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Hansen Rocks


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Hansen Rocks is a line of high-quality brass jewelry. Founded in 2012, the company produces sterling silver and gold-plated brass items that are designed to last. The pieces are made to be unique and stylish, with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship.

Hansen Rocks has a wide range of items to choose from, including necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. With so many options to choose from, it is hard to know which piece is right for you. That’s why we have put together this buyer’s guide to help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect Hansen Rocks piece for your wardrobe!

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Hansen Rocks

Hansen Rocks History

Hansen Rocks was created when two close friends were looking for a way to express their love and passion in meaningful ways. They loved gemstone jewelry designs but noticed that most of the pieces fell into one of four generic categories: cable pendants, peace sign earrings, suncatchers or swag balls.

Shopping online wasn’t easy because it was hard to know what type of design you wanted without seeing something in person first. To combat this problem they decided on creating something high quality and unique with a feminine influence so everyone could enjoy them regardless of style preferences or gender identity!

The Current Model The appearance of the Hansen Rocks products is constantly changing. You can expect to see products added or discontinued at a moment’s notice while going through different design phases and working on designs that will resonate with you personally.

Packaging & Designation

We always recommend purchasing jewelry without having it in your hands because if possible, we want our customers to experience their new piece for themselves as opposed to taking a second-hand opinion from someone who has already seen it! That being said, when you do order online keep an eye out for product pages that offer live photos since its best way of seeing how.

Hansen Rocks Climate


arzo Minerales doesn’t really advertise this fact to avoid counterfeiters, but even though Hansen Rocks use sustainable materials when possible (like babouche coral and lava stone) our products are not meant for daily wear outdoors. Depending on your climate you might be fine wearing them indoors in the cold or at a less intense temperatures outside such as tropical conditions.

Materials & Designation

When it comes down to different rock sections that each jewelry line uses every year there is no strict rule of what type will land where with Cuarzo Minerales so we only have one set standard: 30% raw.

Hansen Rocks Culture


You see, every stone and rock that touches your skin is observed through the eyes of a geologist assessing its unknown potential: their history along with climate and origin. New stones are constantly being discovered here in Guatemala so it’s up to us as gemologists on how they’ll be useful into future years and which association will help them last the longest!

To get more nitty-gritty details about each materials I recommend reading our blog post titled GEMOLOGY 101.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave comments below or reach out via her email at consuero[at ]minerales.org .

Ever since I got my first “roots” jewelry in 2013 it has been a sort of passion to see how they are made and seeing the growth within myself as well! Here, I managed organize all the blog posts into one place you can easily access: Best pieces (in no particular order!).

Hansen Rocks Tourism


Hansen Rocks Minerales is a sustainable jewelry brand providing an experience that engages our community in Guatemala. Here you can find the best quality Guatemalan-made jewelry, take photos with animals for sale or to view nature without impacting it!

Think about what kind of legacy you would like us all to have? If your answer was “leave no trace” please help make that happen by buying jewels and spreading awareness as we do normally tour into many villages twice a year (beginning this October) but I’d love something else entirely if we could agree on. Want to view the beauty of nature?

I post regular updates since I’m in a book called “Walking on Water: A Grand Tour through Bone Mountain and Beyond” but also follow  my blog (link below) for more grand adventures. My gems are available monthly so if you want some new stones please contact me at consuero[at ]minerales.org . Check out our shop here !.

Hansen Rocks Transport


quilo is also available in almost all shops at a 10% discount if you ask for it beforehand.

Other places: We can also bring nearly anything for checkout at Iron Mountain and will receive a 10% discount on the items you find through my blog as long it’s from there. The only stores we cannot ship to is Etsy and .


We know that working together as a community does not always work out yet when it comes to things like this I’ve had good experiences with other shops in the past so if you want something along those lines please contact me at consuero[at ]minerales.org .



Take action with your money by empowering a local business and helping it grow.  The Deforestation Project – Good news is coming out of Guatemala supporting the indigenous people as they protect their land through education or just donations to help clean up the landscape after ourselves I wouldn’t quite call us “world destroyers” but we can definitely make some change in resources that are important.


There”s a lot of good things on my blog so please read around it to see what you want. If there’s something you’d like me to feature more then let me know!

Permaculture Wildlife Projects: Emily is working with some efforts now and will continue work in Guatemala though I have not known details about them yet as we are busy building our shops for November and May etc. we often need help funding before we can begin epic cross country routes but this is coming soon 🙂 Anyways thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at all these.


When I first approached Emily last year to do this project she hesitated at first but has since committed. She’s actually one of the most down-to-earth people you’ll find working with animals and local communities, even helping me out in repairs and building equipment for Nicaragua when her hands had other projects on hold.

We are now an official shop registered with Hansen Rocks Adriano Español Animal Emisarios (he ran over there once) so we can work directly through him as many times per month we have access without being paying any additional fees to a bank account etc rather than going via Emily.

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