goosetown Stout and Midwestern Red Wheat.


1.What Is Goose Island’s History?

Goose Island was founded by John Hall and Mike McGinnis in 1988. At first, the company operated as a small brewing operation with just two beers on tap: Honkers Ale and Goose Island IPA. Today, Goose Island produces more than 60 different beers across several styles including Pale Ales, Lagers, IPAs, Browns and Stouts.

2.Where Is Goose Island Located?

Goose Island is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL. The brewery produces around 80,000 kegs per year and brews all its beers on site at their main location.

3.How Many Employees Does Goose Island Have?

Goose Island has almost 400 employees to handle all of the brewing and production needs for each day in its operation. In addition, as a distributor, they also provide payroll services for any other breweries whose beers are sold by them. Annual headcount is around 750+ people on site at their main facility located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood; however that number can increase significantly when the cans arrive from their sales warehouse in the South Loop.

4.Can You Get Goose Island Beers At A Grocery Store?

Yes, there are two-dozen different beer options for sale through distributors and growlers domestically; as well as imports available within stores that sell craft products across Canada/Czech Republic/France etc. There’s no doubt about it: back ‘n’ forget is not always easily accomplished with this brand! Don’t try to call me .

5.Where Are The Retail Locations Of Goose Island? Where Can I Buy A Growler Or Bottles?

Goose Island is distributed in North America through nearly 400 distributors across 43 states and 24 countries. The beer you see at your local retailer was likely prepared, kegged and bottled by one of those channel members; however there’s no reason for you to take their name as it’s entirely up to where that particular distributor may be located.

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