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Helena Island


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The importance of having a tranquil experience in life is something that can be felt only by those who have chosen to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. People who choose to do so go for island stays. Helena Island is a perfect choice for those looking to discover a deserted world, away from all artificial noise and distractions. Located in a picturesque location, Helena Island provides travelers with ample scope for relaxation and rejuvenation and is acquainted with everything about the island.

Helena Island


Helena Island is said to have been discovered in 1507 by the Portuguese explorer João Gonçalves Zarco. The island was later claimed by Castilla del Oro and then ceded to Mexico after the Mexican-American War of 1848. In 1895, it became a part of Guam and in 1898 it came under the American administration. From 1899 until 1907, Helena Island served as a penal colony for Japanese military personnel (the “Island of Despair”).

The island has a surface area of and its highest point called Oscar Hill rises to. The coastal water is deep in places, with 10 major stretches between the shoreline areas.

These beaches include White Sand Beach at Point Sala Rosa village; Granada Beach; Mary’s Bay-Lagoon Village beach (airport); Bushy Park (middens) parallel down Kala Point towards Tumon Bay; Point Henry just opposite Tumon Bay beach with marine park and rocky headland at its eastern approaches.

On the other side of Kala, Paka pond is White Sand, Arena Bay lined wade through to small villages in the distance, Percell village towards San Antonio Town on a high bluff overlooking Yojoa bay. Passing by there on one’s journey is Beachey Blvd close to Spinner Island has been under construction for two years and is slated to be complete in 2017.


The climate on Helena Island is tropical marine. The island has a wet and dry season with occasional typhoons (mainly in late summer). Temperature ranges from to over the course of the year but averages around.


Helena Island Wildlife

Helena Island is home to a variety of wildlife including several types of birds, iguanas, Guam’s endemic snakes (primarily boas), deer, and pigs. Several species of lizards are present too: the native green iguana, hognose dragon, and “Polyxares spp”.

Black-barred mudskipper is poisonous (and illegal) to eat though they can cause skin lesions on individuals harboring them. Potentially deadly snakes include galápagos shark, coachwhip rattlesnake (“Crotalus molossus”), Mojave rattlesnake (“Crotalus scutulatus”) black racers (“Crotalasus atrox”), brown reclusive (“Lycalopex griseus”) and the cottonmouth water moccasin (which causes a flesh wound).


Numerous cultures predate the arrival of European colonialism. The most significant groups are the Ashan Papuan and Chamorro who have lived on the island for centuries, with smaller numbers of Bahamians, Filipinos, and Indonesians. A variety of traditional dances are performed by islanders throughout the year including rallies during festivals such as Easter, Christmas Eve, or Labor Day.

There is also a growing tourism industry on Helena Island thanks to its close proximity to Guam as well as the clear bay. In recent years, activity and awareness surrounding traditional dances have grown considerably.

Variant costumes for spectators of the annual Easter River Parade show a preference for local islander identity which is evident in overall themes such as transitions between seasons (including changing color palettes), family groupings, and religious significance from church attendance traditions during Holy Week.


The native Helena Islanders were disenfranchised for many years by American rule which began after the island was captured from Spain in 1898. In 1916, citizens of the island elected a delegate to represent them at a constitutional convention in Puerto Rico, although they would not be able to vote until 1967 due to their geographic isolation.

The latest election for Deputy Governor took place on 20th December 2017 and resulted in incumbent Denny Mendez being re-elected with 65% of the vote, beating a single NPA candidate set to qualify for Governor. Mendez defeated two-term incumbent Lieutenant Governor Katrina Masangkay (an Ex-Officio member) as well as Sir Bendigo Rambau who ran following his nomination by an independent party-list organization (Paul Francis Lister).

Government services

All government services are provided on the island through Department of Social Welfare and Development offices located in each district including education, healthcare, housing, finance, and environment.

Helena Island is geographically isolated from Guam which has a significant impact on its economy as well as social life. The traditionally agricultural island is now reliant almost entirely on tourism for its income with some limited fishing occupations also present.

Limited access to modern medical facilities results in high rates of ill health and mortality which in some cases have resulted in the issue of travel permits for medical treatment on Guam.


Helena Island Tourism

Tourism is the primary economic driver on Helena Island with almost all visitors coming from the US mainland. The island receives a mix of domestic and international tourists who come for a variety of reasons including nature conservation, historical interest, relaxation, and adventure. While there are some limited local services available to meet the needs of tourists, most attractions are operated by private operators who rely on sales generated by tours.


Helena Island Transport

The only means of transport on the island is by foot or bike. Limited paved roads make traveling between districts difficult and there are no passenger ferry services operating between Guam and Helena Island.


There are no public schools on Helena Island. An elementary school is located in casee village and students travel to Santa Rita Elementary School between September and December, however, this arrangement can be canceled due to other arrangements made at the central government level during holidays or from teachers’ personal choice of holidays being accommodated elsewhere. Students wishing for education beyond secondary also need teacher assistance in applying for such services as early transition scholarships offered by the Guam Department of Education.


Helena Island is a British Overseas Territory. It is situated in the vicinity of the eastern coast of Central Solomon Island and the northern Austral Islands. Its main features include coral reefs, sandy beaches, and a few tropical islands (with no leeward shores) that are best seen from the sea. No wonder, this place is also popular for scuba diving activities. And for good reason: The beauty of this scenic landscape lies in its timeless beauty.


What is Saint Helena Famous for?

Saint Helena is famous for its wines, and also has a number of interesting historical sites.

Who Lives on the Island of St Helena?

The majority of the population lives on the island of Saint Helena, which is a British Overseas Territory.

Is St Helena Island Safe?

Saint Helena Island is a British Overseas Territory, and as such, it is generally safe. However, there are no public schools on the island, so if you need to stay connected with the outside world you’ll need to either bring your own equipment or find an internet service provider on the island.

What Country Does St Helena Island Belong to?

Saint Helena Island belongs to the United Kingdom.

Have You Ever Been to an Island?

Yes, I have been to an island. It was called St Helena Island.

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