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Gros Ilot Gionnet


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Gros Ilot Gionnet Island is a small island located in the eastern Indian Ocean, approximately 640 kilometres east-southeast of Madagascar. It has an area of 2.5 square kilometres and is uninhabited.

The island is the site of a research station run by the French Institute for Research in the Tropics (IFRIT), which is dedicated to understanding the ecology and behaviour of tropical seabirds.

Gros Ilot Gionnet

All About Of Gros Ilot Gionnet

All About Of Gros Ilot Gionnet

Gros Ilot Gionnet History


The island was discovered in 1821 by the French explorer Jules Dumont d’Urville, who named it after Count Gionnet de Villemessant. However, its true firstiscovery appears to be that of a Portuguese ship which sighted the island on 8 September 1611 while sailing from Mozambique to India.

The island was subsequently claimed by Portugal and used as part of their outpost at Sofala until 1538, when the Portuguese were driven from the area by Maputaland natives. The islands are currently a French dependency and nominal possession of Madagascar.

Gros Ilot Gionnet Climate


The climate of the island is tropical, with a long dry season from January to May and a short wet season from June to September. The temperature ranges from 24 degrees Celsius in February to 35 degrees Celsius in August.

The July-August or dry season has the coldest temperatures at 2 to 3 degrees. The waters surrounding the island are generally free from substantial ocean swell, which means that boat rides on Gionnet Island can often be accomplished with only a moderate degree of difficulty.

Gros Ilot Gionnet Culture

The culture of the island is largely dependent on tourism, which has grown significantly in recent years as a result of favourable reviews. The facilities on the island are limited, with only one hotel and two restaurants currently operational. However, there are plans for an additional three hotels and ten additional restaurants to be built over the next five years.

Landing on the Island led us to some locals, who immediately explained that “it is a raw memory”. A burnt pousada in Cascais years ago was one of these memories which remains imaged within its communal mark; waiting for being recognised and built again.

Gros Ilot Gionnet Politics

The island is a French dependency and nominal possession of Madagascar. Water The island is encircled by some 350 metres of coral, the oldest piece of which dates back to at least 2 million years ago and remains partially intact. Gionnet’s economy depends almost exclusively on tourism, with only 1 hotel existing today.

Gros Ilot Gionnet Government services

The island’s only hospital is currently closed for renovations, and the nearest police station is located on the mainland. There are plans to open a new police station in the near future. However, due to the island’s isolated location, those that choose to visit Gionnet have no real reasons for law enforcement.

Communication and transport

Gionnet is connected by a single sealed highway with seasonal ferry services through Cascais towards Padre Point in order to avoid traffic jams on Madeira Island. There are plans for further improved highways connecting the islands of Madureia Group including Nossa Senhora da Zaiano and Flores e Sant’Ana which are being used for yachting and other recreational activities.

Gros Ilot Gionnet Tourism


The main sources of revenue come from tourism, which is currently the only economic activity on the island. There are plans to open additional hotels and restaurants, as well as improve accessibility for tourists by constructing new highways. Government

The governor is elected and in charge of the public administration. The island’s cabinet consists of five ministers, including for cultural affairs which also includes landscape management and tourism development departments as well as environmental protection agencies under their direct supervision.

Gros Ilot Gionnet Transport

The only means of transportation is by foot or bicycle. There are plans to build a small airport on the island, but as of now it remains largely unused. The electricity grid is connected to the mainland and there is also a desalination plant that produces drinkable water.

Gionnet is the most isolated of all the islands in Fogo, but taking into account its proximity to Sagres which has a very popular hotel and many ship’s berthing facilities as well as Peniche (which also houses an airport) it is likely that tourism and maritime activities will be significant factors for catching up with other island communities.

Gros Ilot Gionnet Cuisine


There is a mix of Portuguese, Creole and African influences in the cooking. Seafood is a big part of the diet, with fresh fish being particularly popular. There are also maize products such as mopane worms (a type of caterpillar that can be fried), cassava flour pancakes called pandeiros and roccatas (pork wrapped in banana leaves). Cheddar and feta cheeses are produced but not popular, as there is none of it on the island. Sagres and Ponta Delgada both have restaurants that serve up to the better seafront hotels.

Gros Ilot Gionnet Wildlife

The wildlife is typical of the Atlantic islands, with seabirds such as griffons and gulls, as well as endemic Fogo mammals like the blind Antillean tapir and introduced species such as cats. In May 2006 a population of brown pelicans was discovered on São Miguel.

The island is also home to a breeding population of Cape vultures. However, most of the animal species are slowly declining in number due to human impact consective with tourism and over-consumption. Tides, tides and more tides. There are no significant tidal effects on the island (as there is so little variation between high-and lowset times) with only a couple of interesting features.


Gros Ilot Gionnet Island, located in the Gulf of Morbihan, is a mere 2.5 km from the mainland. It is an important nesting area for seabirds, including cormorants, razorbills, guillemots and puffins. The island is also a popular destination for tourists interested in birdwatching.

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1.What Is The Climate Like On Gros Ilot Gionnet Island?

Ans: The climate on Gros Ilot Gionnet is subtropical with a mean annual temperature of 25°C. However, due to its proximity to the equator, temperatures can vary widely from month-to-month.

2.Is There Any Wildlife Present On Gros Ilot Gionnet Island?

Ans: Yes, many different types of animals live on the island. Turtles are common on Gros Ilot Gionnet, and recently a feral cat population was introduced to prevent predation of eggs and chicks by rats. Though this controlled feline has yet had any effects on seabird populations it is still being monitored as part of an ongoing evaluation program initiated in 2001.

3.Is Sardine Fishing Around Gros Ilot?

Ans: Yes, all year round there are schools of s ardines at the southern end of the island. In common with other sites in Brittany, there has been a substantial decline in sardine stocks within Breton waters as a result of overfishing and it is likely to be several decades before they can fully recover.

4.Where Does Gros Ilot Get Its Water Supply?

Ans: The island is supplied with water by pipes connected to the mainland. The town of Carnac has a number of wells.

5.Can I Walk Around The Island In Peace?

Ans: Yes, there are no restrictions or charges associated with walking on Gros Ilot Gionnet and you will have complete freedom to move about without being disturbed by tourists in boats or day trippers who frequent nearby beaches.

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