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Grand Ilot Island occupies a truly unique location in the Caribbean Sea. With crystal waters and uninhabited cays, it is an ideal spot for adventurers, fishermen, and nature lovers alike. Surrounded by turquoise waters and a coral reef, Grand Ilot Island is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, and windsurfing.

Moreover, it offers a wide range of activities such as diving, bird-watching, pedal boating, and fishing. Whether you are looking for a peaceful escape or an adrenalin-filled adventure, Grand Ilot Island has something for everyone.

Grand Ilot Island


Grand Ilot Island was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 while he was travelling through the Caribbean. He named it San Salvador after Saint Lawrence, patron saint of sailors. However, the island was not permanently inhabited until 1733 when a group of Frenchmen established a settlement on Grand Ilot.

The settlers built several homes and an aqueduct which supplied fresh water to the town. For many years, Grand Ilot served as a refuge for pirates and mariners who needed to hide their ships and valuables from Spanish authorities.



Grand Ilot Island has a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 26°C in the winter to 28°C in the summer. The island experiences a fair amount of rainfall, which averages around 580 mm per year.

The average temperature for the year is 26°C. There are two main seasons to weather on Grand Ilot Island: summer from March to May and autumn or winter from November to February/March.



The French settlers who first settled on the island brought with them their traditions and customs. As a result, Grand Ilot has a distinct culture which is still evident today. The people are friendly and welcoming, and they enjoy spending time together chatting over coffee or wine.

They also have a rich history which is reflected in the architecture of the town, many of which was built by members of the renowned Haitian architects Duvalier dynasty. There are a number of festivals and events which take place on Grand Ilot Island, the biggest being the one related to Saint Lawrence.



Grand Ilot Island is a self-governing island which has its own legislature and government. It is part of the French department of Saint DOMINGUEZ, and as such, it enjoys a high degree of autonomy. The main industries on the island are agriculture and tourism, with both contributing significantly to the local economy. Shipping

Grand Ilot Island is the principal port for vessels operating in the Cays of San Andréas, which are located off its western coast.

Government services

Government Services

There are a number of government services which are available on Grand Ilot Island, including medical services and education. The island also has its own police force.

The international airport on Grand Ilot Island is an important hub for a number of commercial airlines, especially to the island of Martinique in the south-east. It is also connected by ferryboat service with neighbouring islands including Alderney and Guadeloupe.



Grand Ilot Island is a popular tourist destination, with travellers coming for its beautiful scenery and friendly people. The island has a number of accommodation options, including hotels, villas and cottages. There are also various restaurants and bars which offer delicious food and drink.

Grand Ilot Island is also home to a wide range of activities, including fishing and scuba diving. But whether you are looking for family fun or adventure tourism, there are so many options on the island to keep everyone happy!

Transport within Grand Ilot Island.



There is a wide range of transport options available on Grand Ilot Island, including buses, ferries and taxis. The island also has its own airport, which means that you can easily travel to and from the island. History

Grand Ilot Island has long been a popular destination for tourists, with its wide selection of shops and restaurants. Grand Ilot also offers breath-taking scenery which is especially striking on calm days when the sea neatly separates it from Alderney.



There are a wide range of restaurants on Grand Ilot Island which offer delicious food and drink. The island has its own special style of cooking, with many dishes featuring fresh local ingredients. Whether you are looking for traditional French cuisine or something more exotic, there is sure to be something on the menu at one of the island’s restaurants!

With the opening of a new sealane, ferry service was introduced to Alderney. Unfortunately no Georgian cannons were present at the time and an Austrian cannon from 1700 is all that remained available for public view.



Grand Ilot is a popular destination for wildlife lovers, with a wide range of animals living on the island. Wildlife includes seals, seagulls and deer, which can all be seen in the area’s stunning natural surroundings. Birds are a big feature of the island’s environment. Both species and individuals can be seen each day on Grand Ilot Island, with red-necked phalarope, guillemots and golden plovers among them! Surfing

Alderney Bay is well-known for its great surfing conditions, which can be appreciated on Grand Ilot Island. The wave lines are generally quite good both in the bay and close to Alderney’s southern coast . This means that this popular area of coastline offers consistent waves all year round.

In some torrential storms, huge swells regularly form towards Upper Bight Beach and lend themselves perfectly to surfing at dawn or dusk . Beginners and experienced surfers will find a range of safe courts, usually with gentle to moderate waves. Many people come here to enjoy glorious sunrises! It is considered one of the best spots in Guernsey for surfing Seven Mile Beach Barbecue

If you are interested in barbecueing on Grand Ilot Island then check out this guide: Not only does it provide helpful advice about preparing food BBQ style but includes links from some useful websites too!


Grand Ilot Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the middle of the Saint Lawrence Seaway. It’s a picturesque and tranquil place, perfect for a relaxing getaway. The island is only accessible by boat, and it can take up to four hours to reach it. Once there, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of activities, including swimming, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, and hiking.


1.What Is The Climate Like On Grand Ilot Island?

Ans. The weather in Grand Ilot Island can be unpredictable, with both hot and cold days. However, summers are typically warm and sunny, while winters are relatively mild.

2.Are There Any Shops Or Restaurants On The Island?

Ans. No, not at this time. However, you may find a few small businesses selling food and drinks when you arrive in town.

3.How Expensive Is Accommodation On The Island?

Ans. Accommodation prices will vary. However, in general, places to stay lie between $300-$900 per night.

4.Is The Island Accessible By Car Or Bus?

Ans. Yes, there is a small parking lot in town (which has toilet and shower facilities).

5.Is There A Airport Close By?

Ans. No, the nearest airport is in Montreal, about a two-hour drive from Grand Ilot Island.

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