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Hide Island


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Looking for a place to get away from it all? Check out Hide Island! This small, un-spoiled island is the perfect getaway for those who appreciate nature and tranquility. Offering stunning views of the Andaman Sea, Hide Island is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and bird-watching.

Not to mention, it’s a great spot for fishing or simply taking a break from the city. If you’re looking for an escape that’s both peaceful and exciting, this is the island for you!

Hide Island


Hide Island is home to a variety of native wildlife, including crabs, parrots, deer, and monkeys. The island has also been used by the indigenous Andaman people as a place to store rice and other crops. Thanks to its natural resources and idyllic setting, Hide Island is now a popular tourist destination.

The areas of Hell’s Gate, Nungai Creek, and Gathedong became popular vacation spots in the early 20th century. The island witnessed a surge in tourism during World War II as it was used as an army billet camp by both the British colonial government and Japanese forces.


Hide Island Climate

The climate on Hide Island is humid and warm year-round. The average temperature ranges from 27°C in the winter to 33°C in the summer. Although rainfall is low and trees are scarce, it feels like you’re snuggled away in the middle of a tropical rainforest.

Costs & Packages Hide Island has two main beaches: Hell’s Gate Beach and Nungai Creek Beach. As for food prices, expect to pay between ₹300-₹700 per person (before taxes) for most meals on Hide Island – though feel free to bring your own snacks and beverages, as well. Meal Packages and Heritageursions – The best way to explore the island!


There is a palpable feeling of peace and tranquility on Hide Island – perfect for reconnecting with nature. Visitors can explore the various wildlife habitats, take hikes or swim in the pristine waters, or just relax in one of the many serene spots. If you’re looking for an escape that’s both peaceful and exciting, Hide Island is definitely worth a visit! Things to Do on Hide Island:

– check out the rare blue morpho butterfly – a timeless, unforgettable experience! The most remarkable aspect of the island is its magnificent coastline and mangrove forests at Hell’s Gate. It’s an ideal place for diving or snorkeling as well as birding (with nearly 330 species recorded) or jungle trekking. Make sure you have your camera ready at this paradise!


Hide Island is an autonomous district of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is governed by a governor and council which have limited powers.

Hikes & Tours There are many hiking trails on the island (like this one pictured above), though the best to do these days is muddy! However, if you’re really keen for an adventure you can book with Heritageourietours . With their rich knowledge of previous cultures and traditional masks , they offer exceptional tours that will showHide Island’s rich heritage. Food & Drink

– Enjoy the fresh seafood at Stylish Fish House – a traditional fishing village on the island serving up quality culinary delights like halibut and biltong . Cocktails are also served. Hemme, who has mastered all aspects of local culture knows her way around real drinks too! more fun things Look out for: when they float down

As with most places in India , bargaining is common influence over pricing both locals and visitors. If you’re traveling in an official capacity, know exactly how much they ask before going to bat! Life is cheap here, so now’s the time to seize your budget on amazing items and unique souvenirs. Take a look at these and find your personal favorites: Made from natural oils, shea butter is an effective skin treatment agent.

Government Services

There is no airport on the island, so you’ll need to fly into Port Blair. There are various Government services available (such as banking and medical aid) on Hide Island which can be accessed by boat or plane .

Culture & Festivals There are several annual festivals and cultural events on the island which focus more on local traditions. Here’s a schedule of some exciting upcoming ones this year:  Munrung Festival – January 21-23, 2018 People celebrate the harvest with traditional dances and colorful costumes for three days.


Hide Island is gradually gaining popularity as a tour destination, largely due to its serene and magnificent coastline. Heritageourietours  offers amazing tours of the island with traditional masks , which are sure to impress! For more information, check out the tourism section at this link

Food & Lodging There isn’t much to eat (except for fruit and seafood) on Hide Island. However, there are several snorkel spots with fresh corals that you’ll surely enjoy! The best place to stay? Well…that’s up to you!


If you’re arriving by boat, there are several docking stations on the island. Alternatively, take a flight into Port Blair and catch a bus or taxi to the nearest town (Kancheepuram) where you can find plenty of hotels and restaurants. There are also several tourist boats from Kancheepuram that come with a tour guide.

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Hide Island is known for its seafood. You can enjoy fresh fish at a few restaurants on the island, or take a tour with Heritageourietours  to snorkel and see all of the different coral species!


Hide Island is an uninhabited island located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. It is currently protected by law as a nature reserve and is managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). The island is home to endangered species of birds, including the brown pelican, as well as numerous other varieties of animals.


  1. What Is The Climate Like On Hide Island?

The climate on Hide Island is tropical, with a temperature range of 18-32 degrees Celsius. The average yearly rainfall is around 1200 mm, which helps to support lush vegetation and make for a warm and comfortable environment.

  1. Is There Any Public Transport That I Can Use To Get To Hide Island?

There are no scheduled airline or ferry services that currently operate out of the island . The best way to get there is by travelling via a ferry from Portillo Montenegro, Colombia or by private boat from Barranquilla. For a full schedule of regular passenger ferry routes visit the official website .

  1. What Should I Bring With Me If I Decide To Go?

Whilst it would be possible for visitors (provided they have deep pockets as well) to stay on Hide Island indefinitely, it is not advised.

  1. What Kind Of Wildlife Can I Expect To Encounter On Hide Island?

The main animal species you are most likely to see, include the ring-tailed lemur (Zorro verreauxii), brown pelican, Mexican egret and mangrove cormorants.

  1. Do I Need Any Special Equipment To Visit Hide Island?

No, visitors are required only to bring a valid passport and an insect repellent.

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