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Greenly Island

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Greenly Island is a small island located in the Indian Ocean. It has a population of less than 500 people, most of whom are subsistence farmers. The economy of Greenly Island is largely dependent on tourism, with the majority of visitors coming to visit the remote and idyllic island for its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

Greenly Island


Greenly Island was first discovered by Portuguese sailors in the early 16th century. However, it wasn’t until 1949 that the island was formally annexed to Mauritius and became a part of the country’s governmental system. The population of Greenly Island has remained relatively consistent over the years, with most people originating from West India or East African backgrounds.


Today, the economy of Greenly Island is largely dependent on tourism. Visitors come to enjoy the natural beauty of the island and its peaceful atmosphere. There are a limited number of tourist accommodations available, but most visitors stay in private homes or guesthouses. The majority of economic activity on Greenly Island revolves around tourism-related activities such as boat rentals, fishing, andiking tours.


The culture of Greenly Island is largely dependent on the traditional subsistence farming lifestyle that dominates the economy. There is a strong Christian element to the culture, with most residents practicing some form of Christianity. The inhabitants are highly peaceful and friendly, and enjoy spending time together in community events or social gatherings.


Fishing is the biggest recreational sport on Greenly Island. There are two main types of fishing- trawling and prawning

Trawling utilizes large nets that gather a great deal of live or dead fish, as well as various other marine life. Prawning is a variation of trawling that uses bait such as prawns and mullet (mullets are not native to tropical waters). These fish attract ,specifically, endangered species known as sea turtles.

The government has done its best to secure the safety of thousands of sea turtles around Greenly Island. However, there have been reports from several people stating how they accidentally touched or harmed these gentle animals while fishing in the region.


Greenly Island is a part of Mauritius, which is a constitutional republic with a parliamentary form of government. The President of Mauritius is the head of state, while the Prime Minister (the country’s equivalent to the president) leads the Government.

The judiciary system in Mauritius is based on English common law principles. Greenly Island is represented by one seat in Mauritius’s House of Assembly, and the island elects a representative for five years. The Prime Minister also represents Greenly from time to time during foreign state visits or important national events.

Government Services

The population of Greenly Island is relatively small, and the island has no substantial industry. The primary economic activities on Greenly Island are tourism-based services such as boat rentals, fishing, andiking tours. There is some limited agriculture activity (primarily fruit cultivation), but it accounts for a very small part of the economy overall.

Due to the large percentage of tourism, Greenly Island has a lower portion of the population that is self-employed than most other locations in Mauritius. About half of the residents are declared unemployed (those who do not work). Half of all employed individuals make less than US$400 per month.The local economy relies heavily on foreign remittances; 93% comes from outside Mauritius, and so it becomes difficult for native born islanders to obtain employment and raise a family.



The primary source of income for residents on Greenly Island is tourism. Approximately half of the island’s population are employed in tourism-related jobs, which generates an annual revenue of approximately US$2 million. The majority of tourists who come to Greenly Island are from Europe, as Mauritius is a popular destination for travellers from there. There are also a few hundred tourists who come each year from India and China.



The only means of transportation on Greenly Island is by boat. There are no paved roads, and so the majority of visitors arrive via ferry from Mauritius. There are several boats that run daily and at different intervals, depending on the timing of ferry schedules. The buses that come to Greenly Island either leave when they fill up or only operate during the day; there is no overnight bus service.



The cuisine on Greenly Island is similar to that of Mauritius, with a few variations. The most popular dishes include malagasy ratatouille (a stew made from different vegetables), frittata (poached eggs served as an omelette), and rogz de perdrix (a dish made from grilled quails).

Greenly Island residents do not salt their food, which is believed to be a habit that has been practiced by the island’s first settlers. Consuming sea salt on the island is believed to be very harmful and has caused many deaths as unaccustomed residents have reacted negatively when salt poisoning occurs.



The primary wildlife that visitors to Greenly Island see are the birds. There are several species of birds that can be found on the island, including crested cranes, laughing gulls, and jabiru storks. The most common animal that is seen by tourists is the pig. There are pigs on almost every island of the Seychelles, but they can usually be found in dens or by wallowing in mud.

Some visitors have also seen monkeys; however, these animals were not indigenous to Greenly Island before it became a tourist attraction. Freshwater turtles are often seen traversing along local roads and beaches as well including sunbitterns that migrate from Africa southward down through Madagascar all the way off to northeastern India . Greenly Island is also home to the sooty tern, although it has been left alone because of its declining numbers.


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  1. What Is The Population Of Greenly Island?

The population of Greenly Island is less than 500 people, most of whom are subsistence farmers.

  1. What Is The Economy Of Greenly Island?

The economy of Greenly Island depends largely on tourism, with the majority of visitors coming to visit its remote and idyllic island for its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

  1. What History Does Greenly Island Have ?

Greenly Island was first discovered by Captain Cook in 1756. Greenly is the original English name for the island, which literally translates to “greyish” or “looks green”. The story goes that when he saw it, Cook thought of a bad dream he had in which his ship foundered at sea after being rammed from behind by a French vessel.

  1. What Does Climate Of Greenly Island Look Like?

A relatively warm tropical flora covers most of the coastline and marshes with shallow rainforest in the interior further inland. A dry and clear atmosphere combined with a gentle sea breeze provides the perfect climate for hot, sunny days.

5. Where can I find information on accommodations?

Greenly Island can be found along the eastern seaboard of Australia and is best reached via Cairns in North Queensland. Travelers to Greenly Island can either stay at a bed and breakfast, hostel or lodge located upon the island itself or take advantage of all-inclusive nature tours that will allow you to travel from one destination on the island through beach experiences, wildlife viewing, picnics by sea caves and fossil hunting , along treasure chest like rivers to mud baths and hidden beaches.



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